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  1. DDELK

    1/32 F-16 decals

    Hello, so my dilemma is, I want to do the 1/32 Viper with NJ ANG decals 177th FW.. I’m only finding them in 1/48. does ANYONE (mfg) make these markings in 1/32??? Thank you David
  2. I’ll give that a try. Until then I guess I’ll stick to Instagram thanks
  3. Thanks for the info again. I may go with the Academy kit then. I’m building this for a friend and I’m really not sure he would know the difference in landing gear. My main concern was the engine and small mouth intake. I’ve built several Tamiya kits and would love to post them but I can’t figure out how to upload from my mobile phone.. dave
  4. I really want one without raised panel lines if possible, but I guess a little describing never hurt anyone dave
  5. Thanks for the info. Looks like I’ll go with the Hasegawa kit. Dave
  6. Hi,


    I have a spare sheet from Hasegawa kit ref:- 09943, If you want it - £5.00 plus postage to USA



  7. Hi everyone, I know I don’t spend much time on here but I’m getting ready to get back to modeling . I want to do a 1/32 Viper in the block 25 configuration. I really don’t want to spend the ridiculous amount of money to buy the Tamiya thunderbird kit, so if anyone has some better ideas I’m all ears.. thank you
  8. Hi everyone, hoping someone can shed a little light here. I’m working on the Helldiver which as you all probably know is a beast of a kit. I’m working on the PE flaps, but the instructions almost seem to represent the flaps backward.. maybe it’s just me but I was hoping someone out there has a step by step on this section.. I can’t figure out how to post pictures ever since this site stopped using photo bucket.. thanks dave
  9. Thank you. It’s just to bad I’m already halfway through the build of converting my Academy SUFA to the HAF Viper dave
  10. Hi guys, it’s been quite some time since I’ve been on the forum site.. Anyway I hope I’m asking the question in the right section... I’m trying to find markings for my 1/32 HAF F-16D block 52 and I can’t seem to find any.. I think Icarus made some for the block 30 but a know I can still use most of the markings on the sheet. I can’t seem to find any in the states??? Well any help would be appreciated.. Merry Christmas to you all thanks dave
  11. Hi all, so I’m getting ready to do a Crusader and wanted to build the VMF-312 squadron. I think these decals are out of production and was hoping someone might be able to turn me in the right direction to track some down. Any help would be greatly appreciated.. tgank you Dave
  12. Thanks Mike, I just sent them a request, so I’ll just wait to see what they say.. dave
  13. I’m sorry, I guess I should have been more clear..lol.. I need some kit replacement parts dave
  14. It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything. anyway, back on the bench now and looking for some replacement parts for the A-10.. If anyone knows the best place to look, I would surely appreciate it.. thanks Dave
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