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  1. Thank you all. A small thing, but it makes me happy. I adjusted the sun visor and made a new holder that is mounted on it. An electronics box is attached to the handle. GWH made this part very simplified so I built it from scratch.
  2. After many attempts, I was able to make the instrument panel. Looking for the best way to make this element, I made a few prototypes. Most of them turned out to be unsuccessful. Only the use of adhesive tape turned out to be a bull's eye. Below are some photos of the board and the stages of its construction.
  3. Thanks Zorglub Yes. I can't work without good photo documentation. I only build elements and bays for which I have good photos. If I want to do something but I don't have documentation or there are many doubts, I try not to do it. I always try to recreate reality on a smaller scale. I count cables, pipes, buttons, etc. The primary source for me is Daco Publication and photos from a friend, he is crazy about the F-14 and has thousands of photos.
  4. Time for the crew cabin, I start in the back. The instrument panels in the model are perfectly made, only a little bit of cables, air conditioning pipes and other elements are missing. Some elements seemed too massive to me, so I made new ones. While making a cabin, I had to work on the frame of the cabin cover at the same time. This is the result of the work so far.
  5. Thanks I use two types of wire. The first is lead wire from the fishing store, diameter starts from 0.2mm. The second type comes from electronic scrap, these are copper wires. The thinnest (0.05 mm) can be found in the cables of cheap headphones. I use Tamiya Extra Thin Cement Quick Setting and cheap cyanoacrylate glue. If you want you can visit this place. I often show the construction of elements step by step. Thanks.
  6. Thanks a lot guys. I have assembled the upper part of the landing gear. I drilled a hole in the lamp and added new glazing. I added the necessary cables to the landing gear. I opened another bay in front of the fuselage. Then I made all the elements that are there. After painting, it's time to assemble.
  7. It's time for another update. Thank you to everyone for the positive reaction to what I'm showing. The front landing gear bay is now ready. In the photos I will show the stages of its implementation.
  8. Hi. I presenr Hurricane Mk IIc, LF331/WC-G, "Target For Tonight", 309 Fighter-Reconnaissance Squadron Polish Air Force, Peterhead, April-Octpber 1944. Nice watch.
  9. Another update. I corrected the shape of the landing gear bay. I add additional elements to the landing gear bay. To be continued.
  10. Hellow, I did some details and equipment for the bay. I started making the landing gear bay. What I have done will be corrected because I made the bay ceiling flat and it is not.
  11. Thanks guys. Today it is time to show the next work on the model. First, the ammunition bay. Crew ladder hatch and ladder. Refueling point. And another bay.
  12. Hello everyone, to my first topic in this section. I decided to show my first workshop here. I'm currently building the F-14. I was hoping that this model would be perfect and I would make it without any modifications. Unfortunately, it has some flaws on the surface so I have to add a few scratches. I bought a gun barrel set from Master and resin seats for the model. Up to this point, I had made a hatch with electronics, a gun hatch and a gun.
  13. The first look is very positive. When I started building this model, I thought I would make it quickly. After the first adjustments, the hope for quick and easy construction lowered me.
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