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  1. Hi Roman This is very nice and I like this big bomber. Are you sure about the RLM70 you used which looks like a mid-green instead of the usual Schwarzgrün as on the propeller blades. Cheers. Patrick
  2. Hi Libor Another well done kit and I am waiting for this one too. Cheers. Patrick
  3. For other members who do not know French Air Force we were talking about the technical apprentice school we both attended when we were younger. It is a school similar to that which used to be at RAF Cosford last Century. Patrick
  4. Hi This is really fantastic. Thank you for sharing. Patrick
  5. Bonjour, Merci et oui avec l'insigne du haut au siècle dernier. Patrick
  6. Thank you Actually I made a black pre shade on the lines but no wash as this a prototype. Patrick
  7. Thank you Laurent. Maybe we’ll meet at Tinqueux show next month. Patrick
  8. Thank you. I can agree for the F-20 and the F-16XL as they did fly but the F-19 is too spurious. Patrick
  9. Hi This is a very. nice result. Yes this kit is not the same quality as other Special Hobby current production but is an old one. It was the same case for my recent Meteor T. 7. Patrick
  10. Hello This is very nice and this camouflage is quite unusual. As you said it was long to get this result. Cheers.
  11. Hello François A picture is better than a long speech : The rigging is made from 0,08mm fishing wire and painted in silver. Patrick
  12. Hello Here is my prototype Dassault Mirage 4000 built in 1/72 from a Modelsvit kit. This one is not so easy than their last Mirage IIIB but at least I have finished it. This Mirage 4000 was as seen in 1987 with fake AA missiles under the wings and camouflaged to tease Middle Eastern rich countries. In the end this one stayed a one off partly because France did not buy any. But the design was useful for the next Dassault project : Rafale. The build is here : https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235096406-modelsvit-dassault-mirage-4000-172/ Patrick
  13. Hi Roman This is very nice and you are lucky enough to get one as this is not the case in France... Cheers. Patrick
  14. Hello This is a very nice build and it will be useful. Patrick
  15. Most interesting subject. Patrick
  16. Thank you Jason Operation Mousquetaire / Musketeer is very interesting as it was exceptional that British and French armed forces worked so closely in one thousand years Patrick
  17. Thank you Justin and your advice for the canopy happened at the right time to modified the frames. Patrick
  18. Thank you very much to all of you. This Meteor is very eyecatching in those colours and I have many more Meteor in different versions and colours to come. Patrick
  19. Hello Some progresses with the decals on and the finished missiles, remember that those missiles were fake for the Paris Air Show : To be continued... Patrick
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