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  1. Brilliant job on this. How did you find the checkerboard decals, was the fit ok?
  2. As others have said above this is a simply stunning Nigel and if love to know what weathering techniques you used
  3. If you had a pound for everyone who looks at this and assumes it was spray painted you could probably get yourself that next seafire! Fantastic
  4. You are seriously inspiring me for my own near future mosquito build. Wow great work
  5. I like your theory about the shadow. It explains why i can't see the camo upperside on the fuselage even though I can see the demarcation on the nose. Haha I should really have mentioned where I got this copy of the photo! I'm convinced the code is unrelated to the plane; this Chinese blog was the only place on the internet which hosts a copy of this picture which I've seen in a book. As has been said the plane is not a night fighter and has all the features of a PR Mk. IV - glass nose, early engines without the extra intake, camera arrangement, flush bomb bay. Question: does anybody else notice the colour of the spinners? A new shade? A tad darker, perhaps red, dark blue or green? And does anybody have any thoughts about the bomb bay fuel tank?
  6. Hi both. Thanks for the swift reply. I'm not sure about the code on the photo. The code is absent from the book, where mosquito is labelled as a PR Mk. IV and Bowman points out the features of that variant on the photo. I found that copy of the photo, with the code, online, on a Chinese website! I only posted that copy as it was already online.
  7. Hello all, I've been researching the Mosquito PR Mk. IV because I have the 1/48 Revell B Mk.IV kit, which includes parts for the PR Mk. IV. I've got a copy of Martin Bowman's excellent "Mosquito Photo-Reconnaissance Units of World War II". In the book he reports that PR Mk IVs had a fuel tank fitted in the bomb bay. He provides a photo of a similar bomb bay fuel tank in a PR Mk. I but that aircraft's bomb bay is bulged out from the fuselage so it wouldn't be comparable. Question 1: Does anybody know what the bomb bay fuel tank in the Mosquito PR Mk. IV looked like? If possible I'd like to scratch build one and display the bomb bay open! Onto the topic of markings. I've found two schemes, shown in the spoiler. Both have two-colour roundels on the fuselage. However, Bowman's book includes the following photo - where we can see a PR Mk. IV with a 4 colour roundel on the fuselage. I imagine this plane is wraparound PRU blue... Question 2: Does anybody know anything about this photo and the markings (codes etc.) or squadron of the aircraft in it? thanks!
  8. I will have to dig out a fantastic old photo be great grandad took of this beast in Iraq. I've always wanted to model it, but even better is to see somebody with your level of talent produce such a sublime model.. I am stunned
  9. What a stunning build. You are inspiring me to reach for my unbuilt F100 up on the shelf.
  10. Modelling is a great hobby whatever you build, but I can REALLY get behind a project like this. Your research and fantastic modelling bring a story to life which was previously unknown to me.
  11. Superb job on the wessex Ben, I've just got this kit in the post and want to do it in the sand/green camo scheme.
  12. Wow! Again, I also want to know how you have achieved the stunning finish. What a jaw dropper.
  13. This is looking spectacular. Thanks very much for your PM and email! Once again I really admire the crisp paint finish you have achieved so far.
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