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  1. Well, this looks hideous*. Which is exactly the reason why I want one! *Subject matter, not the kit.
  2. I'm a big fan of the late, great, Christopher Hitchins, and he was fond of saying "what can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence". That statement certainly applies to the "3 million fraudulent voters" claim. Many of the news outlets that ran that story, when challenged to demonstrate facts to back the story up, could not. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/three-million-votes-in-presidential-election-cast-by-illegal-aliens/ Mike - apologies if I've breached forum rules here.
  3. Hopefully now that the D is more or less ready, A & B versions will be reasonably fast follow on's. *Clears honking great space on stash shelf in anticipation*... *In fact, scrap that, orders new racking especially...*.
  4. If the quality of the Kitty Hawk supplied Su-35 decals are anything to go by, a set of these will be an absolute necessity for the Su-34 (as are the Begemot Su-35 decals for the ummm, erm, Su-35).
  5. Slightly. Ever so slightly... This with the Airfix Hunter are the two main kits for me this year.
  6. It looks completely un-inflatable....
  7. I’ve too have had issues with these products, as described above, before the heat wave kicked in.
  8. Oooh! I've got one on order and I'm just finishing up my build of the KH Su-35S, the main fuselage and wing assembly for the Su-34 is identical to the Su-35. If my experience is anything to go by, as long as care is taken attaching the wings, there should be little trouble. The tail fins gave me the most issues, and even then they were not that problematic.
  9. By way of a very quick overview of my UMP one, the things that I appreciate about it are the wide bottomed colour cup which makes cleaning easier, I've found mine to be well made, decent quality parts and spare parts (via the UMP website) are easy to obtain and at reasonable costs. The reversible nozzle cap for fine work is also a nice touch. I personally would like the option of the adjustable handle (which the Mig has) and a better colour cup lid. I've used mine for all sorts of work, from priming, painting, fine painting and lacquering. I'm mainly using it for acrylics these days. In use, I've had no major issues. I've got several Iwata (Eclipse, High Performance-CS & Hi-Line and H&S (Ultra and Infinity) brushes too, and I'd take this over the similarly priced H&S. By way of disclaimer, my favourite brushes tend to be the Iwata's.
  10. I do believe (although I could be wrong), that this is the same airbrush that UMP Retail also sell branded as their own. It comes without the adjustable flow control handle though. If so, I've got one. It's a decent brush.
  11. Nice review. I’ve also got this kit - as well as, erm, the other Recon ones ICM and Revell have done. I’m keen to get one started so I can display it with my AMK MiG-31 that I finished last year. I know what you mean about the box lid. I used the 7 hours coverage of the Royal Wedding the other weekend as an opportunity to make sure I was away from the moron box and make a start prizing it off... One thing I noticed about the artwork compared to other releases, if so inclined (and if you can preserve it in the removal process), the main box art is not impeded by any writing, so after build you could cut it square and mount it.
  12. Apologies for not completing this. I’ve only just picked up work on the model again this past week. Without going into too much detail, the last 5 weeks of 2017 were on a personal level, some of the most challenging I’ve faced, I even managed to break my leg just before Christmas, which actually provided some respite (it at least gave me something else to worry about).
  13. I think as a rule, anyone contemplating building one of these can only do so with a tube of humbrol poly cement, no liquid poly. If you are going to relive yesteryear, then bring the pain in full! For what it’s worth, I’m really looking forward to these. Now, where did I put that tube of poly cement?!
  14. It's darn impressive. They seem to have managed to find a whole new level of detail even when compared to their MiG-31. If it builds as well at the MiG-31 then this will be a stonking kit. Well, I have every reason to hope it is, I somehow pre-ordered three...
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