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  1. No, but if you want nice and clear glass, you have to make it yourself. Set glass is terrible, even polishing doesn't help much because of internal distortions. Thank you all for the positive reviews of the model.
  2. Only the F8 code is a decal from the set, the rest of the markings are painted.
  3. I'm done with the radar. Initially, the front of the antenna was from the set, finally I removed it and made a new one from scratch. This makes the antenna more like the original. I also installed the antenna base and did the missing cables. In the future it will look like this.
  4. A little update. I have finished the next elements of the radar antenna. I added a few elements to the base of the antenna, while all the electronics behind the antenna were made from scratch. This is the component given by the kit manufacturer. And this one built by me, the whole consists of 72 parts.
  5. Thank you very much. Ok, here's the next step. The electronics bay is ready. I also sharpened the edges of the air intake. At the moment, Tomcat looks like this.
  6. This weakness is visible in the photos, but on the ladder there is a brush made of the same materials as the real brush.
  7. Thank you all for the kind words. Especially because it is my first mini diorama.
  8. The idea came to my mind to make a Hurricane model showing the plane in the process of being serviced and painting the fuselage stripes. The scene shows the moment when the work on the plane was stopped because it was five o'clock and it was time for afternoon tea. Model made straight out of the box. These photos inspired me.
  9. A little update. I added a few wires on the antenna wall. I opened another bay above the engine air intake. I am in the process of furnishing it.
  10. Model built during family, Christmas gluing. Together with my daughters, we made the Yak-1b project and together (each of them) glued Yaks. For my girls (8 and 10 years old) this is the second self-glued and painted model. At the same time, it is their first such complicated model (number and size of parts). Although Yak from Army is very well made, I had to help the girls a bit when gluing the landing gear. It was very difficult for them to glue such small elements and keep the geometry as such. Building models together for the family was great fun. All Yak together. Models of my daughters. And mine.
  11. I also. I must disappoint you, I am an ordinary person. I believe anyone can do such things. All it takes is a little patience and training. You discovered my secret.
  12. Thanks, I'm trying to keep to the target level. I started working on the radar. I have already prepared all the basic elements. The next stage is details. I started with the antenna. first version failed. The second version is acceptable. Below are photos showing step by step how it was created. This is how the rear of the antenna looks compared to the set antenna.
  13. Not very well, but luckily I can still see well up close. Thanks for the nice comments. I did not expect so many likes and comments in response to such a small model. You encouraged me to build something on this scale again sometime. Thank you again.
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