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  1. Tupolev Tu-22KDP Blinder

    Hi Here is a build a would be very interested to follow. I am waiting a little to buy one of these kits. Patrick
  2. This is really fantastic and just weathered enough. Patrick.
  3. Hi Tony This is a very nice kit as usual but also a very interesting history. Thank you for sharing this. Patrick
  4. Inside a Northrop Gamma 2E

    Thank you for your advice. I hesitated between light grey and aluminium when looking to a picture of a Chinese Gamma without the engine in a hangar. Patrick.
  5. Caproni 310

    Thank you Jean. I have some of these kits close to my bench. Patrick
  6. Caproni 310

    Hi Jean This is very nice and not in your usual scale. Did you paint the green on sand or on the other way? Patrick
  7. Hi This is very nice and I am looking forward to reading the next issue of AdC. I have already seen some pages. Patrick
  8. Hello I like her very much and we can feel the weathering conditions in Indochina. Thank you for sharing. Patrick
  9. Inside a Northrop Gamma 2E

    Hello As my Northrop Deltas are nearing completion I would like to start the 1/72 Northrop Gamma 2E in Chinese guise from the same brand, Azur FRROM. I am dubbious about the colour inside the cockpit as the instruction sheet says "Interior Green". In 1935 it is a little early I think. So if there is somebody here with an idea of the possible colour I would be delighted. Patrick
  10. My next build here after the Deltas. Patrick
  11. 1/72 Sword Fiat G.55

    Hi Roman. I brought one box from Brno as well, but not soon to be built. Yours is really fantastic. I like very much the grey scheme. Cheers. Patrick.
  12. Hi Chris This is a recent kit from Special Hobby SH72292 with the dedicated resin exhaust along the fuselage. Patrick
  13. Thank you Mike. I have in mind natural metal a USAAC A-17A and a Peruvian DB 8 ... and a blue/yellow USAAC A-17. So there are plenty of them. I used EZ line stretching wire for the antenna. Patrick
  14. Hi More pictures. Evene if this not thr RFI this is not so far. Patrick
  15. Hi Here is my last build with this Special Hobby Northrop Nomad. This is one of the long family of all metal aircraft designed by Jack Northrop and known as A-17 or DB 8. I chose to build this SAAF trainer of the 42nd Air School based at South End, Port Elisabeth, South Africa in 1941. Thanks to Tonyot who gave me a picture of her I could add the gun stubs and the Venturi. Sadly I made a beginner fault with some super thin glue in front of the canopy thus the white layer at the junction with the fuselage. Anyway it was a fun build and there are many other DB 8 in my stash to build other exotic roundels. About roundels I have to say that those with white are really too thin and to compensate I used twice of them. Actually when visiting Special Hobby factory last month I asked a new decal sheet and they kindly gave me one. It could be easy to make a white undercoat before putting the decals. Patrick