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  1. Hi Libor This is a fantastic rendition of this fine aircraft and his pilot. A bout Pierre Le Gloan I can add he became ace in a day after shooting down 4 FIAT CR.42 and 1 BR.20 above The Riviera on 15th June 1940. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pierre_Le_Gloan Patrick
  2. Hi The decals were easy to put on especially on Alclad paint. I had just one surprise with the starboard fuselage star which had a bad reaction with Micro Sol. Patrick
  3. Thank you. I cannot compare because I have'nt even seen the Mach 2 kit. Valom kits are iregular in quality. I built Devastator, Hampden, RF-101C and Brigand. The best one was the Brigand. Patrick
  4. Thank you. I can say Plus : finely engraved panel lines, good level of details in the cockpit with nice metal sheet, transparencies are very clear and easy to mask with tape, nice opportunity to make a neglected aircraft of the Cold War era. Minus : very thick trailling edges, bent fin so I had to insert at its base 1mm plastic card on one side, same insert for one wing to get something symetrical, the upper canopy does not join the fuselage shape, I had to transform the rear part to get something close to the real turret but I did not find a good picture of it. So this is definetly not a kit for beginners but for enthusiasts. Even if this build will be published in a magazine I did buy the kit in Modelbrno last year. Actually this is modelling and my next project will be easier. Patrick
  5. Hello Here is my most recent build with this 1/72 North American B-45A from Valom. This aircraft was from the 86th Bomb Squadron / 47th Bombardment Wing in 1954 at Sculthorpe RAF Station. The transfers came from a Caracal Models sheet and were very satisfactory. This kit is not for beginners and honestly one is enough. In the end the product is correct and will be published next month in the French magazine "Avion de combat". Patrick
  6. Hi She's very nice and thank you for sharing her. This recce bird is the forerunner of the RF-84F in the Armée de l'air, and deserves this nice kit of yours. Patrick
  7. Hi I made the nose as usual gluing both parts and filling them with leads. I cut the Pitot as I would replace it with a brass Master one. Patrick
  8. Thank you Rémi. Ther is no proof of the simultaneity of the shark mouth and the flare dispenser at the bottom of the fin, but neither the contrary, so I chose to let them. Patrick
  9. Hi Just a couple of answers above On the upper side I used A : Gunze H318 & B : Tamiya X-9 (10 parts) and X-1 (4 parts). On the under side it was Alclad Duralumin. Patrick
  10. Thank you Thomas. On the upper side I used A : Gunze H318 & B : Tamiya X-9 (10 parts) and X-1 (4 parts). On the under side it was Alclad Duralumin. Patrick
  11. Hi Here is my new finished kit with this reconnaissance fighter Dassault Mirage F1 CR from Special Hobby. This one is N°603 #33-NR of Escadron de Reconnaissance ER02.033 in 1988 in Chad. The shark mouth was added before going back to Reims AB, France. The vanilla/chocolate camouflage is typical of the Chad operations during the 1980s. She was loaded with two 1200 L fuel tanks, two Magic air-to-air missiles, a Phimat chaff dispenser under the starboard wing and a Barracuda ECM pod under the port wing. Patrick
  12. Next one will be nicer, I am sure. Patrick
  13. Hello I can only say this is not so easy around the engines. Patrick http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234956460-172-rs-models-lockheed-p-38g/