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  1. Thanks chaps. More work to show! I have pinned and glued the lower wing. I was apprehensive about how the wings would mate together, but it turns out I needn't have been. Simply drilling and inserting a metal pin across each wing join, plus CA, has resulted in a smooth and solid join. The lowee wings have just been washed following a sanding down - I have used some Mr Surfacer to iron out some glitches from the sanding. The tail unit is coming together well. I have achieved most of the control and braving wires now. For these I anchor the fishing
  2. After a hiatus due to builds of a 1/32 Swordfish and 1/48 I am back on this project! Here is a shot of the floats. These went together nicely with a bead of CA. Apologies as I've taken a very dusty photo - this is the dust I've created by sanding down that CA joint. I'm spending some time working out how to model the struts for these floats. From the start I've believed this needs to be done with metal, especially as the resin parts are heavier than normal plastic. You'll see from the original photo that J9060 had an unconventional and complex arrangement of struts for
  3. Never seen this lovely aircraft before, tha KS for bringing it to light!
  4. This is likely to be excellent though I did just but the AZ Model kit, sadly for me!
  5. I honestly can't believe how well this kit turned out. I need to get cracking with mine!
  6. It is a lovely kit isn't it. I don't mind a bit of work; better than waiting for Eduard or somebody to release a kit of an interwar type. Need to make some progress on my own example!
  7. Good luck with this one! Mine is still very much half done. I had more trouble than I had anticipated with the fit of the engine pods.
  8. Ingenious solution to the engine Here is a plan I found from aeroplane monthly.
  9. Fantastic job weathering this lovely bird
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