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  1. Seeing this makes me want to pick up and read my Craig Thomas books again. It amuses me in some ways that the main character of many of Thomas’s books, Kenneth Aubrey, only has a bit part in the Firefox book. I wish they’d made more of his books into films, All The Grey Cats, The Bears Tears, Firefox Down, Winterhawk etc would have been great to see translated to the big screen. Anyway, if this kit was 1/48 I’d be all over it.
  2. If it’s of any help, I got a response by emailing info@sincerehobby.com - it is on the site but the Contact Us form tends to be easier to locate, so if you’ve not tried that email it is worth giving a go. Good luck and hope all turns out well in the end.
  3. A quick public information broadcast for the attention of those who have orders with Sincere Hobby and are concerned as to the status of the order. I emailed them over the weekend and received a reply today - my order should be shipped tomorrow, tracking to follow. There was a slight mix up though, as the email mentioned that I was entitled to the free weapons upgrade but I needed to be charged postage which would come to the equivalent of an extra £42 (I assumed for three sets, one for each F-14 on order)... However, it transpires that I was not on the first pre-order list and therefore not entitled to the free weapons sets (to be honest, I did not think I was anyway, I pre-ordered in August last year when AMK announced that the release should be by the end of last year). Anyway, kits should be on the way to me shortly, at which point given my amazingly ability to mash things together I'll probably end up with a build that looks like a crashed F-15...
  4. So looking forward to this kit. Grosvenor House is one of my favourite aircraft to see fly.
  5. Technically I have now ordered nine... one hobby shop I ordered three from has ceased trading, the second order I placed with Sincere Hobby is not listed in the My Account section of their website, so I’m not 100% certain that will be honoured, so I’ve ordered three from the Big H. Still, loving the build updates and looking at the instructions just make me look forward to starting one. Let’s hope at least one lands!
  6. I already have 17 1/48 scale F-14’s in the collection, and that’s before the 3 AMK F-14D’s I have on order land. This is what us F-14 addicts go through, and even with these unassembled squadrons it is apparent that compared to some, my Tomcat addiction can be considered “mild”. Personally, as long as the shape is accurate enough and the shape issues do not render the aircraft unrecognisable that will be enough for me. 99.9% of the folks that look at my completed efforts will not be able to recognise the inaccuracies anyway, for me the build experience is far more important. What I do hope for though is that AMK looks hard at the lessons that need to be learnt in getting this kit to market. Sincere Hobby has had my order for so long that it no longer appears on their system, so I’ll be seeking AMK’s input should that order not be honoured. This is after the original company I placed an order and deposit with in Belgium went out of business. That’s my story, but doubtless there will be others similar. For me, the lessons for AMK are; 1) More effective communication, especially when people have paid money up front for the goods 2) Targeting and sticking to realistic release dates. A month to several months slippage I think most modellers could understand, but when a product is a couple of years late to market, especially given that the modelling community helped fund this project, is less excusable. 3) As mentioned above, there are going to be people who are out of pocket because of the time taken getting the kit to market, as evidenced here and in other places, this has caused AMK considerable repetitional damage. What is AMK willing to do to help if folks have proof that they have purchased these kits, but vendors are not sending the goods? Perhaps a more tenuous point, but I think AMK should step in and mediate here should this become an issue.
  7. I've been using an Eclipse as one of my main brushes for the last four years now. I also have the Iwata Hi-Line and HP brushes too and have owned numerous H&S brushes. It's difficult to go wrong with an Eclipse.
  8. Oh come on, be honest with people... You have obviously found an example of the real thing and managed, through the cunning use of science and proton beams and whatever managed to shrink it down... That for me is the test, is a subject so well rendered that you have difficulty distinguishing the scale, be it 1/35 or 1/1. Excellent work, work like this is something for the likes of me to aspire to.
  9. Two just crash landed in my front garden (sorry, could not resist...), but I've had a quick look inside the box and I like what I see. OK, more stencils would have been nice to at least provide a choice, but I'm sure the end result will be something that will leave me more than happy. I want to start build right away, but find myself wanting an Eduard interior etch set to add more life to the cockpit, something that I am sure will be on the market soon enough.
  10. March

    F-14 Tomcat advice.

    Thanks for links. @CT7567 That link has indeed Ben saved and has proven to be invaluable in progressing my build. @Robert Lucio is ahead of me with the modelling skills displayed in that thread! Shame we don’t get to see the build progress to its conclusion. I really enjoy those builds where the modeller adds another dimension to the build, especially with some of the solutions being employed here. One simple thing in can add. The radome to cockpit join was one that was giving me some concerns, especially as there are no pins to aid alignment. Thankfully the solution was simple. Because the back of the cockpit where it joins the fuselage is completely flat, I was able to stand this upright on a flat surface. Carefully align the radome, glue and leave. I’ve got a solid join with a near perfect fit.
  11. I have somehow ended up with six Tamiya F-14’s in my stash, so naturally when it came to my next build naturally I pulled out the 1/48 F-14A Hasegawa that has been languishing in my stash for several years... I think deep down, before getting to the Tamiya version I want to have built examples by the other main manufacturers too, I’ve already completed a Hobby Boss F-14D and an Academy F-14A, and guess I just want to suffer before getting to the joy the Tamiya interpretation of this fine aircraft. I digress... I’ve read through various build threads and am aware that the Hasegawa kit presents humours challenges which with a considered approach and patience can be overcome to produce a fine representation of this fine aircraft. I’ve done some test fitting and intend to take my time with this build, thankfully this kit appears to be a later mould so the intakes should not give the problems the first couple of boxings presented as modellers with, the biggest challenge I see is in getting a clean mating between the main fuselage and cockpit sections as there are no locating pins or tabs to aid you. With this in mind, for those who have built the kit, how have you approached this step of the build and what advice would can you impart to make this step as trouble free as possible? I’m hoping to build this into one of the birds involved in the 1981 Sidra incident.
  12. Totally agree with the sentiment here, I'm one of those now on the fence. Initially I put in a pre-order with a small deposit with a company that has since ceased trading, and when it was announced a while back that the release of the kit was imminent, put in an order with a well known company based in Hong Kong, for which the order appears to have disappeared off their systems. Now, whilst I could be a couple of hundred quid out of pocket if that order is not honoured, either way it will certainly make me think twice in future. I've had real life health events that have enabled me to put the non delivery of boxes of plastic into perspective (thankfully I am now slowly getting better), and that I'm in a fortunate position financially to allow for a certain element of risk when ordering. However, it will unfortunately make me think twice when it comes to AMK in future, and I say that as a firm advocate for the quality of their products.
  13. Drat, I’ve got two in the stash. I’m going to need a bigger house!
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