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  1. Hello everyone, to my first topic in this section. I decided to show my first workshop here. I'm currently building the F-14. I was hoping that this model would be perfect and I would make it without any modifications. Unfortunately, it has some flaws on the surface so I have to add a few scratches. I bought a gun barrel set from Master and resin seats for the model. Up to this point, I had made a hatch with electronics, a gun hatch and a gun.
  2. The first look is very positive. When I started building this model, I thought I would make it quickly. After the first adjustments, the hope for quick and easy construction lowered me.
  3. Hello, I present the model of the training transport aircraft Aero C-3A. The model is made of the Special Hobby set. In the box, the model looks very good, great interior details, very nice surface of the fuselage and wings. During construction, it turns out that the model in many places is underdeveloped and gluing it becomes very problematic. This applies above all to glazing, wings and engines. And one more thing, it's best to use CA glue for gluing. The whole construction process can be seen here. Nice watch. A few photos from the building process.
  4. Hello, I present my latest model. This is one of the latest sets from Arma Hobby. The model is very simple in construction, although it contains many small and precise details. The model shows the aircraft Yak-1b No.13, 2 squadron, Polish 1 Fighter Aviation Regiment "Warsaw", sgt. Patryk O`brian, "Operation Berlin", 1945.
  5. If you want to see more details about the model's construction, please visit this website.
  6. Good job. I agree with you too, this is the most beautiful airliner ever.
  7. Thank you all. I am very surprised that you liked my model so much. I really didn't expect so many positive reactions.
  8. Very cool. I love this plane. I also built this model from this set but I changed a few things there. This is my Beagle.
  9. The fuselage, wings and other elements are made well and fold rather easily. They have several damages but they can be easily removed. The crew cabin is nice. Glass is a nightmare. Glass front fuselage is deformed, almost nothing they can not see, in one place is quite thick and thin at the bottom so that it crumbles when cleaning. Polishing did little, the transparency improved but the view through it is still deformed. In addition, the front glass does not fit, it is narrower, to the fuselage.
  10. This time I present the He-177 A-5 model captured by the English and French resistance. The aircraft was equipped with French markings during the flight to England. A little more information from Wingleader Magazine. "RAF Air Intelligence had been aware that the main location for the repair and servicing of He177s was at the airfield of Toulouse-Blagnac in the south of France. As soon as practicable after the invasion of France a plan was put in place to ‘capture’ a He177 and fly it to Farnborough. Troops parachuted into the Toulouse area on 17th August 1944, as the regio
  11. Hello, I present the recently completed Polish PZL P11c fighter model. The model stuck together very nicely, is simple to build and well designed. I just chose this painting because the pilot who flew this plane was born and learned to fly near the place where I live. More information about the history of the pilot and aircraft here.
  12. Thank you all for positive reactions and comments. Very interesting story, now I know where the Great Bear has come from. A very good idea, I have to think about it I think it can be the same girl. You are right Tadeusz died three years before the end of communism in Poland.
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