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  1. Everything but mainly Shadow for Desert Brown on the bottom (Sky & Black) and DAK wash for upper surfaces. Those centeres I wiped (like a dry brush) by Landing Gear wash. Below a few photos of painting bottom.
  2. New Tamiya set with a few resin and PE extras. Decals by Model Maker and MRP painst so simply, easy model that needs only half of year. Marking: 303 SQN Polish Air Force, beginning of 1941. Every comments are welcome.
  3. Two semptember news - P.11a & P.11g.
  4. It's simply Tamiya - no rivets lines, no 10 different version but every detal fits perfectly. I've bought second 109 kit for Royal Romanian A.F. markings. New tamiyas Spit I is so good as 109 is.
  5. JBZ

    Turkish Fw 190 A-3a

    I'm looking information about camo of Fw 190 in Turkish A.F. Some sources claim that were standard LW camo RLM 74/75/76 but according to others (for example Tiger Head Decals) RLM71/02/65. In in the end od service 190 received own camo - by RAF Dark Earth/Dark Green/Azure or all green (US Olive Drab?). Every helps are welcome - eduards kits is waiting.
  6. I bought Hataka C293 FS25550 for my IAR.
  7. Very, very old post but I just found very interesting fictitious art work of finnish PZL.37. Completing information about export plans: - China - offer for sale used PZL.37A/Abis in 1938, - Bulgaria - version with italian FIAT A.74 engines, - Greece - 12 to 24 planes with GR-14N engine, order was cancelled in 1939, - Iran - 12 planes, - Switzerland - very initial interests, - Egipt - 1 or 2 planes as a gift of polish goverment.
  8. Markings by SBS decals Stencils by HGW wet transfer.
  9. Just, yesterday finished excellent tamiyas Bf 109G-6 in colours of finnish HleLv 34 during the summer 1944.
  10. Ready for mat fin(n)ish.
  11. How about common forgotten P-38 Ligtning?
  12. Gloss coat, decals & idea wings camo.
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