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  1. When asked the scale on Facebook they responded confirming 1/48. Fingers crossed. :)
  2. ModelCollect are doing both A-12's in 1/48 - the Oxcart version (which was announced on their Facebook page) and the US Navy prototype that is no relation to the Blackbird family other than in designation. There have been no updates as to the status of the project for a while though.
  3. Thank you all for the positive comments - this is the first time I've showcased a finished model here on BM for my peers, it was not without a certain element of trepidation given the high and inspiring standards on display. One piece of advice I would offer is when build the AMK version, have the Tamiya paint and decal 'poster' to hand. It came in very handy as a reference for this build as even the AMK colour drawings leave a lot to be desired when it comes to delineation between different colours. I've wrestled with the Kinetic instructions for the F-16 and the F/A-
  4. AMK finally released their long anticipated F-14D late last year to the sounds of various adjectives such as "yay", "Hurrah!", "Finally" and sentences such as "not sure about that rear end mate...". Having an affinity towards the F-14 - (I am after all a child of the 80's, I watched Top Gun and went "Phwoar" whenever the Tomcat or Kelly McGillis were on screen. Thankfully they rarely appear together - I digress), I seem to have accumulated a number of boxings from various manufacturers and having wrestled with the Academy, Hobby Boss and Hasegawa offerings (with Tamiya versions in the stash),
  5. If you squint hard having drunk 10 strong beers whilst looking through the fabric of 2020's must have fashion accessory, a face mask, he actually starts to look a teensy bit like Kelly Johnson.
  6. Sounds like our airbrush journeys have been pretty similar. I started out using H&S brushes, but having bought an Iwata Hi-Line I've ended up investing reasonably heavily in their range - I currently have two Custom Micron's (a CM-C2 Plus and a CM-C2) and a couple of Hi-Line and an Eclipse which I use as an all rounder. A lot is made of how tricky Iwata's are to clean and that is true, the crown caps are tiny and easy to lose should you drop one, however what I found that with the Iwata's I have ended up spending less time having to strip them down and cleaning them compared with the Infin
  7. I’ll tag along for this one. FWIW, I’ll be coming face to face with the M21 in real life this August as I’m heading out to Seattle to visit a dear friend who used to be heavily involved in the aviation industry. His company also built the stands and recreated the rail the D21 sits on on the M21 airframe as part of getting the airframe ready for exhibiting at the Museum of Flight. He’s crawled all over that bird and sat in the pilots seat. Envy is not the word...
  8. Modelcollect announced in 2018 that a 1/48 A-12 Oxcart was in the works, as well as the A-12 Avenger (totally different aircraft). There has however been little in the way of updates on the project recently though. A-12 Oxcart
  9. Seeing this makes me want to pick up and read my Craig Thomas books again. It amuses me in some ways that the main character of many of Thomas’s books, Kenneth Aubrey, only has a bit part in the Firefox book. I wish they’d made more of his books into films, All The Grey Cats, The Bears Tears, Firefox Down, Winterhawk etc would have been great to see translated to the big screen. Anyway, if this kit was 1/48 I’d be all over it.
  10. If it’s of any help, I got a response by emailing info@sincerehobby.com - it is on the site but the Contact Us form tends to be easier to locate, so if you’ve not tried that email it is worth giving a go. Good luck and hope all turns out well in the end.
  11. A quick public information broadcast for the attention of those who have orders with Sincere Hobby and are concerned as to the status of the order. I emailed them over the weekend and received a reply today - my order should be shipped tomorrow, tracking to follow. There was a slight mix up though, as the email mentioned that I was entitled to the free weapons upgrade but I needed to be charged postage which would come to the equivalent of an extra £42 (I assumed for three sets, one for each F-14 on order)... However, it transpires that I was not on the first pre-order list and th
  12. So looking forward to this kit. Grosvenor House is one of my favourite aircraft to see fly.
  13. Technically I have now ordered nine... one hobby shop I ordered three from has ceased trading, the second order I placed with Sincere Hobby is not listed in the My Account section of their website, so I’m not 100% certain that will be honoured, so I’ve ordered three from the Big H. Still, loving the build updates and looking at the instructions just make me look forward to starting one. Let’s hope at least one lands!
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