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  1. Hello Here is a little progress on my Delta. I glued and made flush all the passenger transparencies. The Spannish Delta is special with a wider access door so I had to cut the central windows and replace them with a piece of plexiglass in order to make the new window. In this particular airplane there were six windows on the port side instead of seven for the other Delta I. The TWA Delta is more standard (just two of them) with seven windows on each side. And finally I prepared both wings. To be continued... Patrick
  2. The one with the big fin? Patrick
  3. Hello Some work on my Delta. First I glued the transparencies a little bit ouside the fuselage with super thin glue. Next I sanded these transparencies to be flush with the fuselage. The fuselage engraved lines must be restored. And now here are the engines with on the left hand the Delta 1C Pratt & Whitney Hornet and on the right hand the Delta 1A Wright Cyclone. To be continued... Patrick
  4. Thank you for this video. Patrick
  5. Hello Here is my next project with the build of a couple of Northrop Delta 1. These are brand new kits made by Azur FRROM in 1/72. So far there are two boxes with civilian versions to build either : Delta 1A TWA, Delta 1B Aerovias Centrales, Delta 1C A. B. Aerotransport. And the Over Spain box to build the delta 1C under Republican colours or after the civil war. Here are the runners. Here is the instruction sheet to engrave the right shape of the Delta 1C passenger door. I am going to build first the Delta 1A when TWA flew her as a fast mail delivery transport aircraft. For that reason I suppose the passenger seats were discarded to save weight. The second kit is the Delta 1C EC-AGC in 1938/39 when flown by Republican Spannish AF as a VIP transport plane. To be continued... Patrick
  6. Bravo Tony ! Always interesting. Patrick
  7. Hello Yes I did. For that purpose I replied some of them with wider clear plastic and made a mask before painting. On the down side you can see the small round glass of the fuselage side door a little hollow. It is because I had over sanded this area. Patrick
  8. Hi Tony Yours is cute in her wedding dress. I have also in the stash a Digby but she will be camouflaged. Patrick
  9. Hi Somewhere in my basement there is an Academy B-17B waiting for motivation. Patrick
  10. Hi I like her very much and I love the colours. I built twelve years ago a Fokker D XXI in the same period and colours. Thank you for sharing this build. Patrick
  11. Humbrol 15 Midnight blue is the closest in theit range. Patrick
  12. Hello If you want I can give you more in progress pictures. The natural metal finish I used was Alclad Duraluminium. Patrick
  13. Hi This is really a very interesting subject and I built one last year in French Navy guise. Patrick
  14. Thank you very much. Patrick
  15. Actually the canopy parts are not glued. It's easier to travel with. Patrick