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  1. Ooh very nice, Just got a book on Excalibur III, That would be a nice build one day.
  2. Been working on Dooleybird last couple of days. The freight Dog Mk IVa conversion arrived a couple of days ago. Nose was cut off from under the Airfix P51D and the new nose CAed into place. This left a few gaps that needed filling, I suspect it was my poor accuracy in hacking off the Airfix nose that was to blame rather than the Freight dog part. CA and zip kicker followed by sanding then repeat to blend and get the profile back. I'm now happy with the shape but I've lost some scribe lines so will need to put them back before putting the fasteners back in. Still more work to do there on that bit. Moving further aft the seam line for the oil cooler is a bit in accessible so I addressed that with a slither of 5thou plasticard still to be sanded, small task but at least I feel I got somewhere with it. And wheels painted too. Then today this arrived all the way from Australia many thanks to Rabbit Leader, Its the decal sheet from the old Airfix P51B Hun Hunter Texas. So this means I can have a 3rd Academy P51B on the go now making 4 P-51s for this GB So I got to start that build as well. All happy today in the CT aircraft factory.
  3. Also the alternative carburettor intake is not painted white and the name seem to be in white not yellow as in the Academy decal. Im still thinking about how to correct that bit.
  4. Going well. I See you doing 'Down for double' I Have this in the stash. I Might put the Decals on an Airfix new tool one day. Anyway here's Down for double in flight CT
  5. Very nice. Have 2 of these on the go at the moment and might be 3rd one to join my build soon too
  6. Still blending joins and scribing panel lines back in. Last post of the year contained these 2 goodies A very good wealth of diagrams and information. While ive been rescribing the usual panel lines back across the centre line ive also been putting the cowling fasteners back in that been sanded away. The Merlin engined Mustangs upper cowl has a split along the centre so Ive tried to recreate this but need to get 30 or so screws all lined up neatly. So heres the plan..... First some measuring up to make a template guide. Both Acadamy and Airfix kits match up for size in this area so just need one template. Next is to decide where the screws will be and do a bit of drawing. The long horizontal line represents the centre line of the cowl. The other two lines represent the line of screws on either side. The vertical lines mark where each screw will be. With me? No? Read on then. From this i printed four of the templates onto some clear inkjet decal film and made a decal in the normal way. While thats drying I scribed the centre line onto the Airfix Guinea pig with 3M tape as a guide. Next is apply the decaled template guide You see the plan coming together now? Ive removed the centre black line from the decal as made things too cluttered and I can use the scribed line to line the two remaining black lines centrally either side. Next was to go along with a sewing machine needle in a pin vice pushing a mark in plastic for each screw. Once each screw is marked I removed the decal to reveal the fastening screws I could call things complete at this stage but i decided go a stage further and deepen each one with a 0.25mm drill bit. In this pic I'm partway through so you can see the difference between the indentations and the drilled ones. And this one complete One down two to go. CT
  7. All looking good. Great to meet you a Telford too. I think the Germans might be out numbered with that little lot. Happy new year.
  8. Very nice. Did I see that Dolphin at Telford?
  9. Seconded. Very light sanding 1200 grade or higher. Take your time. Mask with white tac. Then very lightly air brush and build up the layers. Might take a few hours. But will worth it and as always it will add to the skill bank . Its all a learning process.
  10. Airfix 1:72 Gnat Xtracolor paints S&M Decals Hasegawa 1:72 F20 Tigershark Humbrol enamel Kit decals Airfix 1:72 BF109E MRP paints Eurodecals sheet Airfix 1:72 Spitfire Mk1a MRP paints Kit decals Might build some more next year Happy new year all CT
  11. This is going to be good to see what cam be made of this old kit
  12. A lovely range of airbrush ready lacquer paints https://mrpaint.sk
  13. Looking very good. As said impressive work. Managed to bag one of those on Ebay last night. Apologies to whoever I out bid.
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