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  1. A bargain Eduard Tempest just turned up from Amazon…. If I manage to get hold of a Typhoon (and assuming this GB gets through) then I could be in for a Typhoon, Tempest and Sea Fury
  2. That’s really nice - great finish on the camo in particular
  3. I bought heating oil last week at 69p per litre. That was already way higher than the 39p per litre I paid at the same time last year. Currently it’s at £1.17 per litre. To put that in context, my annual cost of c.£900 for oil has just shifted to c.£2700
  4. I really enjoyed it as well. I think I tuned in with a bit of a ‘nothing else on, so I’ll take a look’ and was drawn in pretty quickly. Steve
  5. Just catching up John - looking very good again Steve
  6. Some really impressive paint effects John. A very good WIP thread Steve
  7. Nice one Well done in overcoming the problems at the end!
  8. I’ll follow along again John - I have a number of these early Merlin Spits from Eduard in my stash but have yet to build one. Steve
  9. So if DFS do you mean that the colours are dark green/ ocean grey/ med sea grey? Or do you mean a variation to DFS with azure undersides? My observation about the B pattern is not so much about reversed colours - it’s the fact that it’s a complete mirror pattern which strikes me as unusual on a Spitfire at this stage in the war. Steve
  10. That’s an interesting scheme - not least that it appears to be a ‘B’ pattern which seems to have ceased in Aug 1941 on the production lines - ER318 was delivered on 9 Sep 42 so well outside this timeframe http://www.airhistory.org.uk/spitfire/p041.html I don’t think it would have been an overpaint of one colour in that case as it would [edit] probably [edit] have followed the ‘A’ pattern. This looks like a complete overpaint (but in which colours is your guess as much as mine!) Steve
  11. Thanks Paul Based on that…. A copy has just arrived from Amazon…. No idea how that happened…. Thanks John - I’m enjoying following yours as well. It was fun seeing them come together in parallel.
  12. Great paintwork and finish John. It’s really come to life
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