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  1. I think the paint secret is long dry time between coats to ensure full cure without reactivating more. And a lot of practice!
  2. Inspiring stuff. I have one of these to start soon and I hope it comes out this well.
  3. Huge amount of fun at my first Telford. I got 5 kits and all much cheaper than online. I can see why people felt less bargains were about as most of the stands seemed to be selling new kits. Very impressed by Dora Wings' Venegance on display.
  4. Hi everyone, I am building the kinetic 1/48 E-2C with lots of aftermarket. I can't find any photo references in books or online which show the interior of the electronics bay on the port side - but I have got a lovely Black Dog resin piece for it. Does anybody have a photo of this area? I have plenty of the radar in the nose but don't know what colour to paint the electronics bay! Cheers
  5. This scheme is a little bit of a can of worms - Troy has linked the info already but in summary it seems like the aircraft is actually a monotone bosun blue scheme. The famous photo was taken whilst they were painting it, hence is appears with the tail in the original camouflage.
  6. That really is fantastic weathering. It's unusual to see such a realistic finish pulled off. Can I ask about your techniques?
  7. Thanks - that makes total sense. It's interesting that the rockets would not just bolt on as you might imagine when building a kit!
  8. Thanks for this. I hadn't realised that the landing light would need to be plated over. Do you know why this was?
  9. Hugely useful thread everyone. I am trying to understand whether a rocket equipped beaufighter would also carry wing machine guns. The bay for the wing MGs could also carry long range fuel tanks, or indeed nothing. I ask because the rocket mounting plate obscures the shell ejection chute holes and it looks like the gun holes in leading edge are filled in the few photos with rockets installed. I am not sure whether the outer fuel tanks would also be carried with rockets or if this loading would be too heavy. Any ideas?
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