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  1. I picked up mine from my LHS yesterday. It’s a thing of joy! I’m not sure when I will get to build it or if I’ll do it justice but it really looks fantastic
  2. My Sea Fury will, but my Tempest and Typhoon may struggle!
  3. So….. as the bun fight is drawing to a close, has everyone who wanted the Tornado/ Typhoon/ Tempest line put a vote in for Sopwith and descendants? 9 or 10 votes would push that above the line and into the final punch-up, and as Hawker fits within that theme, Robert is your mother’s brother….
  4. Looking at the direction of the poll so far, I’m not optimistic this GB will make it It looks like there’ll be opportunities to build Sea Furies under one of the Naval themed GBs that’s going through. If meteorology or Sopwith make it through it would give some opportunity for other refugees from the Hawker bloodline to get built. I think tactical voting time has arrived!
  5. Yep voted and a bit surprised at where it’s sitting
  6. That’s a great finish - I really like the subtle variations in the scheme Steve
  7. Great photos! That’s got me rather excited about visiting this weekend! Steve
  8. A bargain Eduard Tempest just turned up from Amazon…. If I manage to get hold of a Typhoon (and assuming this GB gets through) then I could be in for a Typhoon, Tempest and Sea Fury
  9. That’s really nice - great finish on the camo in particular
  10. I bought heating oil last week at 69p per litre. That was already way higher than the 39p per litre I paid at the same time last year. Currently it’s at £1.17 per litre. To put that in context, my annual cost of c.£900 for oil has just shifted to c.£2700
  11. I really enjoyed it as well. I think I tuned in with a bit of a ‘nothing else on, so I’ll take a look’ and was drawn in pretty quickly. Steve
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