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  1. Dear Britmodellers I am very interested in producing a few RAF Harvard types and would be very grateful of any advice or instruction that anyone could provide me with. I have pondered the internet and know that there are a few differences between early Harvard types and the Texans that are commercially available. The Academy kit seems a good place to start for the MK II but presumably not the fabric bodied earlier model. Any help as to where to start or reference material available would be gratefully accepted. Regards Jim
  2. Lovely result Adrian. Hard to believe it is the old Frog. The Airfix cowlings make such a difference. Regards Jim
  3. Excellent Adrian. It took me back to those old articles in the Airfix magazine of the '70s. However the end result and pictures are much more 'state of the art' than was achieved way back then! A real pleasure. Regards Jim
  4. Adrian That's fantastic! Thank you so much. I have thoroughly enjoyed this build from start to finish. Hopefully the parts will make me take the plunge and actually make something from my Beaufort collection. I will PM you shortly. Regards Jim
  5. Absolutely stunning Adrian. I am so pleased to finally see her together after all this time.
  6. Happy New Year Adrian! This is quite possibly my favourite wip ever and I loved the Beaufighter interlude too! Now you are approaching the finish line I can't wait to see the results. Didn't I read somewhere that Airfix have got an announcement planned for tomorrow? Regards Jim
  7. Yes 1/72 and it looks very accurate (Only a tenner!). I am scared silly of vacuforms but compared to what you have tackled with this project Adrian 'challenging' is hardly appropriate! I
  8. Hi Adrian So glad you are back on this topic as I am really looking forward to seeing it completed. Whilst at Telford I managed to find a Bristol Beaufort vacuform by Gerald J. Elliot which I didn't even know existed. I have added this to the stash of Frog, HiPlane and Special Hobby Beaufort in my collection. I was looking to your completion to actually pick one up and start building before Airfix bring one out! Keep up the excellent work! Regards Jim
  9. Really incredible. It's a great kit but you have taken it too another level. Congratulations. Regards Jim
  10. Fantastic! I really enjoyed your build and the finish is superb. Thanks for sharing. Regards Jim
  11. Hi Adrian I'm so glad you have got to this and not consigned the kit to the 'shelf of doom'! I am really looking forward to seeing it finished. Regards Jim
  12. That's great news Jan. Thanks to you and all of you for your very helpful suggestions. Regards Jim
  13. Thanks Steve that's a place to start. Regards Jim
  14. Dear All I am looking for any after market decals available for the above and was wondering if anyone could please point me in the right direction. WW1 is right out of my comfort zone so any help would be appreciated. Regards Jim
  15. If you ever wish to part with your other Beaufort and any spare vac items Adrian I would give you a good price (Or swap)! Are you using the Beaufort undercart or modifying the FROG? Regards Jim
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