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  1. ok going to watch this one too. l believe the Eastern Express is the same kit. Meanwhile Dora Wings is coming out with the Mk 1 you just finished. Hacker
  2. now that is what modeling building ( at least to me ) is all about. Well done Hacker
  3. l will introduce you to my ex wife then maybe your opinion might differ lol hacker
  4. l remember an article where someone chopped up a regular size 1/144 Jumbo to make a 747SP. It was a lot of work hacker
  5. seems to have vanished from the website. l would love one in 1/32 but also a JN-4 Jenny and an Avro Tutor
  6. Here is mine. The only things l did was scratch built the "sugar scoops" and replace the ejection seat with a better resin one Hacker
  7. There was another junkers before this one that was also used by bush pilots Hacker
  8. some where in my collection l have a set of plans for that particular aircraft. It was used as a bush plane here in Canada before the war Hacker
  9. l remember seeing a documentary about the problems the USAF has on Guam with Albatrosses . If l remember correctly they had some specially trained dogs who would patrol the runways to chase the birds off. Imagine hitting or sucking one those! they are huge compared to the gulls hacker
  10. l do look into the mirror every morning and the face looking back me scares the crap out of me Hacker
  11. 2019 and according to the Chinese it is the year of the pig which it has been. l thought things this year would be better then last but it isn't. After two and half years as the stay at home parent my last child is in full time school. l can go find at least a part time job to bring in extra money. Starting in September l started looking then a friend of mine who owns a computer repair business told me one of his clients was looking for part time worker and was flexible on the hours. l went and applied with a resume and got the job. It was not an easy job but l managed l believed quite well. l worked in a shop that made granite and quartz counter tops. Paid good and the hours were 9 to 3. The weeks the wife could get the kids from the school bus l could work extra hours if it was required of me. Then the second week of December jobs dried up due to the time of year. So l been not work since. l had not enough hours to apply for unemployment money so we been coasting waiting for orders to come in hence back to work. Until now nothing. Then l get a call. Things were not good at the shop with orders as the winter weather we been having here has caused serious financial problems for the boss. He decided he did not need me anymore . If he knew this all a long he could have told me and l could have sought other employment. Which brings me to myself. Being 58 now it not that easy getting something l am suited for. Since l lost my long time job a few years ago it has been a struggle for me. At times l wonder if it is me or is it them? No matter what l try l seem to end up after a year being unemployed again. It is heart breaking. l am almost ready to throw in the towel as it seems no one wants a hard working individual anymore, or at least one that is over 55 Hacker the down trotted
  12. Maybe someday. 20 years ago l would say no but now we got 1/32 Lancs and Liberators so anything possible Hacker
  13. Makes me wonder why it has not been done in 1/72 before now? Probably not much call for one but l have always loved this early passenger plane . Just something about it lines etc makes it appealing to me Hacker
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