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  1. If you ever wish to part with your other Beaufort and any spare vac items Adrian I would give you a good price (Or swap)! Are you using the Beaufort undercart or modifying the FROG? Regards Jim
  2. Really inspired Adrian. I hope I can do my kits the same kind of justice as you are with yours. Are you planning a 'wheels up' Beaufort? Regards Jim
  3. Brilliant work Adrian. I am learning a lot. May I ask what glue do you use to attach the balsa to the plasticard? Regards Jim
  4. That's look excellent Adrian. I'm looking forward to the next thrilling instalment! Regards Jim
  5. Welcome back Adrian, I am watching you every move in this project and kept checking my settings while you were away to make sure I was 'following'. I'm looking forward to you moulding the canopy. Regards Jim
  6. That fuselage looks completely transformed Adrian. I could never work out how I would attempt to correct it but now I know! Thanks for sharing. Regards Jim
  7. You certainly made the old girl step up to the mark. I built one of my MPM Blenheim 1s recently and was pleasantly surprised how right it looked standing next to the new Airfix. They seem to have got the wings and cowlings spot on. I really hope your Beaufort comes up to you usual standard as it will hopefully give me the courage to start mine. It does look rather daunting! Regards Jim
  8. Sound advice Adrian. I do have examples of both Hiplanes and Special Hobby in my stash but I didn't want to waste the two Frog kits I have. I also seem to have a similar (masochistic?) streak to the one that made you build the old Airfix Blenheim IV (To an excellent standard I may say). Regards Jim
  9. Hi Adrian I have been watching avidly as I have two of these in my stash and was looking for a way of using them to their best advantage. This looks ideal. Please be as descriptive with the conversion as you always are and keep the pictures coming. I would gladly by the book if you chose to publish ! Fabulous build as always. Regards Jim
  10. When you first started posting your work on Britmodeller Fuad I felt that you had reached such a high standard that you would find it hard to improve but it seems that you have taken yourself even further away from my own abilities! That is truly stunning and the element of realism in your finish is now second to none. If someone had told me this was the 1/48 AMT model I would have just assumed you had very large hands! Thanks for sharing. Regards Jim
  11. JimHead23

    Airfix 1/72 F-51D (RNZAF P-51D)

    Absolutely stunning!
  12. Beautiful work on a beautiful kit. However, I'm pretty sure that 'Black Rufe' carried type 'B' roundels on the wings and not 'C1'.. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Hi Stew Really nice choice and I am glad you are trying to build 'out of the box' as the amount of aftermarket for the kit is mind boggling and so expensive. I haven't seen one built up to a high standard without aftermarket for a while so yours will be a benchmark. However, I know you are aware of Gunthwaite Miniatures and some of these would add so much to the build I am sure you would agree? Having seen your pilot figure painting skills I am sure that a few of these strategically placed around the decks would take the eye off any simplification in the build. Watching with interest as always. Regards Jim
  14. JimHead23

    MPM Blenheim IV

    I always enjoy your builds Adrian and loved the previous Blenheims. This will give you the complete set won't it? What scheme are you going for? Regards Jim
  15. JimHead23

    HMS Jamaica 1/350 scratch built

    Absolutely beautiful work. I am totally in awe of the quality that you show here. I would like to have a go at something like this but don't have the skills at this stage. Any chance of a work in progress next time? I would find that very helpful indeed. Thanks for sharing. Regards Jim