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Found 115 results

  1. This is the Military Aviation Museum's de Havilland Mosquito Mk26 tucks in it's gear. Virginia Beach, VA 2015.
  2. Hi all, I'm curious. I have acquired a LF Models decal set for a Dominican Mosquito. It states it as being a FB.6. However, all the pictures I can find show these machines as having 4-blade props. As far as I know - not an expert remember - the FB.6 had 3-blade props, didn't it? Whats the story and if I want to convert my decal sheet to a built model what is the best kit and how do I get it to being the 4-blade version? Thanks. Martin
  3. Heat shields on Mosquito exhausts?

    In the picture above is a Mosquito FB Mk.VI operated by the French airforces from their base at Rabat-Salé (Morocco) and in the picture below an aircraft in Indochina, I think: There seems to be a heat shield fitted behind the 'siamesed' exhaust for cylinders 5 & 6. Does anybody have any more info on this?
  4. Hi everyone My next build will be the Tamiya FB Mk.VI.....wish me luck! Pictures to follow shortly. Cheers Iain
  5. Dear fellow Britmodellers, here's my 1/72 Hasegawa Mosquito Mk.XIII "Night Fighter" from 29. Squadron, 1945. Released as a "Limited Edition" boxing this summer, the kit contains resin parts for the wing tanks and nose. I added True Details wheels, but forgot to add the White "T" decal for the nose ... sorry. Painted with acrylics from the Gunze/Mr.Hobby range. Photos by Wolfgang Rabel of IGM Cars & Bikes. Greetings from Vienna!
  6. *** MOSQUITO HELP !!! ***

    Ok i need some serious help here from mosquito experts ! I am fone painting my Tamiya Mk.VI in the Two tone Camouflage. I am doing the Banff Strike wing and was about to start decals. Im noticing that none of the 3 options in the kits decals wore underside Roundels ? Is that correct ? Did Mossies not carry underside Roundels ? Or is this a case of Tamiya making a mistake ? I will do the rest of the markings as i have them and hold off until i get an answer from anyone here at Britmodeller. I will also start perusing google and my other sources. Thank you in advance Dennis If the Moderators could move this it would be appreciated ** Yes i just realised this is in the interwar category. In my haste to get this posted i hit the wrong category. I didnt catch until after it was posted.
  7. Need help with my Mosquito

    Help !!! I need a bit of help with my Mossie. The problem im having is the area directly behind where the Radiators are located on the lower wing. Tamiya has you glue a vent cover over the area so that its mostly closed. Probably correct for a parked aircraft (not sure as im not a Mossie expert). My problem is the area located under the louver door is still visible. Is it painted the same as the rest of the underwing in the medium grey ? In they interior Grey/green ? Or would it be left a bare metal ? The instructions don't say which. Any help you can give me is as always greatly appreciated. And in case anyone is curious ive opted for the "Banff Strike Wing" markings of #143 squadron. I needed to shelve my RN FG.1 & RAF F.3 Lightnings for the moment as im out of the Proper colors to paint both. So i started the Mossie.
  8. Mosquito FB.VI Left Engine (632092 for Tamiya) 1:32 Eduard Brassin Before you start you will need some lengths of wire of 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.8mm and 1mm diameters to be able to do this set justice, so pick up either some lead fly-tying wire from an angling shop, or florist's wire and follow the instructions carefully. There are 21 steps in all, beginning with the cylinder heads and blocks with their electrical connections to the spark plugs, followed by the supercharger and ancillary equipment that sits on one end of the engine. The engine's crankcase is then built up with its own ancillary equipment, and the piston banks are added into keyed recesses, as are the supercharger to the rear and the reduction gear housing at the front. Between the two banks of 6 pistons form a V-shape at the top of the engine, and the supercharger feed-tubes run along the space between them feeding the engine with lots of compressed air, along with another bank of spark-plugs (2 per cylinder in total), which are fed by PE wires. With main engine construction completed, attention turns toward mountings and connections to the rest of the airframe. This begins with the engine bearings being constructed along with some additional equipment that is attached now for ease. The cowlings need a little preparation to remove the casting flash across the exhaust ports on the engine sides, which are simple to cut free and are marked in red on the instructions. These are added to the sides of the engine, a bulkhead is built up from a number of parts, additional wiring, hoses and equipment are added all around, including a curved reservoir around the reduction housing, and the propeller shaft is installed at the business end of the engine with a couple of PE parts and another resin part finishing off that area. The lower cowling is then constructed with the chin intake and a PE mesh preventing FOD ingress. The corresponding intake is attached to the underside of the engine, and various additional coolant hoses, actuator rods, wires and the automatic fire extinguisher are glued in place while the engine is inverted. The exhausts are supplied as two types, with the two rear stubs conjoined on the inboard bank of pistons, and an optional surround that slips over the stubs before they are attached to the block. More wire is added, as is the disc in front of the reduction gear, additional struts forming part of the engine bearers, more hoses etc. Then you get to do it all again with the other engine, with some of the parts mirrored, but many identical to the opposite side, as the basic engines were the same. Conclusion This is an amazing engine set that will certainly do the wonderful Tamiya Mossie a service. The detail included is some of the best I've seen and when assembled and carefully painted it will look superb. Naturally much care and patience will be required to get the best results, but it'll be worth it. It will look stunning whether fitted to the model or on a stand on it's own. Review sample courtesy of
  9. Hello All, I "finished" this just in time for the DH mega group build after a five day blitz build. It had a scratch built cockpit, Falcon replacement canopy, boxed in wheel wells and some other details added, and I had to brush paint the squadron codes on the last day because I messed up the decals! My first Mosquito since building the Airfix 1958 mould over 50 years ago! A week later, it's now "done done" with weathering, touchups, final details etc etc. Here it is, warts and all: Thanks for looking, Adrian
  10. The old 1957 Airfix series 2 1/72 scale Mosquito FBVI, as far as Mosquito kits go I think this is the origin of the species. Probably one of the most inaccurate kits ever produced by Airfix, having said that this kit still has a lot of appeal to me. The thing I like about this kit is that it looks like a piece of trench art, it's shape is like what you might see in an amateur wartime sketch or in a Commando comic book. This kit also holds great nostalgic value, I built two back in my childhood and I can remember most of my friends back then having built one also. Compared to today's kits and even the current early seventies Airfix Mosquito this kit is very clearly a load of rubbish. The shape of it is all wrong, just look at the canopy, guns, nose, the list goes on, the parts fit together terribly and it has moped wheels and rockets without warheads. The instructions even on later 1980's releases of the kit still quote sky as the underside colour, out of nostalgia I was actually going to paint the undersides sky but the fuselage code letters would not have showed against it. The 1960's and 70's box art, note the artist has the undersides painted in sky. The later very dry 1980's box art, the model maker here has taken it upon himself to contradict the painting instructions and paint the undersides grey. The parts, in particular I bring your attention to the wheels. I wanted a nostalgia build but felt fitting these stupid wheels would be going a bit to far, so built it wheels up mounted on the stand. It looks like this Mosquito has Hispano canons instead of Browning 303s. The model has a very unique flying boat nose. . I miss the old Airfix stands. After 60 years it stills looks like it means business.
  11. I started this build two or three days ago but have been having a few log in problems. Hope it is not to late to join this group build, I don't think this kit will be a contender anyway. The original 1957 Airfix series 2 Mosquito FB VI. A kit we probably all built back in the day, I remember getting my first one of these from the Brixham branch of Woolworths back in the late seventies together with a can of Lager and Lime Topdeck pop when I was about 10. I shall be building the kit as neatly as possible but without replacing any of it's original parts so as to maintain it's charm. The kit is entirely inaccurate so there is absolutely no point in making any changes to it. The actual kit box top from the eighties. The original box top we all remember. The parts. Note the wheels! An earlier build of this kit the got melted by the sun, to save on time I shall be robbing parts from it to use on this build. There are not many parts to this kit, here I have glued it together and filled in some gaps. The nose is a particularly bad fit. And now with a layer or three of Halfords rattle can primer. I have opted for grey undersides rather than the sky as suggested in the instructions. A darker shade of grey was then added to the upper surfaces before masking and spraying with dark green. The model now has its character hispano canon sized 303 machine guns. The scrap canopy from the melted model has been touched up and the pilots are painted. The model shall be completed wheels up as the kit wheels are so downright nasty that I refuse to use them. Rocket rails are added but not the rockets as they are just rubbish.
  12. Well I couldn't let this GB go without building a DH. And I haven't built a Mosquito since the first series 2 release with the button wheels in the 1960s. So I'm in. I have until Friday night cos I'm going to Brum on Saturday morning. Here we go... The parts: Decals. The yellow is out of register but I may try to stick the two better halves of the roundels together - if it doesn't work I have an Xtradecal sheet: Box in the wheel wells: Cut out the footwell: cut away the front of the wing box and its tab. There is still enough to hold the wing securely and it actually makes it easier to fit: Sand down the boilerplate. Built by furniture makers and steam train manufacturers: Spot of filler: New wing box: The wonders of plastic card: Humbrol acrylics: Where I got to: I haven't stuck the nacelles on because the Molins fairing is going to get a lot of sanding tomorrow. And the propellers turn but don't blow round 😟. Thanks for looking, Adrian
  13. My models are not in the same league as some of the incredible builds on this forum. However, in my view, one of the principal obstacles to plastic modelling is the amount of time and effort it requires. That is one reason why I used the undocumented quick build option for this model. That is, I built it in flying mode with wheels up, crew hatch and weapons bays closed, and with homemade transparent discs instead of propeller blades. That is either the crime of the century or a deft move, depending on your viewpoint. A couple more photos and description:on this page on my web site: Wooden wûnder
  14. RAAF Mosquito FB VI, Airfix 1/72. I had a bit of a play with this one by replacing and altering the kits raised detail.
  15. It's to my shame that it's taken me so long, but we are now very pleased to announce that we have, exclusive to Sovereign Hobbies, a healthy supply of 2 stage engine nacelle resin conversion sets for your 1/48 scale Tamiya de Havilland Mosquito kits by Pangolin Models (JasonC, as you may know him). https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/1-48/products/pangolin-two-stage-mosquito-nacelles-1-48 Everything is now ready except for the little cardboard folder-over thingimabobs with the label to go on the packaging, which we'll have ready within a week. These are available to order now and dispatches will begin by the 9th June 2017. These sets are professionally cast in high quality resin, and come complete with separate cast resin 6-stack exhausts and optional photo etched brass grilles evident on the sides of some carburettor intakes. They are designed to be simple to fit and to remove the anxiety in cutting up perfectly good injection moulded kits by utilising existing panel lines on the Tamiya kit parts to locate the straight saw cuts.
  16. How exciting it is for me to submit my first build to Britmodeller. Apart from introducing myself last night this is my first submission. Oh my goodness, I'm putting one of my works in the public domain for inspection. Please be kind to me, but be honest as well. If you think it's bad then say so, I've got my hanky out in case. I'll try and be a man and take it on the chin. As they say, if it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger. I have built several kits over the years but I wouldn't say I'm a prolific builder, I build about four aircraft or AFV every year of scales 1/72, 1/48, 1/35 or 1/32. My latest build is Revell's 1/48 scale De Havilland Mosquito B Mk. IV. Kit no. 04555-0389. Since I returned to modelling about 25 years ago when I was 26 years old, I have tried to improve my knowledge and skills in the hobby. Of course, the hobby does not stand still as manufacturers have continued to turn out ever more impressive kits in recent years, and techniques and skills on how to model them, especially simulating certain effects and weathering that are on the real things, continue to develop and move apace. I have always tried to pick up on some of these ways from here and there and apply them to my models but with my Mosquito build I took this a stage further by following an article in Military Aircraft Monthly on building the very same kit. My inspiration came from Tony O'Toole's article in MAM February 2010 called 'Malta's Maritime Mossies'. Tony's modelled a silver coloured Mossi with the Royal Navy in post-war Malta. Due to the fact I couldn't obtain some of the aftermarket items he mentions I wasn't able to copy to a tee what he's made, but otherwise I followed everything else. I think it's a good idea to follow a build that's been published in a magazine or on the Internet by an experienced modeller as it gives confidence to lesser developed modellers that they are following a good path. Although I've heard other experienced modellers say there often is no right or wrong way in this hobby and instead it's a matter of preference and finding out what works best for you. My build was going smoothly but, wary of what I was reading in the article, I dreaded coming up to the undercarriage as the author had issued warnings about its frailty. I didn't help myself when I failed to follow the sequence in the instructions when I glued both halves of the main wheel wells together before inserting the u/c legs. The instructions show clearly in stage 45 that the u/c is attached to the wheel well floor before gluing the two nacelle halves together. As a result I couldn't apply pressure to the legs to make them stick in the holes in the wheel well floor. Due to this the u/c was weak and wobbly. I tore them off, they broke, and I had no spare u/c. I had no choice but to change plan and model the Mossie with its u/c closed. What a pity because I was looking forward to the icing on the cake of gluing the entry ladder to the hatch as my very last work before finishing the model. As is common with all kits pretty much these days, Revell did not supply a display stand to model it in flying mode. I used a Tamiya silver rattle can to paint the main colour as per MAM article. As with some previous projects, I've failed to get washes to stay in the recesses to give a more 3-d effect and show weathering. I first tried water paint thinned down, let it stay for about 10 minutes, then used a damp cloth to wipe it off the surfaces and leave it only in the recesses. When this didn't work I tried the same with thinned Humbrol oil paint, with more failure. I couldn't get the wash to sit in the recesses but it adhered too well to the surfaces. With this my silver bird lost much of its shine. Whilst I'm trying to represent a working military aircraft that isn't likely to remain looking as good as knew after several uses, the oil paint was not dirtying my model though in a way that looked realistic. Instead it was leaving stains and blotches that didn't imitate anything that would be on the real thing. So I carefully rubbed this off as best as I could without rubbing off the decals. I didn't manage to avoid this entirely but luckily I had spare decals. Another problem I got was that the stains from the exhaust on the side of the engine nacelles is over done. Tony O'Toole used MIG pigments powder and advises not to over do it as less is more. I don't have MIG pigments but I have Humbrol weathering powder which I was guessing is similar. I am happier with the stains on the top wings as they are lighter in tone and I used my finger to smudge the powder (with a drop of thinner) and draw it in the direction of the airflow. I'd already done the sides of the nacelles and when these were over done I was unable to undo it. Despite using Future floor polish to try and make my clear parts as transparent as possible I think the result is disappointing. I also found some of the clear parts were a poor fit. [I'M GOING TO HAVE TO LEAVE IT FOR NOW AS I CAN'T FIND HOW TO LOAD MY PHOTOS FROM MY INHOUSE PICTURES FILE. WHEN I CLICK ON THE TAB 'INSERT OTHER MEDIA' THE CHOICES ARE 'INSERT EXISTING ATTACHMENTS' or 'INSERT IMAGE FROM URL', AND NONE OF THESE SEEMS TO WORK TO GET TO MY PICTURES. MAYBE THERE ARE INSTRUCTIONS SOMEWHERE ON BRITMODELLER TELLING HOW TO DO IT BUT I DON'T HAVE THE TIME NOW TO GO LOOKING, IT'S ALMOST TIME FOR MY BED]. I'LL RETURN SOON.
  17. May be biting off more than I can chew, but Im in building this Airfix version along side the Tamiya. Got if via E Bay, so no decals, only kit and instructions. So I will use the Mosquito set I got below. Kit very basic, some fit issues, but hopefully I can get something out of it..... Cockpit comparison Exhaust/engine comparison Both builds will use a combination Xtradecal 617 Sqn, Xtradecal Mosquito and Baracuda stencil decals Hmmmmm.....schemes.....choices, choices....any preferences?
  18. The old 1/72 Airfix Mosquito built in the NF MkII option. A fun old kit to build with lots of scope to add your own bits and bobs as you like. Other than a few home brewed parts the model was built out the box. I just added a basic rear cockpit, radio wire, wing tip lights and wing mounted radar receivers, a bit of time was also spent on the kits raised detail.
  19. Well the box from a well known online retailer arrived today and it makes me want to start right away!!! In any case I'm starting my thread in preparation. Very familiar box: Sprues: Extras: What you see here from the top are a brass fret with 3 bladed propblurs and a resin pilot from PJ Productions, with a second one underneath. I'll compare these with the ones that come with the kit and see which I prefer. Then on the second row, Montex masks and and Eduard Zoom cockpit set, finally the Coastal Command Decals. Can't wait to start but I really need to finish the 1:32 Hurricane IIc diorama first...
  20. Torpedo!

    Me two torpedo carrying insects are finally here! First, the Mosquito FB6 The RAF wanted a variant of the Mosquito capable of carrying a torpedo in the interim before the Brigand came into service, despite the Mosquito having less range. As it happened, the war ended and so did the requirement. The Brigands entered service but then the RAF got out of the maritime strike game and they all got rebuilt as bombers. Hasegawa Mosquito FB6 that was gifted to me as a complete build. I removed the nose guns and replaced them with an ASH radar nose and then sprayed her as a Banff strike wing aircraft. The torpedo came from the new tool Airfix Beaufighter - originally I was going to use a Hasegawa one from their Beau - and the large 200 gal underwing tanks are from Paragon. They don't fit particularly well given that they are intended for the Tamiya Mosquito which is a far superior kit to the Hasegawa one. The latter's wing leading edge seems too thick and blunt, amongst other shortcomings. The MBT decal (Kits at War Mosquito/Beaufighter set) is two part and didn't settle well, hence some silvering. It's been sitting on The Shelf of DOOM!!! for a good six years, decalled and varnished, gathering dust and largely getting in the way, so it was high time I got it done and out of the way. And now, a relative of a more whiffy kind. The Sea Hornet TF23, 809 Sqn, HMS Eagle, circa 1949. Skybirds 86 Hornet F3 kit, again with an Airfix torpedo and Magna underwing tanks. This had come originally with no white metal and cost me a fiver. It actually DID have white metal in with the kit. For a Brigand... Again, this had been sitting on The Shelf of DOOM!!! for a similar length of time, but had only progressed as far as primer. Out with the Xtracrylics, quick spray and we're good to go. Only real bugbears were the u/c doors which didn't want to fit properly unless the front actuators were removed and the canopy, which needed a quick trim along the starboard base and then it was an almost perfect fit, apart from a little gap under the front shield. Decals are a mixture of Airfix roundels and Skybirds Sea Hornet NF21 codes - I just used a spare set. No tail code as 809's NF21's on Eagle didn't have them - checked the photos! Went with black spinners to be awkwards and added the sharkmouth for colour, nicked from a spare set of Eduard Spitfire VIII decals. Well happy with the latter, the former less so but relieved to have another two finished and out of the way. Not a torpedo fighter, but maritime strike related, is this Buckmaster T.1, which is a work in progress. Magna kit, similar build vintage as the first two. Needs the canopy framing redone, due to issues with the masking coming off. The real issue that's held it up is the u/c, which is a relative nightmare to assemble and the kit wheels are best described as buttons carved by a blind man from soap. I did assembled and cast a set of Valom Brigand wheels, but these are way too thin as Christer has found during his Brigand build. I may just nick another set from a Valom kit and widen them with some plastic card. Watch this space... Photos: Rob Sullivan
  21. Managed to pick up a Mozzie for half price at ScotsNats yesterday so I can finally throw my hat in to the ring. Hardly original but been wanting to do one so now was as good a time as any, plus it was a good chance to make my GB debut. Multiple birds and all that. Box, sprues etc... Due to various constraints of real life and what-not it'll be an OOB job. Tempted to go with the NF.Mk II as something different from the standard scheme on the Mk.XVIII option, and I've cried enough doing a couple of NMF birds recently to put me off trying the Aussie Mk.IV option. Let's go...
  22. Just finished my entry to the De Havilland mega build. It is a De Havilland Mosquito B Mk IV 'Highball' aircraft. The Highball was a bouncing bomb which was to be used against shipping but was never implemented. Cheers Mick
  23. Hello lads and gentlemen. Im going to build a 1:48 mosquito by tamiya, it will be good to have you along. I started this on the 29th march 2017 (you can check the picture dates) but have only just got around to uploading! Heres a photo of the kit and a couple of items I've acquired, Aries wheel bays. Decals Not sure which one to go for I've ruled out the silver one though . The green/grey F*EG is just a classic mosquito. The night fighter green grey black will be a good exercise in painting black (never done before...) And the Banff strike wing just look cool with all them rockets!!! Let me know what you guys think i should go for! I've also got a little bit of work start, Thanks for looking more to follow soon (: Joss
  24. source: czech forum A.R. from Special Hobby confirmed Mosquito project publicly announced some time ago is in progress and people from AZ/KP know it. The next battle in the war.
  25. AZ model is to release a new tool family of 1/72nd de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito. Among others the NF.30 variant. Source: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235010228-kpaz-central-discussion-questions-answers/&do=findComment&comment=2686107 First announcement was made with a NF.19 picture V.P.