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  1. So are we to believe that a red inlet cover was inadvertently left in place and no one caught it before engine run up and that it was sucked into the engine causing the jet to crash and afterwards was seen floating in the sea? Yeah, not buying that I'm afraid.
  2. Nice work! I think I'll try that on my N1K2-Jb George!
  3. Great picture! Thanks for sharing it!
  4. It appears that ICM forgot the vortex generators on the bottom of the horizontal stabilizer. They are shown in the instruction booklet but are not on the plastic. I'm looking forward to what the aftermarket will come up with. I've been waiting a long time to have a new Bronco!
  5. I agree, I could have softened up the edges just a bit. I didn't notice until it was way too late.
  6. I was shocked at how much of the weathering disappears depending on lighting. The colors are out of whack due to camera exposure.
  7. I tried that, turns out the cat is much faster and much more of a biter than I am, so I settled for stretched sprue.
  8. I Started this almost two years ago and it was going well until the resident feline decided to jump on top of it, ....twice. Lucky for me I don't clean off my desk very often and 18 months later, all the parts were found and repaired, to the best of my ability. I decided to try my hand at weathering a model for the first time. I've done minor weathering before but this was meant to be an effort to make it noticeable to others, and then my lack of photography skill seems to have bleached out most of it. Anyway I hope it is worthy of this site.
  9. Wow! Tamiya may have provided the basis for a good model but you took it the rest of the way into the goal! Excellent work!
  10. I have had a great experience with the Do215 the canopy fit is superb and overall the kit is quite enjoyable to assemble. I would recommend the Revel Germany release as it included the 20mm gondola whilst the original ICM release did not. Not sure if the later ICM release was updated. Here is mine approaching the painting phase with paper seat belts added to an out of the box interior. The teardrop shape on the lower cockpit window is from removing the fairing for the bomber version in the window. I'm pretty sure the Revell release fixed this as well.
  11. https://tailspintopics.blogspot.com/2016/07/grumman-f8f-bearcat-windscreen.html https://tailspintopics.blogspot.com/2010/12/f8f-bearcat-1-vs-2.html A couple of sites that may also be helpful with your build. Love what you've done so far!
  12. Superb! You've achieved my goal of perfect Luftwaffe camouflage! Now I know it can be done, at least by someone other than me. How did you accomplish the paint chips? Mine always look like silver paint.
  13. Excellent! One of my favorite wing plan forms. .......Yes, I have a favorite wing plan form.I like the HSS, makes it look even more brutish, if that's possible.
  14. That sounds like suicide! What if you stopped in mid air from applying the brakes?! As a matter of fact I did get my education from Warner Bros. cartoons.........
  15. Wow! Lovely work there! I especially like the worn away paint on the back of the prop, an often overlooked feature on weathered aircraft.
  16. How I found my way back after being stuck on "advanced modeller syndrome" for years: I thought back to when modelling was the most fun with excitement and wonder for me. I decided to build a model as a 10 year old "me" would have. That meant tube glue, very limit Testors square bottle paints, 1 brush and no filler. It was decidedly liberating and fun! Here is the proof.......the hardest part was NOT using any techniques I learned as an adult.
  17. Where do you guy's keep finding model kits that have delicious looking food in them?! I keep checking mine and all I got was some crappy polystyrene and decals! I feel cheated!
  18. What an enjoyable topic! I would expect that the answers would depend on your age , where your from and which side of history your country of origin was on. WWI - Zeppelin WWII - P-40 Early Cold War - MiG 15 Late Cold War - F-4 Phantom/ F-15 eagle Latest Gen - F-22
  19. I agree, it does look rather anemic in both diameter and chord.
  20. Pacific Coast Models released a 1/32 Fw190 A-1 through A-3 http://mail.hyperscale.com/2018/reviews/kits/pcm32011reviewbg_1.htm If the picture above is the aircraft in question then it most likely an A-2 or A-3 as the A-4 had louvers replacing the cowl slots. Unless there was some cross over for very early -4s.
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