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  1. Mine arrived from Hannants yesterday - looks really nice. Plastic looks like the usual high standard we’ve come to expect from Eduard’s Spitfire family and there will be plenty of items for the spares box! An interesting selection of schemes as well. There is a print error in the instruction booklet - scheme D (EN851) has the colour plate for scheme E (BL255). The Eduard website shows the instructions correctly, so it’s available for anyone wanting to see Scheme D - must have been an error at their printers.
  2. I think so too Ray - I wanted to get some of that Tamiya masking paper that you use and cut them out from that, but it was out of stock. I couldn’t face doing it with strips of tape so this was my cop-out solution! Be interesting to see how they work (and if I can get more than one use from them) Steve
  3. Bit of a delay getting started whilst I waited for a new o ring for my airbrush and balanced some other family commitments. Ready now to get underway and in the intervening period some camouflage masks to help with the sawtooth scheme and a mottle mask have arrived. I’m unsure if I’ll use the mottle mask but as it’s something I haven’t really done before I thought it wouldn’t harm to have it just in case! I’ll be committing glue to plastic this evening!
  4. Spectacular Ray. Another great thread to follow and some great tips as ever for tackling these kits. Switching to part 3! Steve
  5. Thanks Ray! yes I thought it was really easy to use and made a difference to the transparency. There was no problem with masking using vinyl masks and the small amount of glue residue I found on one section came off easily with a toothpick (without scratching). I also airbrushed it as a gloss coat (added a few drops of water and it behaved pretty well). I did think it remained a little tacky when airbrushed, so I handled with latex gloves, but there were no problems with decalling and I had no silvering at all. It’s good stuff
  6. Looks great Craig, the paintwork is really impressive. Top job Steve
  7. Hi Bob, My original plan was to photocopy and enlarge the painting guide to 1/48 scale and then cut out templates from tamiya masking paper. Unfortunately that was out of stock at Hannants, so I’ve cheated and ordered some Top Notch Erla camo masks instead. As the camo is a little complex I thought masking (homemade or otherwise) would be the best option. Steve
  8. I was searching patterns yesterday coincidentally Bob, as the G-6 I am building has the ‘sawtooth’ pattern. I found this webpage which I thought was a helpful explanation http://theprofilepaintshop.blogspot.com/2013/10/chosing-correct-wingpattern-for-bf109g-6.html?m=1
  9. Thanks all for your kind words @Retired Bob I used Vallejo model air. I’ve pretty much switched fully to their paints. I find them easy to work with and the odourless nature of them is another plus!
  10. Thanks Craig - you’re very welcome, pull up a seat it is really good box art - it screams ‘buy me’ (that’s my excuse anyway!) Steve
  11. That looks really good Craig. The chipping effects are really effective. Steve
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