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  1. Thank you for the responses everyone, helped clear things up for me. I imagine I will have more questions eventually so I'll keep this topic open. The lightning is such an interesting and diverse aircraft.
  2. Upon further reading, a few F.3As were converted to F.6 and some F.6s did not have the ventral gun tank at first, so that's probably the reason.
  3. I have yet another question, this time about the F.6. The Ventral tank guns, what's the deal with them? My reference aircraft for this question is F.6 XS921. Here we can see her with what appears to be 74 Sqn. (source and date unfortunately unknown to me) Note the absence of ventral gun tank. Here's another photo: apparently taken in 1970 (source unknown) However, in some other photographs, XS921 is shown with the gun tank (1983, photograph by Vickersfour) Here's another, 1973 by John Visanch So, what's the deal with F.6s and their guns? How come sometimes some F.6s had no guns even though they were revered for reintroducing guns to the Lightning? Looking at references has left me a bit confused as to the situation, were the gun tanks replaceable or once added permanent? Thanks in advance. Levi
  4. Looking at my stash, my choices are either Lanc' or Shack' (AEW.2) I'm tempted to try the shack but I doubt I'll finish on time due to exams. The rest of my British models aren't very big but I'll let @Adam Poultney decide whether they're big enough to include: Sea king Merlin Meteor (big jet for the time?? Technically) Wellington (doubt I'll do this one as I already have one halfway done) Gannet (Adam has already said too small but including anyway) Tornado (probably too small) Phantom Lynx (too small for sure) Lightnings (probably too small)
  5. Nevermind, May. I might be able to squeeze something in then...
  6. Seems fine for me Adam, this seems to be a recurring issue on Britmodeller isn't it... I usually can't see village photos without opening them in another tab but this time it seems to be fine for me, you should try it though... Levi Victor progress is looking good, I wouldn't have the patience to deal with all this cutting and fixing.
  7. I would've joined but I have exams June 6 - June 27 , nevertheless I'm spectating at least.
  8. Hooray established member!:party:

  9. Sounds like an interesting build, nice looking livery, looking forward to seeing it.
  10. it may be somewhat obscure and obsolete but I like it, good job with an old kit.
  11. very nicely done for an old kit!
  12. Great progress, I applaud your patience with all the filling, sanding and correcting.
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