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  1. One of my favourite aircraft, John. I will follow your build with interest. I wish there was one in 1/32 or 1/48 though! Cheers, Pat
  2. Thanks again for your kind comments and support everyone! Here is the progress to date with the patterned stripes along the sides of the hull. The colours for the bands are taken from one of the illustrations in the Matthew Baker manuscript. Airfix had thoughtfully put raised lines for the triangular pattern into the mouldings and these helped guide the brush. I found problems getting a uniform finish when brush painting the Vallejo paints (70.857 Golden olive, 70.909 Vermillion & 70.916 Sand Yellow). They are fairly transparent and the excess wash applied earlier to the wales kept showing through the paint film. This was solved by brushing on an undercoat of heavy body acrylic paint: a mix of Golden titanium white and yellow ochre did the trick. It nevertheless took a lot of work to apply the finishing colours and the result is not as good as it would have been if airbrushed. If only I had Ex-FAAWAFU (Crisp's) patience and skill with masking! There are more stripes to do - I am around a third of the way through. It is probably the most tedious task so far! Cheers for now, Pat PS: can someone tell me how to link to a username? I could not figure out how to do Ex-FAAWAFU.
  3. My enormous thanks to you once again Black Knight, not only for the illustrations & mark-ups, but also about the heraldry. Yes, we have seen the first illustration before, it is the one by Visschler. However, I haven't seen the second one and the ship certainly looks grand. I like the red trim around the quarter deck and the decorative top armings - I may need to add these to cover my rigging knots if they end up untidy on my model! The McDonalds Scottish half turret looks very curious. I can't make out one - or at least I can't make out the roof of one - on the starboard side, though. I wonder why? The ship seems to have two gun decks which I hope is not correct! The artist has omitted two of the masts. Certainly an interesting picture which again points to Ark Royal having some turret features unlike her contemporaries. The decorative markings along the hull of my model are coming along okay and I'll post some photos tomorrow. Thank you everyone for your kind comments about the build. It's certainly been an enjoyable one up to now - hopefully it will stay that way! Cheers, Pat
  4. Hi all, I decided to paint the transom first as it has a lot of detail to be painted. This would need the hull to be given a lot of handling, so thought it best to do so before the sides were painted. I popped the hull into a bubble wrap bottle bag which made it a lot easier to handle.... Work has started on Elizabeth I coat of arms.... I have yet to summon up the courage to add some script onto the white areas! The three windows were painted blue-grey to start with... They were then given a wash with a dark shade ink. The upper 2/3rds were then painted over with the blue grey once again to leave a shadow effect along the bottom.The window has raised detail of diamond shaped glass panes. The bottom point of each of these was given a dark dot of Paynes Grey and the top point given a highlight of Paynes Grey mixed with iridescent white. I'm quite pleased with how these have come out, although some tidying up (mainly from my sloppy use of washes - I can't get the hang of these!) will be needed before I can call it complete. Work has now progressed onto the coloured designs that run around the upper half of the hull and bulkheads. These are being brush painted as they would be really difficult to mask. However, first results are not so good so some more trials are needed before I continue - I'll post some notes about this shortly. Many thanks for looking and your interest. Cheers, Pat
  5. Hi all, I've slapped some paint onto the new stern turrets and the strakes that run from stem to stern along the upper hull sides. Different tones of sand and wood coloured acrylics were used for each plank to avoid having a uniform look. The strakes were treated as a series of planks, rather than a single piece of the same colour. A wash of GW Seraphim Sepia mixed in equal measure with W&N Flow Improver was brushed over the surfaces until they matched the tone of the deck painted earlier. I'm pleased to report that the modelling mojo has returned and I am very much enjoying myself with this build. My next step will be to paint the detail on the transom. Thanks for looking - all comments appreciated! Pat
  6. Many thanks for your comment Jeff. I was given another book on rigging yesterday and this one has a chapter on lateen masts. I'll take a quick look at iit today to decide on the pin rails before laying some primer onto the new additions, All the best, Pat
  7. Hi everyone. My stern "half turrets" and battlemented bulwarks around the poop deck are about done now. It turned out to have been fun to do, getting the various angles to fit together. I used 1mm thick plastic card for the sides and 0.5mm thick strips for the frames. A cheap digital angle gauge from Lidl was enormously useful for the job. The height of the rail above the deck was kept the same as for the fo'c's'le. Deciding on positioning of the cut outs (crenels) of the battlements called for a bit of head scratching (or more like day dreaming!) as I weighed up aspects such as field of fire, getting a greater volume of fire forwards to repel boarders amidships, structural support of the cannon's recoil and protection of the gun crew. I found an abrasive cutting disc in a Dremel to be an easy way to remove the bulk of material from the crenel, followed by trimming with a scalpel. I placed a rail along the battlement's sticky up bits (merlons) as they would otherwise have been a problem for catching ropes and sails. I have also spent some time planning ahead for the rigging. I have used "Rigging Period Ship Models" by Lennarth Petersson as a basis for the square rigging (if that is the right terminology) but it has nothing for the lateen rigged mizzen masts, so I need to find out more about those. I have gone ahead and installed some "bitts" (again I may have the terminology wrong) for the belaying pins for the jib, fore mast and main mast. I may leave those for the mizzen masts until later, so I can get on with painting. So things are progressing okay. I think the stern turrets will be less noticeable once they are painted. The transom has a depiction of the Royal Coat of Arms with supporters. I suspect this is incorrect for this ship, being as it was commissioned by Sir Walter Raleigh. However, I can't bring myself to remove it. Possibly the shield could be painted in Sir Walter's Coat of Arms (a white diagonal zig-zag on a red background)? Any of your thoughts on this and anything else to do with the model would be much appreciated! Thanks for reading, Pat
  8. I hope you enjoy your build, Steve. I learnt a great deal building this one. Cheers, Pat
  9. Thank you Francis. That is a very fair comment. The model is "a stepping stone" as I go through the learning curve of vehicle modelling, (especially painting and weathering) and I was keen to get onto my next build, rather than put additional items onto it. However, I do intend to make it part of a diorama in future and will add "stuff" to it then. Hi Badder and thank you for your comments. The cable on the drum is a silver-coloured string made from synthetic yarn. I found it in my spares box but can't remember where it originated from. I wrapped it around the drum and glued it in place. I did have to paint, wash and highlight it. The tow rope and eye that is on the front bumper is a separate piece. Again, it came from the spares box. Cheers, Pat
  10. Hi everyone, I've spent two weeks away from the model, undecided on whether to add some turrets to the stern. I searched through the on-line galleries Maurice mentioned but could not see anything similar to use as a basis, but it was an enjoyable and inspiring time spent. My modelling mojo has started ebbing away so I must make a decision on this build and get back to the bench. I do feel the need to do something turret-wise, rather than leave the model as it is. I think Visschler's depiction of the Ark Royal with turrets at the waist is not reliable, even though Gribble's amazing painting is based on it.... So rather than perpetuate a myth, I'll start a fresh one. Out came the saw and sander. I have made up bases and decks for a pair of turrets at the stern and left everything to set overnight. I'll work on the sides tomorrow, but it will not be a quick job....
  11. Thank you, Stuart, much appreciated, Pat
  12. I missed your reply Black Knight before sending my one above. My gut feel is the turret would be angular as circular sections of wood would require a lot more effort to make and not be so strong. But, as I say, it is only a gut feel. If I do go with circular turrets, I have some suitable items in my spares box I could use. Pat
  13. Thank you for your photos and thoughts Black Knight. I was wondering whether the planking would have to run vertically for a circular turret, but probably it doesn't matter too much as it would be painted over. I'll bear in mind what you suggest as I peruse the on-line collections Maurice mentioned. Thanks again and best regards, Pat
  14. Many thanks for this, Maurice, and for reminding me of the number of smaller guns. I'll take a look at the on-line collections you mention - they do sound interesting. Best regards, Pat
  15. Thanks everyone for your knowledge, guidance and reasoning: I appreciate it greatly. How can it be that I find my mind occupied (even in the early hours) with a thing as oddball as "what did the rear end of Ark Royal look like in 1587? ". And, yes, I am very thankful that it is all I have to worry about! Thank you for those nice words. Before I take your advice, perhaps I can sound you out on a possible alteration that may not look too out of place on the model (at least to my non-expert eye). Background thoughts: I feel a bit uneasy about passing off Airfix's Revenge kit as being Ark Royal. The statement...... ......bothers me somewhat, so I am tempted to make more substantial changes than gun ports and paint job, so long as what I do has a basis and is plausible. Why have turrets at the stern of the ship? Let me speculate and please tell me what you think. I understand the Spanish method of warfare was to use their guns to destroy the topworks of their opponent and then board by bringing the bow against the enemy's waist and crossing soldiers using the beak of their ship. The beak had quite high sides presumably to offer some protection to the attacking soldiers. Having got their troops onto the main deck, they would then attack the fore and after castles. Small cannons were placed at corners of the castles to counter this attack. Maurice mentioned in post 27 that AR had.... "17 smaller guns (including an unspecified number of minions (4-pounders) and some of which may have been old-style wrought-iron breech-loaders of around 2-pounds for anti-personnel work - and these could even have been in the tops in swivel mounts)." The Revenge kit has places for 12 cannons. I wonder whether the purpose of the turrets was to allow more guns to be placed there to defend against the form of attack just mentioned? Half turrets. It dawned on me this meant that the turret did not go all the way to the ground (when thinking of a Scottish castle), rather than it being semi-circular. Indeed, I also think a circular profile would not be appropriate for a wooden defensive structure - but that it would be flat sided. With the above in mind, I have made a couple of preliminary sketches. I have included some battlements, even though these sound a daft idea for a sailing ship as the sails and ropes are bound to catch on them. I haven't shown a chainwale for the fourth (bonaventure) mast: attaching shrouds and backstays may take a bit more figuring out but Jeff mentioned in post 8 that the kit ones don't line up well anyway. I would love to hear your thoughts about altering the ship along the lines of the sketches. Maybe give a vote from 0 = you can't be serious! to 5 = okay, seems rational, defensible and I won't stop reading this thread if Pat goes ahead with it! Thank you all! Pat
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