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  1. hacker

    1/72 B-17B '10'

    l have the same kit and planning on doing it once l get my research done. Tons of info on the later models but the B is a harder nut to crack. Right now l am trying to find more info on the rear guns. Seeing you got those tear drop blisters you can see a lot of the interior. So far this is the best l can do at the moment but l keep looking. l believe there is a B model being restored but not sure if it is that or the D. l will have to find some updates somewhere. Also be aware that all Academy B-17 wings need shimming to get the correct dihedral as the kit one is too high and you need to lower it to the correct position hacker Hacker
  2. hacker

    1/72 B-17B '10'

    Unfortunately Academy had it right. In the B,C and D it was a single floor with the seats arranged as such. It was in the E and later models it changed to accommodate the new upper gun turret . There also should be air tanks in that section too the same as the later models It should look like this Hacker
  3. The reason the switch from the Merlin to the Allison was money. Packard lost the license to make Merlins and the Allison engines got to the point they matched the Merlin's power . For the Merlin nose has anyone considered just cutting one off a mustang kit? l even thought of that and getting an aftermarket open mustang cowl. Hacker
  4. my question about the F-82 is this. Like the P-51 did North America puttied over the rivets and the seams? Hacker
  5. hacker

    1/72 B-25 wheel and cowl diameter

    l have an old mold B-25H l wish to do and the wheels needs replacing. It is not really 1/72 more like 1/70 or 1/69 scale . l would like to know what is the diameter of a more accurate model or after market ones. Diameter of the engine cowl would be nice too. The wheels l have are roughly 16.5 mm in diameter while the cowl is 20.5 mm in diameter Hacker
  6. hacker

    Is anyone else concerned about the new "war on plastic"?

    https://www.independent.co.uk/environment/plastic-pollution-ban-vote-eu-european-parliament-environment-ocean-meps-a8599686.html?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR1cc2oK6m0qwzFegkPnlvc_vQccwGAQr_rYuEE97u7FgZrFKqxSrjzzbR0#Echobox=1540392692 How many jobs will be lost due to this and l wonder how many companies will pack up and move out? If the US is smart they should lure these companies to the US and get back jobs lost. Who knows hacker
  7. Perfect just what l need. Question. Are you going to do triangles at 45 and 60 degrees? Hacker
  8. hacker

    Is anyone else concerned about the new "war on plastic"?

    This is funny but you know it is close to the truth you are going to get Hacker
  9. That is good . l was planning to buy what was available currently but if an accurate model is coming ( hopefully with weapons bay ) then l will wait. hopefully there will be test shots soon to see Hacker
  10. hacker

    Is anyone else concerned about the new "war on plastic"?

    l see some of the points here. Too much plastic in wrapping on packaging etc . Too much of it is not being recycled like we would hope there is. Basically too much garbage overall. You want to see the state of that ? l been to the Philippines and seen it. piles and piles of garbage everywhere in the poor sections and human waste just ending up in the rivers. As modern as we are we still use the planet as our toilet and dumping ground. Yes there is a need to address problems but not shooting from the hip without plans. But too many people do things without thinking and that gets us into trouble too. As they say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. For example our national government wienies decided that banning plastic straws is more important issue then the health and welfare of our veterans or even the general state of affairs of this country. Talk about bad priorities! Everyday l see good viable farmland to feed our growing population being bulldozed , paved over and houses built without one concern about the future. Both government and developers do not care as long as there is money to be make and it will not be their problem after their gone. But l digress here . l do not foresee our hobby is a problem. Personally anything l recycle my sprue etc. l have a dilemma as to what to do with some vacs l got as they are too good to throw out but l really do not need them anymore so they sit until l decide Hacker
  11. The Russians always went with brute force in their aircraft. The Mig 25 and 31 are not exception to that. Just look at the size of those gas guzzling engines! hacker
  12. l built the Heller version years ago though not bad this one has to be way better Hacker
  13. hacker

    Spray Booths

    Interestingly enough been debating the same thing myself. Buy or build. l thought of using a bathroom extraction fan but the high end ones. They have great suction and the more expensive one run quieter . l am not adverse to doing it DIY but then again sometime l feel like just buy one already done and get it over with. The Url for the fans is a good starting point at sorting it out. My thing is when making it would be how can l do it and make it compact enough so it will not eat up a lot of space when built Hacker
  14. beaufort or a scimitar in 1/72 hacker
  15. hacker

    They Shall Not Grow Old

    l find the black and white originals interesting but l seen the previews of this and find that it brings that time 100 years ago to life. You see the faces of those, many you never made it back, in the old films but this actually brings reality and realizum to it. Makes them real people again to the rest of us. Unfortunately l will not be able to see this film as l doubt it will be shown here in Canada and we do not get a lot of the BBC programming Hacker