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  1. This will look good alongside the Tamiya F-4B! Wings folded. Old school naval aviation.
  2. Having built the Bronco Comet kit when it first came out and making a reasonable job of it apart from the tracks, I welcome this kit from Tamiya.
  3. In the stash I have ADGZ Steyr, Skkfz 232 6 rad, M3 Scout Car, M8 Greyhound, M20 Scout Car, Staghound, Humber Scout Car, Daimler Dingo, and M3 Halftrack. Also a BRDM-2 and a Gaz Tiger.
  4. Having to calling it a day to with the M3 Grant CDL too.
  5. I may potentially go with a Royal Canadian Navy Hawker Sea Fury. There are several examples from 1952 on Fundekals sheet on the subject.
  6. Wonderful work on your M4 and figures, looks far bigger than it actually is. Well done.
  7. What kind of tracks are you after for Apache? Would be a shame for this project to stall at this stage?
  8. going to try and recover, keep plodding on. Your right. I should know better. Its mainly slap dash modelling on my part. Trying to get something finished before the end of the day.
  9. Well I haven`t added much to this build for a while so here it goes. I added the upper hull to the lower hull and all went fine until i tried to the part B19 in front of the main gun, well it doesn`t fit! I had to do some cutting and filing to get it to fit in place. Then some sanding. My own fault! Then had some filling to do when the upper hull meets the FDA bolt strip. I then added some rivets along the hull sponsons where the M3 Grant stowage boxes would have been, Placed a piece of Value Gear stowage to check for size. I then added the rear Verlinden stowage boxes on the rear of the hull and glued in place using Roket Hot superglue and disaster struck! A whole load of it run down the back plate. Again my carelessness! Bit of a mixed bag this week. A coat of paint has covered up the glue but it wasn`t ideal.
  10. Great piece of modelling and how you went about converting Tamiyas M4 into an A2 using Dragon parts. Been considering this route as well
  11. Would love one of those M4 (105)s. Used by the Poles and Kiwis in Italy!
  12. Yes I was surprised at how the exhausts looked! Obviously will be mostly hidden when the upper hull goes on, hopefully tomorrow.
  13. Sprayed the rear of the Grant with AK olive drab primer. Followed by Ammo 625 olive drab base, idlers in 626 and drybrushed with olive drab highlights. Old rust and mahogany on the exhausts with a light dusting of gun metal pigments. I can move crack on with the rest of the hull and turret. Like to thank @Scargsy for the decals. And the wedding is back on for next month! Thanks for looking
  14. Thank you for an impressive collection of work and sharing with us. I was surprised to see on your spreadsheet the use of raised arm return rollers albeit not than common! Downloaded and thank you. Grahame
  15. Nice work on this Takom CDL. I’m doing the much much older more basic Tamiya Grant with an old Verlinden conversion.
  16. I tested positive last Friday, 6 days before I was due to get married to my partner of 17 years. To say I was fed up was an understatement! Wednesday just gone, my partner tested positive too, so a good job our small wedding was postponed. Anyway, decided to put my Italeri M4A1 (76mm) on hold and make a start on this classic Tamiya M3 Grant with Verlinden M3 CDL conversion. I have had the conversion for years and some work has been done to it, mainly clean up etc. The Canal Defence Light tanks were used by the 79th Armoured Division to facilitate the night crossings of the Rivers Elbe and Rhine by Allied forces. So far I have assembled the lower hull and used spokes wheels from the Tamiya M4 kit and 2 from the M4A3 kit as the Grant kit wheels have incorrect amount of spokes. I have also applied Mr Surfacer to the final drive assembly. I will also be using the tracks from the Tamiya M4 kits as they are the same length as the incorrect Grant tracks. Progress so far.
  17. The road wheels are only push fitted on for the benefit of photos. I havent done any more to the Cromwell as am in the M4 GB too.
  18. Thanks Stix. I can see plenty of improvements that are needed. Amazing what a decent camera phone shows!
  19. Looks a good well moulded kit. Good work on those tracks.
  20. So managed to assemble the back M4A1 hull yesterday afternoon. The back plate had been sprayed with Humbrol 66 then was drybrushed with 155. Exhausts were painted in HU62 (i think) leather then drybrushed with Ammo Drybrushing paint "Chipping" then followed with some Ammo Oilbrusher Starship Filth before the top and bottom hulls were joined. Required some clamping and the one piece differential cover needed some trimming for a snug fit. Next up will be some hull assembly then the suspension. Thanks for looking.
  21. So have made a small amount of progress on the M4A1 76mm from Italeri. Have assembled the back plate along with the air cleaners, idler mounts, and towing hitch. I gave the inside of upper hull and rear plate an airbrushed coat of Humbrol 66. As always the camera never lies when it comes to workmanship! When the photo was taken the paint wasn`t completely dry. Also shown is the Halfords primered hull which was originally going to a test hull for painting and the turret which came in the 3 boxes of bits from my friend James years ago. Incidentally how you change title of build? Thanks for looking. Grahame
  22. Seen on social media that Humbrol are ceasing production of enamel paints? Not sure how true this is. Ive got about 200 tins of the stuff, so should be okay for a while providing the tins haven`t dried out....
  23. So have decided to do a M4A1 (76mm) as that was the original Italeri Sherman released in 1979 or so. The parts are quite soft and some details are missing. Some progress shots later today, hopefully.
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