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  1. Thanks Kev ! Of the three 1/35 Italeri craft I have tested so far the PT boat is my favourite when it comes to rc practicality/feasibility. The Vosper is a bit too heavy for a twin motor setup. After all, these Italeri plastic boats are rather heavy (especially the deck and hull) and the smaller their size, the bigger the relative weight issues. The S-Boot is so big that weight isn't an issue but its size makes it less manageable. I have to use hoisting straps to launch it and lift it out of the water (without these straps, stanchions and other parts are likely to get damaged). Its long and narrow hull also means it has a big turning radius. It requires independant control of the twin motors so the motors can assist in steering. I only have a cheap 2-channel transmitter/receiver so I installed a mixer in the boat (a rather primitive thing which is actually designed for running rc tanks). Even with this mixer steering leaves a lot to be desired. Regards, Arjan
  2. Thanks gentlemen ! The rc boating season has started which means progress on my current build is slow. During the past winter I overhauled my PT 596 model I had been running for over three years. I changed the brushed setup for a brushless one and installed bigger props and new rudders. I also had to repair some damage and replace parts that had gone missing. It's about 100 grams lighter now and I'm very pleased with its performance (both at low and high speed). For its next outing I hope to add a full crew and torps. My S-Boot also made its maiden voyage : Regards, Arjan
  3. Really lovely figures John, and your surgery worked out well. I also like the photo shopping you've done ( it illustrates how exciting baseball is , the ideal sport for an industrious nation ). Regards, Arjan
  4. Very nive work Konrad, your painted "wood" looks very convincing, I also like the explicit info you give about the colours you have tried/ used. I never seem to get my wood simulation right myself and I always fret about what colours to use. Regards, Arjan
  5. Thanks John, I really think you should also try a 1/35 build. Perhaps the 1/35 Italeri Higgins boat (when it finally materializes ....) ? The back rests of the two seats were actually also different but I didn't bother to reproduce these. By the way, there were also various types of Bofors gun mount bases, the Channel Elcos had the octagonal bases without lightening holes : Regards, Arjan
  6. I've built the Bofors loader's platform railing that is quite different from the kit's one : Original kit platform railing : Scratch built one : on Still have to add the ready ammo clips to the rear of the railing at a later stage. Arjan
  7. Thanks Kevin but I can't take any credit for the canvas look it's an example of ready made Italeri magic . Indeed it's certainly not bad and some highlighting could bring it to life. Today I discovered some PT boats had socalled Stokes stretchers on board : Seems to prove that a rescue role was envisaged for the Channel (Ron 34?) PT boats. Regards, Arjan
  8. In the mean time I have rectified my mistake. I reduced the width of the hatch housing and increased that of the ready locker : Arjan
  9. Nice work John ! You must be the first modeller who took the trouble to represent the sheet metal plates on the deck . Regards, Arjan
  10. Here are two more that clearly show the difference in width : I think I'm first going to make the 4cm ammo boxes that should go on each side of the engine room hatch. Dry fitting these should give me a good idea by how much I should reduce the width of the hatch housing. Regards, Arjan
  11. Thanks John. This pic clearly shows that on the Channel boats the housing was much narrower than the ready locker : It's a pity that the only PT drawings available are of either very early or late boats. Of course there are original Elco construction drawings but these are practically illegible, at least for me. Still, I can't complain there are lots of pics of the Channel PT boats and most share the same features. Regards, Arjan
  12. Thanks Kev. A fellow countryman has just pointed out that the 4cm ready locker should be wider than the engine room hatch housing, whereas mine (and Italeri's) are of equal width. He is quite right so I will have to alter a few things. I will probably have to reduce the width of the hatch housing and make the ready locker wider. Pics show that on late Elco boats the hatch housing and locker were indeed the same width so Italer's PT 596 kit seems to be correct in this respect. Regards, Arjan
  13. Some progress pics : Engine room hatch is quite different from the PT 596 one : Arjan
  14. The B-6000 glue sounds interesting, I will give it a try (I noticed that our Chinese friends also stock it ). I suspect it's similar to Gator's acrylic glue which I often use as an alternative for super glue (only for parts with a sizeable contact area). Even when this glue has set parts can still be lifted off fairly easily after having soaked in water for an hour or so. Regarding the Elco plywood deck, many deck fittings had a large sheet metal base plate for reinforcement. Italeri haven't reproduced most of these plates which I consider the most annoying shortcoming of the PT 596 kit. The base plates on the foredeck and around the hatches are really hard to miss once you focus on them : Regards, Arjan
  15. The guns really look nice, especially the Bofors (some nice detail here). If I were you I would forget about the woodgrain. I doubt if any grain would have been visible on the plywood used. Two stills from "PT-305: The ride of a lifetime" , plywood is being applied to the hull of a Higgins PT boat : Regards, Arjan
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