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  1. Some more pics : Good luck ! edit: the fourth pic clearly shows the ramp cable inside the cargo compartment. Arjan
  2. I'm not sure but I get the impression from the pics you posted that the HB kit is a copy of the 1/35 Trumpeter one. If so, a lot of work is involved to correct the mistakes (mostly dimensional errors): https://www.perthmilitarymodelling.com/reviews/vehicles/misc/lcm3/lcm3.htm A pic you probably have already : I posted some pics that might be useful here : http://www.twenot-forums.nl/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=34190&sid=feed1603c492d4fe7b7055349d953fc7 Regards, Arjan
  3. Arjan

    Elco 80 Motor Torpedo Boat

    Hi Derek, have you got a specific boat in mind you wish to model ? If you go for PT 596, you should bear in mind "Hell Razor" only saw active service for a couple of months and never fired a single shot in anger. Weathering in this case should indeed be subtle. Regards, Arjan
  4. Arjan

    PT 515 Ron 35

    Time for an update on my progress. Unfortunately the windows of the chart house and day room are too big and the raised edge around the window should be removed. The side windows of the chart house are also sitting much too high. I bought some 3d running lights at Shapeways because I wanted to put some leds inside. The printing material is transluscent which is good enough for this purpose : The control panel and bridge door of Italer's late kit also have to be back dated : Arjan
  5. Really outstanding work John ! Difficult to believe your model is in 1/72 scale, it looks more like a well-detailed 1/35 one. Regards, Arjan
  6. Arjan

    PT 515 Ron 35

    Small update, it is tempting to use some parts from the PT 109 kit such as navigation lights, search light mount etc but I'm afraid I will have to make them myself . Arjan
  7. Arjan

    PT 515 Ron 35

    I made some new shaft struts from brass (I used brass from a howitzer shell casing ) . I started work on the pilot (chart) house which requires most alterations. I used the pe window frames from the PT 109 kit which also has an option for closed window frames (windows were usually painted in the Pacific to keep out the sun). The Channel boats had rectangular antenna housings so I cut away the round original one . I also removed some other undesirable detail . Regards, Arjan
  8. Arjan

    New Revell 1/72 Late PT Boat announced

    Good morning Kev. The German author also mentions that there are several predrilled holes in the deck indicating more versions are to follow. Regards, Arjan
  9. I'm sure John will be over the moon ...... : http://www.modellmarine.de/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=5428:revell-pt-boat-spaet&catid=58:rev Arjan
  10. Arjan

    PT 515 Ron 35

    Hi, all the components of the shafts are in the pics of the above. The inner shafts are 2mm (bought in the UK by the way), the outer tube has an inner diameter of 3mm and an outer diameter of 4mm. In this outer shaft I insert two bushes (at both ends). These bushes are bits of brass tube inner dia 2mm and outer dia 3mm. The two bushes are glued inside the outer tube. On the outer tube I will solder a vertical grease tube so I can fill the space inside the tube with grease. This grease prevents leakage and I have never had any problems with leaking shafts. Some pics of these grease tubes. My 1/16 Lindberg Sport Fisherman : My Italeri Vosper : My Italeri Schnellboot : The universal joint is to compensate for misalignment between propshaft and motorshaft. Nevertheless it's always best to make sure that the shafts are properly aligned, any misalignment increases wear of the bushes and shortens battery duration. It's definitely not difficult to convert 1/35 plastic boat kits to rc, My first 1/35 PT boat started life as a static model and so did my Schnellboot before they were converted to rc, so it's even feasible to convert models that were finished as static models (not the best approach obviously). One of the things one has to keep in mind though, is weight, I always try to get rid of every gram of superfluous plastic. For instance I use 0.5mm plastic card instead of 1mm card whenever I can. Regards, Arjan
  11. Arjan

    PT 515 Ron 35

    The kit has finally arrived from France. Since this is going to be an rc boat I started by dry fitting some of the rc hardware. This is probably boring for those who are only interested in static modelling but who knows, I might be able to convert some of you . I always make my own propshafts, this is very simple and quite cheap. The propshaft struts are quite oversized but I didn't fancy making some smaller ones from brass (this would have taken me several hours and soldering is difficult because you don't want the plastic of the boat to melt or distort ). I have ordered some smaller rudders but these are still in transit from China. Arjan
  12. Arjan

    PT 515 Ron 35

    Best wishes for the new year ! My PT kit is still in transit from France so I started converting two figures from the Italeri PT crew set. I made the legs slightly longer by inserting plastic disks at the kneejoints. Swapped the heads and used a British officer's cap from a vintage Italeri figure (I doubt if anyone notices the difference between a British and US officer's cap at this scale). Figures are not quite finished yet : Helmsman: Commander: I noticed there are quite a few clips of the American Channel PTs on Critical Past. One film roll was apparently even shot from PT 515 : This gunner on PT 515 wore the oversized helmet used to accommodate head phones : One of the Channel PT boats had a shark's mouth on its bow : I learned from a member of the ptboat forum that the special lockers ahead of the port spray shield contained an inflatable rubber boat. PT 504 appears to be the only boat that didn't have this locker : A pic of an O.S.S. Higgins PT boat which also had two of the cradles we have discussed in some detail. On the ptforum it was suggested that these cradles were probably for rescue nets and were probably intended for O.S.S. operations. Regards, Arjan
  13. Arjan

    PT 515 Ron 35

    Hi Rob, indeed there are plenty of pics and I think one of the reasons is that quite a few American sailors had cameras. I was surprised that there seem to be so few private pics of WWII British MTBs. I think one of the reasons is that in general British sailors had fewer cameras and I also believe private photography was not encouraged by the British authorities (perhaps even restricted ?). There are masses of German WWII pics because many German sailors and soldiers had cameras and private photography was actually encouraged by the German authorities . Regards, Arjan
  14. Good idea John, I will also try transparent yellow for my 1/35 torps (4 of my old PT kit and 2 of my new one). Regards, Arjan
  15. Arjan

    PT 515 Ron 35

    Hi Kev, here is another pic to add to the confusion (almost looks like a parachute ) : The pic comes from this interesting site : https://www.jerseybunkertours.com/pt509 edit: the item is probably just a hammock .... Regards, Arjan