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  1. Careful with this thread.... you might persuade me to buy one of these and do something very similar
  2. Aaaand back off to uni again. Got things today and tomorrow, then I'm gliding at the weekend. Not much point in coming home for Thursday evening and most of Friday so I'm staying at uni. The build will resume on Monday.
  3. Both wings have been sanded back and are awaiting further refinement. Might get that done today but I really need to get on with some uni work. The centre wing section and intakes are now glued in place but everything else remains taped for now. There's some damage at the back of the tail so I'll have to fix that at some point.
  4. I like your suggestion, anchoring to major events.
  5. Saying to just go with any year that you want defeats the entire purpose of the group build. The idea is we collectively end up with a somewhat cohesive but varied set of models showing the state of aviation technology at a given point in time. I suppose opening up to a range of a few years in the latter half of the 1960s would be within the spirit of the group build, perhaps 1966-1969? And if enough people would like to see it, I suppose other subjects than aircraft can be included. But I would like to see if more interest will appear first, then maybe tanks, ships, etc can have their own similar gbs in a few years
  6. A frog Victor! Very rare indeed! I'd be jealous if I hadn't recently bought an unbuilt example myself. Unfortunately the Matchbox Victor is one of very few v force plastic kits I don't really have any intention of building. For the amount of display space it takes up I'd rather pay the extra for an Airfix Victor which has a much better shape. This old Victor just has too many errors that would be too hard to correct, unlike the old Airfix Vulcan which builds into a very good and reasonably accurate model with a bit of effort. Regardless, I do enjoy seeing them built. I see you're going with camo, which is the best option for this kit as it hides the poorly shaped nose by breaking the outline up a bit.
  7. It was a joint venture wasn't it? With each company producing didn't variants. Now that S&M is sadly gone I think Mikromir is issuing the variants S&M previously covered
  8. I wouldn't be so sure, apparently there was a near miss on Saturday when someone nearly walked out in front of one! Might qualify then! Anyway, I got back from gliding last night but was too tired to do any modelling. Work has resumed this afternoon, starting by removing and untaping the wings; I've decided to do the leading edge modifications. All material forward of the tape running just behind the leading edge needs to go. First leading edge taken back. Next job is to do the other one and then I need to fill all the unnecessary panel lines and scribe in new ones
  9. A snapshot in time The core principle of this group build is simple. We will all build aircraft from a given year. It is essentially a year-long snapshot in time. The year is yet to be determined but I think something around the mid to late 1960s would be ideal. There would be a great variety of types that are eligible, but development had slowed somewhat since the rush of the 1940s and 1950s so it is more of a snapshot of current aviation technology at a given time; if we were to do a WW2 version of this I'd probably suggest a using specific month rather than an entire year. Suggestions on which year to base this potential group build on are welcome What is eligible? Any aircraft that was in service* between 1st January and 31st December in the chosen year. *Prototypes will also be allowed, even if they never entered service. As with other aircraft they should be in an appropriate scheme and configuration for the timeframe. The schemes and airframes chosen should be appropriate for the given timeframe, or as close as you can reasonably make them. Yes, this group build will be research heavy but it will be rewarding. What ifs are not eligible At present I don't want to open this up to tanks, ships, etc but perhaps if this is a success then someone else would like to run a similar group build for those in another year. So, anyone interested?
  10. I haven't built any Modelsvit kits yet but I'd like to give their 1/48 Bf109C/D a go, it looks pretty good. Not my scale but I really like those early Bf109s. So many kits from these manufacturers I want, I've obviously already got the Mikromir Victor which I'm building for this GB but I'd love the Hastings if they'd do a silver one like the one at Duxford andthe whole range of 1/144 Soviet bombers is a must at some point. Obviously the kit I want them to do is a Vulcan B1/B1a, hardly a surprise to anyone! Amodel's Lancastrian is very tempting as well, price isn't too bad either. Unfortunately Eastern Express kits are a bit outside the price range I really want to pay which is a shame since they do an RAF TriStar (also reboxed by S&M Models which I don't think exists anymore sadly).
  11. Great day of gliding today, actually had good enough weather to fly this week. It's been two months since I've been flying so I thought I'd be terribly out of practice... and I'm a complete surprise to the instructor, and to myself, I flew just about the best I've flown in the whole time I've been learning.... until a slightly rough landing. One I can't fly, our single seater And one I can fly! Our Grob 103a Acro
  12. Good work so far; even adding a Mikromir kit to the stash is further than most dare go! So happy to see a few Mikromir threads in this group build, I think they're a seriously underrated company. Their subject choice is impeccable, the quality of the kits unfortunately not so much but they are not crude like a Mach2, they just require a bit more care to get right. My Victor B1 from them is going together nicely so far and this is a more recent kit so hopefully should be at least as good. Must say I really am tempted to get hold of one of these, I love 1/144 bombers. On my Victor build I just skipped adding the cockpit entirely, I plan to paint the canopy in black which is what I usually do now on small scale kits. Don't think that would work quite as well on this one though with some clear blisters on the side, might look a bit odd. Definitely following this build and good luck with the rest of it!
  13. Right well I'm calling it here for the weekend, I'm back off to uni to go flying. Progress will resume on Monday
  14. Well the wings are all tape, no glue at the moment; to be successful with a Mikromir kit everything has to be done very carefully so I'm checking for any areas which may cause faults. I also still need to figure out what I'm going to do with the wings.... the more I look at them with the strip of tape marking where I could cut off the leading edges and reshape them the more I want to do it! Not entirely sure but it will go something like this: He wouldn't sit still for photo on the Victor
  15. With a lot of tape we have something that is Victor shaped! Minus the tail... Not a good look for a Victor given that I can think of at least two that went down after losing their tails. There's still some adjustments to be made to the intakes to get them fitting perfectly but they're getting there. Comparing to my Victor B2R based on the GWH kit in the same scale, you can see just how much larger the intakes got on the B2. I'm not entirely convinced by the shape of the GWH nose. Mikromir look to have done it better, capturing the double curvature of the canopy nicely. It's a shame the GWH kit is so flawed (the questionable nose is the least of its issues) because it's a very nicely moulded kit
  16. This is like want I need except this one has the extended leading edge
  17. And we're off! Can't wait to see some more builds starting particularly the 1/144 bombers
  18. For a B2R? The Victors carrying Blue Steel without these were limited to only the ones involved in testing (such as XH674) and those were B2s, so you'd need to modify the APU intake and wing leading edge
  19. Well the group build has officially kicked off now! Can't wait to see everyone else's builds starting, hopefully a few more V Bombers will be joining (although I think there's quite a few people signed up to build them for Big and British so maybe they'll be waiting for that). But anyway, update on my Victor After a coat of Halfords white the intakes are still a bit patchy in places but honestly with these intakes being so narrow I can live with that. Won't be seen. And the engine faces are painted. Very easy job with a chrome pen and a citadel nuln oil wash First intake dealt with needs a bit of adjustment on the outside and in the contact area on the wing but it will fit. Also now fully dealt with are the strange panel lines at the back end And some work on the seams towards the front. And this is where I would be leaving this for the weekend because I was going to go to the rugby match in Leicester except that got cancelled as the visiting French team got covid. Oh well, extra half a day to work on this before I go back to Notts and then Cranwell.
  20. Yes that's probably it, mould release. Everything else will be cleaned before I put any paint on it. That rapid progress will be stalling out a bit, I'm going back to uni this evening and to RAF Cranwell from there tomorrow. Finally getting back in a glider after two months on the ground.
  21. Just put a coat of Tamiya spray can primer on the intakes, it's not gone on that well... I'll let it dry, give it a light sanding to even out the surface and then hope for the best when I put on the Halfords Appliance Gloss White. But note to self: must clean the surfaces on this kit before painting.
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