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  1. M10 Tank Destroyer Royal Artillery Italy 1944

    Got some Halfords grey primer on the interior of the hull ready for some Humbrol 130 satin white. Was planning on using some Tamiya X2 but that was no good. I feel once the hull is all mated together I can crack on with the rest of the kit. Also assembled the 12 roadwheels. Photos soon.
  2. M10 Tank Destroyer Royal Artillery Italy 1944

    I’ve also ordered the new AK Interactive Real Color equivalent set in error but will go with this set for this build. Thanks for the comments.
  3. Finally made a start on my new Tamiya M10 Tank Destroyer. Will be completed as a Royal Artillery vehicle in Italy in 1944 using Bison decals that I have had knocking around a while. Will also be using the new Ammo by Mig Sherman Commonwealth acrylic paint set. Have assembled the back plate, differential cover and interior floor and sponson plates. Some photos are a bit grainy as light was starting to go.
  4. Easy 8 - Tamiya 1/35

    Thanks the clarification on the issue of "live" and "dead" tracks. I know of the principle of what you are saying. There are photos of Sherman tracks kind of in a roll laying on their sides. The fact that Allied armour whilst with less effective armour and guns, automotively they were superior and the tracks were one of the contributions towards the move across Europe.
  5. Good work on the M12. Looks great. I foolishly got rid of mine a while ago. I have no idea why.
  6. Easy 8 - Tamiya 1/35

    Just remember when using Fruilmodel tracks on a Sherman that they did say like a Panther or KV/JS. The Sherman series had live tracks so they kept under tension using the adjustable idler mount.
  7. Outstanding job on "Charmer" The choice of overall OD and added SCC.15 is spot on for this scheme. You have done well with this kit. Definately matt surface for the Archer Dry Transfers. Take a look at their website. Plenty of hints and tips on there for the use of their transfers.
  8. Great work on the Sherman, I like the way the stowage is coming along and the reluctance to use P/E. I am exactly the same!
  9. Nice neat job on that Sherman. Once the six bogies are assembled on these kits, it is petty plain sailing.
  10. Tamiya M4 in 1/35 scale.

    The Tamiya M4 is certainly a classic kit. Plenty of options but has upswept return roller arms from the A3 kit rather than the correct straight arm. However goes together a dream and well worth the money.
  11. http://www.archertransfers.com/AR35173pic.html Great subject, my favourite Sherman variant. Will watch with interest.
  12. TeeELL's RWY Sherman III

    Quite possibly! Certainly the cast differential cover became preferable as production went on. The bolted 3 piece was prone to twisting from the torque of steering the tank and was liable to shatter when hit by anti tank rounds. All later variants had the cast differential cover.
  13. TeeELL's RWY Sherman III

    There is a list on the Echelon set of decals of what Sherman III in the RWY had what drivers hoods and transmission covers. The vast majority of A2/MkIII`s has single cast transmission covers. The Sherman can be a nightmare working out what is what.
  14. 1/35 M4A2 76mm "Wet" Sherman

    Good photos of the A2 exhausts. Obviously in reality these would likely to be burnt rust rather than painted in OD here. A lot of A2`s also had an exhaust deflector.
  15. Sgt.Squarehead's 'Shermanicus Genericus'

    Id say that this a M4A1 early that has been upgraded with the added side armour on the hull with cheek armour on the right side of the turret. Obviusly being used for training due to the lack of tools, radio and external fittings. Good photo of the Dragon Wagon. The guys look civillain so maybe testing the M26.