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  1. Thank you, Peter! Thank you Stew. With popcorn at the ready, here is the next installment, but there is still further to go. The static grass materials arrived yesterday and were put to immediate use using an applicator lent to me by a club member, who recommended I use 2mm Summer Grass as a base layer (being as we are representing the fine summer of 1940) with a detail layer of 2mm Patchy Grass. I bought the items from WWS (World War Scenics) who have some good instructional videos on their site to give you confidence in applying the stuff.
  2. I have cut bases for the 1/48 Hurricane diorama and the 1/72 Spitfire from a sheet of MDF. The Spitfire base is identical to bases I have made in the past for Spitfire models: the curved shape being inspired by the elliptical profile of the aircraft's wings. Here it is before painting.... For the Hurricane diorama base, I started by positioning the models over a sheet of paper. A curve was drawn around (a flexible ship curve that gets used about once every ten years proved useful to get a smooth shape). The board was cut to shape, sanded and th
  3. Thank you @Stew Dapple. Yes, I have given the figures bolder highlights than I would do normally, but I think they should work well on the diorama at this small scale. I also treated them somewhat as caricatures as their poses and expressions are exaggerated, but there is a surprising level of fine detail in them which becomes apparent when you paint them. Kudos to Airfix as I really like what they have done and are great fun. A few words and photos about the Albion refueller now. The left rear door has instructions for operating the refueller and it would have been nice to have th
  4. Thanks for your kind comments and likes everyone . After what seems an age, I have slapped some paint onto the diorama's cast of players and here they are ready for dress rehearsal. They were good fun to paint and a useful exercise as I get to learn how to paint figures with acrylics (which is proving a long journey!). Everything is now coming together and should be done before the clock runs down at the end of the month. Here are some piccies. Please be kind - the figures are small and so the photos enlarge all the mistakes!.....
  5. Wow, lovely work! I'll follow along if I may, Hope all goes well, Pat
  6. Welcome @Webby954. Your modelling interests are military vehicles and figures? Any particular scale? Cheers, Pat
  7. Hi everyone, Back to painting the two vehicles: Albion refueller and Bedford MWD. Following Merlin's guidance, I painted the pump compartment of the Albion in white. Or rather, I undercoated it with a light neutral grey and then applied white where the light would catch so the back of the compartment appeared shaded..... The pump itself and pipework was brush painted Revell SM-363 green, as being a reasonably close match to the colour in photographs. This was followed by a wash of Citadel Athonian Camoshade. Airfix supply decals for the three me
  8. ☺ I also think the figure with the tool box looks like Marlon Brando in The Godfather. Pat
  9. Wonderful information and photos there, @Merlin - many thanks! Before I give an update on how the aircraft and vehicles are progressing, let me introduce the cast of players that will make up the diorama. My thoughts are to complete Airfix's "Ready for Battle" diorama in full, even though as @Kallisti mentioned early on, refuelling and re-arming would not be done simultaneously, and certainly not with the pilot scrambling into the cockpit! I will then remove elements from it to add to future builds. Here are the cast of players all glued up and ready for paint......
  10. A question. Am I right in assuming the entire vehicle - excluding the pumping enclosure and possibly the cab - were painted in Khaki Green 3, including the chassis? Or was the rolling chassis painted black? Cheers, Pat
  11. That is a really useful photo, @Merlin, thanks for posting . Not only for the colour of the enclosure, but for the pumping gear, hoses and even the wheel chocks. Cheers, Pat
  12. Hi @Peter Roberts, Thanks for your comments. How are you getting on over there in Melbourne - is the lock down being a problem for you? I've assembled the refueller to the point where it is ready for painting. It was very enjoyable and I do like the look of it. I thought the tyres could do with some extra tread. I have a small lathe and it was a fairly quick job to add these using a slitting disc for the narrow cut..... I chopped off the carbuncles you mentioned @Merlin and put the trumpets into the ends of the fuelling booms. This was done by
  13. @Merlin, @Kallisti, @Troy Smith many thanks for your comments and guidance - I really appreciate that you have taken the time and trouble to reply. I'll take all of what you say on board as I progress with the build. Cheers, Pat
  14. Hi again everyone. The build has progressed now to getting the decals on. Gloss coat was Tamiya X-22. I first used Mr Hobby Self Leveling Thinners at a ratio of 2:1 thinners to X-22 on the undersides of the Spitfire as a trial and this went very well, although I found it a little too easy to overdo the wet coat and risk getting runs. Being short of this thinner, I switched to using X-20A acrylic thinner and the results were almost as good, so continued with this to complete the job. For the Hurricane, I airbrushed on the first coat but for the second and third final coat applied the
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