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  1. Welcome to the Jungle – RA-5C Vigilante

    Certainly got your work cut out with that Vigilante but your Sea Fury has been great so I am sure you will deliver the goods!!
  2. Tamiya 1/48 Brewster Buffalo.

    Good choice of kit and a really great old kit. Hardest part of this kit is the canopy but masking sets are available.
  3. Valentine Mk.II/IV (Tamiya, 1/35)

    Good result on the Valentine! I find it a bit of a quandary on how to do those link and length tracks and the best way of painting them.....
  4. No plans on rescribing! In fact I have never attempted rescribing!
  5. Picked these two kits up at Southern Expo on Saturday. Whilst quite common kits, they are in my preferred scale and within the timescale. Have plans for them both and got both for just over £15.00. I think the Spitfire is original boxing?
  6. Off to Southern Expo tomorrow. Hopefully find a suitable candidate for this group build!
  7. Vol 2 All the Spitfire questions here

    Wow. I knew the Academy kits were inaccurate but what a nightmare and a serious candidate for kitbashing. I think for now, I will leave this but thank you for your comprehensive answers to my questions.
  8. Vol 2 All the Spitfire questions here

    Oops sorry, yes I was looking at the Academy 1/48 scale kit. Thanks for your replies.
  9. Vol 2 All the Spitfire questions here

    The answer is probably amongst this vast resource of information but using the Academy Spitfire XIVE kit with its inaccuracies, what is the easiset route to an FR18 please?
  10. M4A2 'Charmer' *FINISHED 03/03/18*

    Great looking Sherman. Really looks the part.
  11. Academy 1/35th 17pdr Achilles

    You have done some very nice work on your Achilles. There is a lot of work involved with AFV modelling, far more than many aircraft subjects and therefore you can sometimes run out of time in these group builds, particulary when stuff like families work and illness get in the way of progress. Stick with it when you can! That pphoto of the M10 with add on armour is the only photo Ive seen with the armour kit in place.
  12. best online AFV modelling stores?

    Fields of Glory Models are very good for aftermarket resin items.
  13. Tamiya oldest 1/35 armour available?

    The exceptional thing about these old Tamiya kits is the way the mounds have stood the test of time. The finesse of some parts such as suspension and the tools may not be up to current standard but the fit remains exceptional and whilst a different subject, these kits in the early 70s must have blown Airfix Frog and their contemporaries away. I feel Airfix even now aren’t up to their standard. Tamiya are the best for ease of construction and detail as the best overall modelling experience.
  14. Mig Ammo One Shot primer

    Got some Mig Ammo One Shot Primer in grey, black and white this week through the post. I set up my old compressor and Badger Crescendo 175, gave the grey primer a thorough shake and straight into the cup of the AB and sprayed through at 20psi on some components of the Tamiya M10 that I am building for the M4 group build. No problems whatsoever. Laid down beautifully. Then go to put some down onto the Airfix Sea Fury that I am doing for the Hawker GB and it starts to swirl as if there is some contaminant on the plastic. Looks like I should have washed the sprues? (!) Or is Tamiya plastic still just better quality than Airfix?
  15. M10 Tank Destroyer Royal Artillery Italy 1944

    Finished off the hull this afternoon less the tools and bogies. Added the lights and guards, siren, lifting eyes and fuel caps. Making sure you add the drive sprockets before adding the lower skirts. The tracks can be threaded through the top of sprockets. I now need to concentrate on the interior of the turret. I’m not sure if it’ll be finished by the end of March but this GB has encouraged me to crack on with a kit. Thanks for looking. Grahame