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  1. Intake shape? I think it is too late, I have mounted it to fuselage. What is wrong with them?
  2. Small steps ahead. I cracked up first canopy, so I had to buy new kit and work over new canopy. This time without any accidents. First I used very nice and handy scriber to remove the canopy seam. Next I used my Micro Mesh polishing pads, last 5 gradations. Then I polished using abrasive cloths 8000 and 12000. So after that there was no need to use Tamiya coarse compound. First used Fine one. And then for the final stage: Final compound. The canopy is now ready and shining.
  3. The fuselage is ready for primer. I have also cut off rudders and made them a little bit leaned, as in real vertical fins. Both exhaust nozzles plus engine tubes are painted and ready to asseblem. Hope there will be painting process soon.
  4. Have just installed cockpit and nose wheel bay into fuselage halves. I added also GPS antenna on the spine and some metal details just at the far end of cockpit. I think I can now close the fuselage.
  5. Next step is wheel bays. Hobby Boss delivered nicely detailed ones, but I always try to improve it a little bit. Nose bay I have just painted, because I mus glue it before assembing into fuselage. The main wheel bays will be painted at the end, just after camouflage painting.
  6. Have just started new model, after a long, long time. This time it will be legacy Hornet, with camouflage as below: <Photo removed. Airliners.net don't permit linking of photos. Please only use links in future> This is a commisional build, so I didn't choice the kit - Hobby Boss one, so I am not so happy about it. Obviously I have no choice and must use that HB. I am going to add some Eduard's PEs, ejection seats and Aires nozzles. There will be also resin ordnance. I have bought set of proper Two Bobs decals. First are the ejection seats. I know those are for F-14D Tomcat, but also those seats are very similar to newer Hornets seats, so I hope it is not so big mistake. Anyway, painted that and are ready to use. Then the cockpit. I am not the biggest fan of colored Eduard PE, but this time I decided to use it. To avoid really ugly MFDs, I added few decals with screens and clocks. Hope it looks not so bad.
  7. It will hit the shelves on July, so we should have it very soon.
  8. Why the access to real aircraft is forbidden for making plastic cockpit, but is not forbidden for making decals? Wish to know the answer.
  9. I hope there will be resin cockpit from TempModels available and resin exhaust nozzles from ResKit as well. Kit's exhaust are not bad frankly said, but resin cockpit is a must if you want to make it opened. Quinta's cockpit is now almost available, but I think that 3D decals do not look so good. Regarding fit, is is almost perfect, regarding fuselage halves:
  10. This is not a light, it is a plastic. A nose: Nose wheel bay: Pilot tube and seat: IP: Main wheel bay:
  11. Yes, this kit is not so easy to build, there is a lot of small fitting issues. Well, that is Kitty Hawk kit, so what could we expect more?
  12. I hope those pictures will be usefull. Frankly said I have no idea, I did it just according to instruction manual if I remember correctly.
  13. I can do it of you want, but what exactly pictures do you need?
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