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  1. Looking at its current state, I can't even comprehend how it looked at the start! when I saw how the wings came off, I would have probably given up, you have done a brilliant job, looking forward to seeing it done.
  2. Academy 1:72 F-15 is nearing completion! I may start a "WIP" thread soon showing the progress I have made so far...

  3. just read through all of it, can't believe I've missed out on this so far, incredible stuff, definitely following.
  4. Currently keep getting error 500s when trying to use the search feature, strange because everything else works
  5. I seem to have missed this thread so far! I feel lucky I found it early-ish, looking great so far adam, gonna be a monster of a kit.
  6. Thank you for all the praise, happy to see others like it as much as I do. Next thing I'm finishing is Academy's 1:72 F-15E, almost finished painting it. Also currently working on Eduard's 1:72 MiG-21MF but in Hungarian air force colours.
  7. Hello everyone, I finally finished a model on Britmodeller! Here is the WIP post: I proudly present my 1:72 EE Lightning F.6 Overall, I am happy with how it turned out, took me a good year to finish it because it was an on and off project lol. Hope you guys enjoy it too.
  8. As of now, she is complete! I ended up not adding any missiles as it looked a bit odd, I will add the last WIP picture I took and link the finished post. You can also see my next WIP Here is the finished post
  9. seems like you've hit a few bumps, could be worse! One of my friends were varnishing their MiG-15 and the varnish reacted with the paint and all the paint peeled off! (Idk if varnish is the correct term, gloss maybe, the clear coat after paint before decals.) Looking forward to seeing more updates.
  10. I saw, but on the one day there was I was in Edinburgh just my luck...
  11. Holy cow, yesterday was exciting for me, first, I saw a dutch air force MRTT And then I saw two AH64s flying together. Pictures are a bit odd I know, accidentally left my camera's ISO low from stargazing... Whoops!
  12. 503s seem to be a problem for me at least on mobile, whenever I get it on laptop/pc a simple refresh fixes it but on mobile I've sometimes had to wait an entire day.
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