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  1. Wow! Really nice build! the canopy looks awesome!!
  2. Excellent job on the water effects and the model looks fabulous! Certainly nothing to critique on that model, well done! However... your inspiration photo looks to be a computer model, nothing wrong at all with that . It would seem that the prop was drawn turning the wrong way, but maybe my eyes deceive me. Still, your model looks terrific!
  3. Very nice! That's an attractive paint job there! Congrats on a job well done!
  4. Nice tight airbrush work there! I really like the weathering!
  5. Does that include sleep?! I can barely get parts off the srue in that amount of time. That makes your build even more amazing!
  6. Nice Build! The shark mouth sure looks nice on that one! I think it would look good if you painted the tips of the prop yellow, unless they were different on RAF Mustangs. Regards,
  7. Simply beautiful! I'm impressed with you painting and weathering. How long did it take you to build?
  8. Really great work! I have always had a soft spot for the Monogram phantom. I hope all those stencil decals didn't cause you too much trouble because they look fantastic!
  9. That is just so cool! Very attractive display and great work!
  10. I always liked the looks of a nicely built P-38. You did it justice! How much weight did it require to sit on it's gear?
  11. Wow! Looks really nice in flight mode! Nice paint and weathering too! Great job!
  12. Nice work Dave, I really like the paint job! Quite the attractive scheme on the Turkey. Looking forward to your future builds!
  13. Lots of fine workmanship on display with that one! Well done!
  14. I don't think you can go wrong with satin black. I am not familiar with them being any other color.
  15. Nachtwulf


    Doh! I read the post and did not see that!
  16. prototype U.S. assault drone from WWII. http://www.designation-systems.net/dusrm/app1/bq-4.html
  17. Nachtwulf


    If I am not mistaken, Gunze makes a Nakajima cockpit color in its paint range. http://www.car-model-kit.cz/watermarkimage.ashx?p=/car-model-kit/4-_iyE-1589__edeygr-edey__c127.jpg
  18. That is a real beauty! The metal finish is wonderful! Did you have any issues achieving the metallic finish? I am still too afraid to try one for myself.
  19. Excellent photography. Really like Photo #10 with the smiling Maverick missile.
  20. The Ta-152c wing is longer and of different construction than the D wings. Here is my opinion on the Ta-152 wing: If you look at picture of the leading edge of the wing you will notice a slight change of angle on the top of the leading edge just above the the landing gear mounting point. It would appear that a Ta 152 H wing from the landing gear inward was used and then mated to the 190 D outer wing panel . This is the only way I could explain why there is a change in the taper of the wing at that point. This also seems to account for the increase in span. I found this out by accident when I tried to build a Ta 152c from scratch in the late 80's . Hope this helps and I am not saying this is gospel truth, just my observations.
  21. Took me awhile but I went through this whole thread and found it interesting and enlightening. Thank you to all who contributed!
  22. Your paint job is wonderful! What did you use for the final clear coat? It reflects nicely like the real thing without looking to shiny. -Dale
  23. Very nice! What a pretty looking aircraft. -Dale
  24. Holy cow! That is some beautiful work with the airbrush! -Dale
  25. According to the Aero Detail book on the Shiden-kai the flap upper surface was all green and the flap bay was the same as the underside color ( silver ) I have not seen aotake blue anywhere on the shiden-kai. Inside of cowl flaps was also silver or natural metal. -Dale-
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