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  1. DBMK are a new company with high quality principles, and they are setting out to create large very detailed kits. The design and print work has been delayed by the war in Ukraine as I understand, but I have every faith the kits will start to arrive if we are patient
  2. And a floatplane had appeared! Does anybody know where this is likely to be sold one it's released?
  3. This is effectively a totally new airframe when compared to the Airfix kit. I suspect many of us, myself included, will get both.
  4. I have really enjoyed reviewing the build so far! I would be tempted to do something similar myself. I certainly sympathise with the enforced hobby breaks - sometimes life just keeps you from the bench!
  5. I've researched these hurricanes for a commission customer and built a few. They're a ragtag bunch! You won't find any pattern to the mark or features installed. I do think they tend to have yellow wings but the various squadron codes make it hard to guess what an airframe looked like without a photo. Perhaps no guns as I can't see canvas patches but I bet this varied. Spinner is not consistent. Below you even see a Mk. X. These were the two airframes I modelled having found the best photos.
  6. I am interested in what the weapons bay carried on a COD4. Gannet Warpaint page 23 states: "The weapons bay was adapted to take panniers for stores or even a long-range fuel tank". I wonder if anybody knows what these fitments looked like? I cannot find any detail. Clearly it would be nice to include these in an open bay. One would expect the bay to be filled before external pods got added.
  7. I am excited about the prospect of a Wilga. Not sure what specific features make the kit look 'average' myself but given the lack of coverage to date I would take any new kit
  8. Truly a beautiful build and presentation. Lots of inspiration for me here.
  9. So there are now multiple Wilga kits forthcoming to the market. This will be interesting and very welcome!
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