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  1. Hi all, My son recently bought a second hand BMW Z4 (2006) soft top. I'm trying to find a kit of this car. Or a die cast model.
  2. We 'll see how the poll goes and both proposed GB's could do some kind of merge.
  3. The SEAC is WW-2 only. TRS is for anything Japanese But if I recall corectly.Mish said that all GB proposals that didn't make it this year are in the next poll for 2017
  4. I'm putting this theme back on top. It just missed enough votes to be in this year's GB's. Maybe next year ?
  5. Fused the upper and lower half . Added a primer. I'm still undecided on the color sheme...
  6. Building a 25 th scale kit isn't that much different than 35 th scale.Just bigger parts...
  7. Hi all, Joining in with this...
  8. Hi all, Finished the 1/24 th Monogram Rommel's Rod...
  9. The fit is perfect. Just a lot of small cockpit parts to my taste. The seat alone is 5 small parts. Otherwise a very good kit.
  10. More pictures in the gallery.
  11. 1/32 nd Revell (newest kit) as a gift to a 84 year old relative. I didn't add the codes as this is not important in this case.
  12. Hi all, Based on the 1/32 nd Italeri F-117. Brushpainted with Humbrol enamels.The underside is black. A full buildreport can be seen here...
  13. Maybe I should have explaned. This will be a gift to a 84 year old relative that wanted a Spitfire for a long time as he saw them fly during WW-2 . The colours don't have to be correct for this project. He just wants a 'nice-looking" Spitfire.