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  1. I was supposed to go gliding at RAF Cranwell today for the second day in a row, but it was raining and the cloud base was around 1000ft which we can't winch launch into. It was called off after 3 hours of waiting for the weather to possibly clear enough. So to salvage something from the day I stopped off halfway back at Newark Air Museum, just where XM594 is preserved.
  2. Wow this was posted on Facebook like 5 minutes ago, you are very quick to post it
  3. Might actually be visiting Newark today, looks like gliding at Cranwell is about to be rained off. Cloud base is 1000ft as well which we can't fly in Thank you!
  4. Wow! This is a very nice model, I love the Ju288 especially the C variant
  5. Oooo night have to look for a copy of that, it's a great photo of a Vulcan B1. I had a look at some other early Vulcans and it seems that the central wiper may have been a later addition, certainly missing from most early B1s and all wipers were initially missing from both prototypes. Early B2s seem to be missing them as well but they are on ones in early camo schemes
  6. It would and I really wish I could but I just don't have the space now that I'm at uni to build 1/72 V Bombers, I suppose I could buy a Mikromir one but do I really want to do that?
  7. You seem to be correct, a little disappointing that Airfix have yet another detail wrong.
  8. haha I was so focused on trying to identify the kit that I missed the caption saying what it is
  9. Seconded, seems like the tail end of this year is a little sparse My raiders of the lost stash GB is based around this very idea!
  10. I think the chances are very good. Remember that the Vulcan was a November 2020 release originally until it was delayed so it would have been out for about a year and a half by the time of the 40th anniversary of black buck when it makes sense to release the black buck version. My bet is on a kit covering only XM607 and one of the others, probably XM597. I'd love to see it cover all four that went to Ascension Island given that they were essentially identical in configuration all being from the same late batch when they were quite standardised. Adding the spare and only one to not survive until today having met its fate at the hands of a Blackpool scrapman in 2006, XL391, wouldn't be too hard either as you'd just need a few decals and I think it didn't have the X Band jammer so just add a note not to add it. Easily could be a 5 scheme kit if Airfix want to do that, and most of the decals would be common between the schemes so just serials and any individual markings need changing.
  11. You could join in the V Force fun with a 1/144 Victor
  12. Anyway, great work so far, looking forward to seeing more. Following this now. The Cold War one was different but it did fade so don't worry about exact shades. The WW2 one will be close enough for most. I'm not as knowledgeable on the Victor as the Vulcan, but I'd expect one from the blue steel era to be glossy and have soft edge camo applied until about early-mid 1967 or so if they're anything like Vulcans
  13. I have raised this issue with Airfix and asked them if they would issue a corrected instruction sheet before anyone else ruins their nearly £60 model. Airfix haven't yet done so.
  14. Which kit is this, I can't quite tell? Do you have any reference images of XM594 in white, I've been looking for any at all for ages
  15. Another endorsement of Halfords Appliance Gloss White, best stuff you can buy for this.
  16. For anyone interested, I'm building another Vulcan already (well, it's actually the second one since I finished this one). A crazy conversion from B2 to B1
  17. Thanks, the same photo is one of my favourites also. I just need a 1/72 hangar to put in the background now! The Valiant is definitely worth it, it's not quite as good as the other two Airfix Vs because it's the first of the modern toolings, but it is still an impressive model. If you are in need of inspiration, I'd take a look at this fantastic build by @general melchett
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