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  1. Yes, I also experienced a bit of smearing when brushing on the varnish. That all said, the paints do brush on really nicely and I may experiment with some rattle can varnishes to see if that helps things for my next build. Steve
  2. No, I haven't tried it, but I'll certainly have a look for it now. Thanks for the tip - much appreciated!
  3. Thanks - I was thinking along exactly those lines for new canopies; it gives an excuse to build some early two blade Spits, again with some different underside colours. Cheers for the tip for Maskol - I'll have to look out for kleer. I've heard it mentioned before, but have never noticed it for sale. Steve Thanks Stix! Steve
  4. I might have to pick one of these up. We had a company attached to our Battlegroup in Iraq. They were a useful addition to our Warriors and because of the smaller size could use some routes denied to us. Hideously underpowered though and often had difficulty making it over fairly innocuous obstacles. My company disparagingly referred to them as Stillers rather than Bulldogs when folk were getting a bit carried away with this shiny new capability; i.e. "it's still-a-432"
  5. That's lovely. I have an Eduard Spitfire ready for my next build, so this is just the inspiration I need! Steve
  6. I'll be sure to pop across in that case!
  7. Thanks Ian, I wondered if my failure to prime was the issue, but it seems not with your experiences. Good point about the over-scale issue - I think the line I have is better suited to 1/48th rather than 1/72. I may look for something finer next time, or follow your suggestion and not add them. Cheers Steve
  8. Hi Eric, yes I certainly hope to go along - I saw a flyer in Salisbury Model Centre a few weeks back and put in an early bid for domestic clearance from chores! Steve
  9. Hello all, I needed a bit of a mojo-restorer build to get me underway with making kits again. I thought a couple of Spitfires would do the trick, both are from Airfix and are built OOB with the exception of some Tamiya tape seatbelts and fishing line aerial or IFF wires. The markings are as supplied by Airfix. I chose to model the BoB Mark 1 with blue undersides which I understand is open to speculation - however, it appealed to me to show some colour scheme evolution. The models are brush painted using Vallejo paints. It's my first time using these and I was very pleases with how easy they were to apply - I found them a little delicate however, and there is already some wear from handling on the trailing edges of wings, which needs some touching up! Weathering was a mix of florymodels wash, oils and humbrol and tamiya weathering pastels. I found a problem with maskol on the canopies - either I was not thorough enough in application or it reacted with my aerosol mat varnish. Either way there was some canopy fogging which has not polished out fully and would benefit from replacements. I also need to find a better option for the aerial and IFF wires as the fishing wire was difficult to tension and fix well enough. Feedback is welcomed and I hope you enjoy my first contribution to RFI!
  10. Hello all, I'm a long term "lurker" on Britmodeller, so I thought it long overdue to actually start posting! My modelling interests are mainly WW2 aviation - and I seem to have a very unhealthy obsession with Spitfires..... I'm ex military and served in the Royal Navy for a short spell before shifting to the Army, where I served for 17 years. I also spent some time in the Australian Army, so am a serial uniform collector I guess! I'm in my forties (just) and married with a young family. My non-modelling interests include watching most ball sports, running (slowly), cycling (cautiously) and cooking (adequately....!). I don't have a huge amount of time for making kits, but I find it relaxing when time permits; sometimes it's almost as satisfying to look at the work of members on here! Steve
  11. Here you go: http://www.studiegroepluchtoorlog.nl/new-colors-for-bbmf-avro-lancaster-pa474/
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