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  1. l got the Special Hobby Kit with extra parts l was going to use on the frog kit but this is interesting added info. The Beaufort and the Beaufighter have a lot of similar parts due to the fact latter was derived from the first one but used bigger engines. Depending upon what mark you make there are two different rudders plus they went from British engines to American engines due to the shortage of the British version. Top turrets are different too. Hacker
  2. Things I don’t understand

    The biggest thing that l do not understand is life and women hacker
  3. USAF F-5 Aggressors Part 3

    Hope that new 1/32 F-5E also comes as an F so l can do the first one. Like the second one too. Was there not a SEA scheme in Vietnam with USAF markings? hacker
  4. l wonder if one could use a modified D cockpit? These drawings are great reference. l am hoping Revell will do a B before they do a later D but we will see. hacker
  5. I have two of these in my stash and mostly build one or just keep them . l surmise Revell the way the sprue trees look we may see a later D with the filet and a B. As for the Hobbycraft ones with the Allison engines Hobbycraft has gone out of the kit business and sticking strictly to distributing. A lot of their models have turned up in the Academy range which leads me to believe either Academy is leasing the molds or they bought them ( note: some of these have turned up in the Italeri line as well hence the conclusion) . With the all these Mustangs coming out l am hoping Academy will start molding those Allison Mustangs to compete solely due to the fact no one else has that version and would sell well. Back to my kits. While fiddling with the Revell kits l found them short in height in the wings so no after market wheel wells will fit them. The fuselage on the other hand l think an aftermarket cockpit will fit . Lets face it no one kit is perfect and no one kit is unbuildable (Though Roden kits have come close..have the He 111C and E) if you put some time into it. As an old school modeller l will probably do at least one just for the challenge and just for the feel of victory and accomplishment. I plan to get the new Revell one just for the early D and wonder if a direct fuselage replacement is possible..we will see. Personally I think we are getting spoiled with shake and bake kits we are getting these days and lets face it l am too ( Tamiya builder here) but l like going back to my roots and taking up the gauntlet and tackling such projects. Oh yeah and l am not picky ( you noticed ? ) Hacker ....have Flory sanders and Rosie riveter will travel
  6. bob and doug from the great white north....got to love it Hacker....hosers lol
  7. l want one! l got their D version in the stash so lt needs a stable mate. When it is due out? hacker
  8. Evacuation !

    no one ever seen anything like this in 60 years ! We have more rain on the way too Hacker...enough with the water already!
  9. Evacuation !

    good day one in all The last few days have been hectic. The last few days this week seen temperatures go from -5 to +15 in matter of hours. The 3 to 4 feet of snow has melted dramtically plus heavy rains has caused problems in our fair city. Thick ice on the river ( 5 feet in thickness) upstream from us has broke up and came down here. As a result once past the city has formed an ice dam with huge trees in it . the water has backed up going from river level to 20 or 30 feet high covering bridges and damaging some. The area where me and my family lived was order out on the 21st and we yet to go back as more water upstream is coming and more rain. There is no power,water or gas in our area. Currently one of my older daughters has taken in her little brother and sister and her step mother plus myself. So are safe but the kids want to go home but been told to stay away. l will post more pictures later. Hacker...From watery Brantford Ontario Canada
  10. Seems to me there was someone doing a 1/32 Stirling that too was either not finished or it was but done off line. l would like to know what happened to it as the person did a 1/32 before that and finished it quite nicely too hacker
  11. Aeroclub missing from Shops, Manufacturers....

    miss being able to get the engines he had. As one would say there is an end to everything even the universe. John has done the hobby great service over the years and now it is time to sit back. hacker
  12. l have both the F-100D and the F-100F. Both are very nice and both are far more accurate then the Trumpeter/hobbyboss ones. I also have the old Haseagawa one as well. Other then the age and the raised details it should build nice too. hacker
  13. Oh it is tape but special tape just to hide those necessary access panels from radar. There is thickness there but very very thin. Almost the thickness of a thin layer of paint. How it is put on is anyone's guess as l have not seen it anywhere online being applied hacker
  14. You would think but not necessarily as for the model like dudes there are no panel lines! Smooth as a baby's bum more or less. At certain angles when looking at it the plane gives you the illusion of raised or recessed details but having seen the beast up close and personal l can say the whole thing is smooth Hacker ....in the know lol
  15. Nice saved us the trouble and written info to boot .READING MATERIAL WOOO WHOOO! . There was a link to Hyperscale that had interesting picture as well. Now l need to get that decal in 48th l need so l can scan it,enlarge it, and print it out. Hacker.......info scrounger