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  1. Thanks gentlemen ! A fellow club member made some action pics : Regards, Arjan
  2. Thanks Greg. My Vosper has two light brushless motors and I went to extremes to get its weight down (by drilling holes, scraping away/cutting off bits of plastic ). Nevertheless, my model is still a bit too heavy and sitting too deep in the water. As I see it the only feasible way to convert the Italeri Vosper kit into a good rc model is to use only one fairly light brushless motor and one driven 2mm prop shaft : https://www.modelboats.co.uk/news/article/plastic-magic-vosper-mtb-77/16930 Regards, Arjan
  3. I've taken some pics of my S-100 model during today's outing : The speed of my Vosper is disappointing so I will try a 3s lipo next time. Arjan
  4. Nice Oerlikon ! Pity this printed 3d stuff is still so very expensive. As to the pennant numbers, it's probably best to buy a sheet of transparent waterslide decal paper and print them yourself (or have them printed by someone else with a good ink jet printer). Regards, Arjan
  5. Arjan

    Wrens working on MTBs

    That's interesting ! I know the gun had to be cocked before it could be fired but did this mean it had to be cocked again when an empty magazine was replaced ? Regards, Arjan
  6. This may be the same vessel, pity the quality of the image isn't any better : Arjan
  7. No S-100 boats with camo patterns are known to have existed. There are some colorful S-38b ones though. I downloaded this pic from Ebay some months ago. It shows an S-38b boat, the giveaway here is the squarish vent immediately behind the bridge. The twin mg 34 is also a common feature of S-38b boats. This boat probably belonged to one of the training flotillas at the Baltic Sea. Regards, Arjan
  8. Launching/retrieving devices: https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?2015308-A-device-for-launching-retrieving-the-model Most of my rc models are very manageable but I made a simple device for my two Schnellboot models. I used an old drive belt from my lawn mower : Regards, Arjan
  9. Very nice build George ! Nice to see another rc boater here. In view of the model's weight you might need some kind of trolley to transport it from your car to the water. You might also need some kind of lifting device for launching it and getting it out of the water. Are you going to operate the model on a pond ? Regards, Arjan
  10. I'm afraid my area of interest is limited to MTB's and Landing Craft . The IWM has some interesting pics, I have just learned that HMS Hermione's ship's cat was called "Convoy" : ANIMALS AT WAR: ROYAL NAVY MASCOT 'CONVOY', HMS HERMIONE, GIBRALTAR, 26 NOVEMBER 1941. © IWM (A 6410) IWM Non Commercial License Regards, Arjan
  11. Definitely looking good Jon ! I'm amazed at the furious pace of your build, it only seems to have taken you 3 weeks . One remark, if the torpedoes haven't been glued to the tubes you should shove them in slightly further, they are protruding a bit too much now : Regards, Arjan
  12. I meant Eduard's Czech Airforce figures : https://www.scalemates.com/nl/kits/eduard-7501-czech-air-force--115407 Arjan
  13. I think the 1/72 Preiser hard plastic Nato pilots/ground crew set might be an option. Hard plastic is always preferable (easier for conversions) : http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com/review.aspx?id=952 Eduard also have some hard plastic figures in 1/72 : http://www.plasticsoldierreview.com/Review.aspx?id=2313 Regards, Arjan
  14. Hi Ley, My mistake, I now realize you were looking for info about the French submarine chasers which escaped/were taken to Britain. Hence the abbreviation "CH" I didn't recognize (CHasseur de sous-marin). I'm sorry but I don't know anything about sub chasers. http://www.archeosousmarine.net/chasseur16.php https://www.navypedia.org/ships/france/fr_es_ch5.htm Regards, Arjan
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