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  1. To be honest I'd be disappointed to see a 24 scale kit next year. We had the Spitfire this year at the flagship model. 24 scale is a niche, not one I'm interested in unless someone does gliders in the scale (unlikely), so I think another niche should get the spotlight in 2023. When was the last big ww2 bomber in 1/72 released? Or medium bomber in 1/48 (not my thing but a good model) edit anson probably covers this niche even though its not a bomber, fantastic kit as well Perhaps a new 1/72 or 1/48 hurricane is coming.
  2. Sperrin please! Vulcan prototype with the straight edge wing would be nice
  3. This really makes me realise even more how much we need a decent sea vixen in this scale. Come on Airfix, absolutely their sort of thing.... hopefully 2023 will bring us a nice FAW1/2 kit with good shape
  4. Well I would say that the V Bombers had a design flaw in the lack of rear ejection seats. I think it cost between 30 and 40 lives in crashes which may have been survived had the rear crew had ejection seats. So I guess those could be on the list.
  5. What I've flown, at the controls: Pa28 -G-COVC (1 hrs intro lesson) Grob 103a Twin II Acro -G-NUGC/NU2 (solo) ASK21 -G-CJKJ/R21 -G-CKMW/R18 (solo, silver height gain) -G-CKNL/KNL Duo Discus -G-CKEV/R2 Grob 103c Twin III -G-CLXH/XH Perkoz -G-PRKZ/S8Y And in the back of an assortment of Airliners and other things Hoping to add an Astir (single seat glider) to that list soon
  6. Looks great, I've always liked the look of the J20, it's the most interesting looking 5th gen fighter
  7. OK so the new tool Tu95 has my interest, but I don't think I'll be picking one up any time soon. Curious as to what schemes are to be included
  8. Mikromir 1/144 aircraft? Always going to be a good thread. I’ve built a couple of their Victor B1 kit, very nice if you correct the one or two relatively minor errors and dry fit and adjust every single part. 90% of it fitted brilliantly once the necessary adjustments were made. I’ll be interested to see if this kit is up to the same standard.
  9. Well an Eduard quality Blaník would be great. It's most produced sailplane glider of all time I belive, and has been used all over the world, so who knows maybe it will see some success. I'll be waiting patiently for its eventual release. I wish someone would do a good quality 1/72 or 1/48 ASK21, which is like a more modern equivalent to the Blaník, a two seat sailplane which has just reached 1000 built this year. The most common twin seat trainer today
  10. One of my SWM2022 purchases was this tiny glider kit. It appears to be an old Polish brand SZD 41 Jantar in 1/72 scale, although the Jantar's distinctly pointy nose looks decidedly blunt here I love the box art, although it could be printed better. It doesn't however match the decals included. You cab see the decals under the sprue here, they are incomplete and poorly printed. No painting instructions are included and I can't find any glider matching the registration of the decals. I'll print my own The parts are pretty simple, bare bones basic. There was nothing too interesting to report during construction of the kit, I just had to adjust the angle of the wings, adding a little dihedral as if there were some wing loading; it will be displayed on the included stand and it would look wrong to me with unloaded wings. I was pleasantly surprised by the fit, I expected far worse. The canopy is slightly too wide, I can't easily do much about it though. I didn't originally plan to post a WIP thread, so please excuse the lack of early build images. As expected, the nose is far too blunt. This image from Wikipedia shows what the nose profile should be I don't think I can perfectly fix the shape, but I can improve it. I decided to add some milliput to the nose, and that's where the model is now. This can be sanded back to a pointer profile and blended with the kit plastic once cured. The canopy remains dry fitted for now. After a while searching for a scheme I like and can easily print decals for, I came across this image of C-GVTZ belonging to the Vancouver Soaring Association in 2006. https://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/photo/001174335.html From this angle I cannot tell definitively if any writing is below the cockpit. Glider type is often displayed in a stylised font there, and Jantars almost always have this; I recently added something similar to my university's Grob 103a Twin II Acro after it kept on getting mistaken for an original Grob 103 Twin Astir, an unrelated but very similar glider that was replaced by the Twin II. Anyway, I did end up finding another photo on the VSA's website that shows C-GVTZ from the front in a club fleet photo. It's not great resolution when zoomed in but it's enough to tell the area under the canopy is just plain white. That was the deciding factor in doing this scheme as it makes decals much easier to design. The only remaining decal related research to do now was to find the font used for the registration. I got lucky and quickly found the font Helvetica which looks very close to what is on the glider, so that's what I'm going with.
  11. Certainly excited for another glider kit to enter the market! Any chance of more gliders?
  12. Nooo small scales slipping just below the line! An hour and a bit left I think, it can still make it.....
  13. We're over the line again! Just need a few more to secure that until the bunfight ends
  14. The FR.9 parts, I was told, will only ever be released in the Airfix Club exclusive kit. They also said that since a lot of the recent kits haven't been displayed at a show yet, they wanted to give those a chance to be shown off rather than overshadow them with a new release Edit: I have been corrected, from the source. It is only an exclusive next year, a regular FR9 box is possible in future years
  15. I've seen most angles, and saved a copy out of morbid curiosity not to be shared further. It's horrific, awful to watch. I really doubt anyone could survive that. It hits different, now that I fly solo. Not nice to see.
  16. I'll be going tomorrow. Any ideas of where to park?
  17. Finally a reissue of the Beluga and A330! A340 when though? And A400M...
  18. That is a box of models I wish I had.... still looking for a Viking kit, seems impossible to find
  19. I'd have gone with the tamiya can if you want to use a can. I've got it but not tried it yet, their airbrush version was alright. You'd have been OK with hataka blue line, brushable acrylics
  20. The paint says medium sea grey but the colour is inaccurate. More like Dark Sea Grey used on wrap around Vulcans. My preferred Medium Sea Grey is Hataka
  21. So, I have a plan for this now. I will use the 1/200 Cyberhobby kit and I will build it during Christmas break from uni, which should give me enough time to complete the model. I'll look into making a silicone mould of the bomb bay doors to cast them in resin, the Blue Steel version of the 1/200 Vulcan doesn't come with one, which can be quite limiting on my options with building those.
  22. Maybe we're all wrong and it will finally be the 1/32 Grob Twin II Acro kit I really want..... If any manufacturer wants to do that I can get you access to one.......... please I really want a kit of the Twin II
  23. 1/72 Scimitar would be a take my money moment. PLEASE. Or Sea Vixen FAW.1? Or Buccaneer S.1? Maybe Javellin FAW.1? Yes, these would probably be Airfix's sort of thing but they tend to cover later variants of cold war jets and don't leave much scope for early ones (both Buccaneer S2 kits, 1/48 Sea Vixen FAW.2, Vulcan B2, Victor B2/SR2/K2, 1/48 Javellin FAW.9/9R, etc). Is that enough to not be directly competing? I'd probably take at least one of each if there was a new tool Mk1 an Mk2 Sea Vixen from DBMK and Airfix respectively.
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