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  1. Thank a lot guys. One more thing: are those bombs the same like those ones for Hunter?
  2. Thanks a lot for your help. By the way, do you know any picture of such real bombs? Or maybe you know official name of those ordnance?
  3. I am making Hawker Hunter from italeri/Academy 1:48. My plan is to paint her as RAF or Jordanian Air Forces plane, but I know nothing about ordnance of such aircrafts. There are few bombs in the box (with no information about it), but I wish to hook up those resin bombs from ResKit, and my only question is: is it good to use those bombs? Anyone can help?
  4. Well, I do think there are some special reasons: • many flashes • bad details and overall parts look soap made • many simplifications, like air intake with no inlet duct inside • black polystyrene (I don’t like black) which also seems to be rather soft. Generally this kit need a lot of work to make good looking model. But unfortunately, this is still the best kit of F-16C Block 52 available in this scale.
  5. Very nice model with really eyecatching camouflage. Good job!
  6. This is my latest model: F-16C Block 52+ , Polish Air Forces. I used rather poor kit of Revell, plus few aftermarkets: Master's sensors, decals of ModelMaker and Techmod, camouflage masks of ModelMaker, Aires exhaust nozzle, Res/Kit wheels and Eduard AGM-154C bombs. Enjoy.
  7. Ok, maybe colours are not the proper ones, but I did my best to mix them as good as possible.
  8. I would say: too intensive colours. I tried to find proper mixes of Gunze paints, so that is the result...
  9. Regarding the engine exhausts (engine cowlings were more complicated to paint), you can find everything step by step in my work in progres here: I used white metallic base, oil paints, some hot metal Alclads and jet exhaust also from Alclad. Everything were been faded to darker shades with Mr. Paint' graphite metallic.
  10. That is true, that is why I am talking about Mr. Paint. This company manufactures many colours designed for models of russian jets and I do believe that their colours for Su-33 are really proper ones.
  11. My Russian language is rather poor, but I can not find any words regarding Mr. Paints colours there. I believe AKAN paints have proper hues, but I think the same is with Mr. Paints, and also I like to use it, because there are as excellent as Gunze or Tamiya products.
  12. Initially I wanted to build no. 80, but then I changed to 67.
  13. Many Su-33's has got tinted windshield.
  14. I do believe it was better to use Mr. Paints, better ones.
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