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  1. hacker

    Any Canadians here?

    Live in Southern Ontario between London and Toronto Hacker...Where is my Timmies eh?
  2. l got an 1/72 version of this from DB Models. This one and the one l have got one problem l see. That perforated airbrakes look too thick for my likings and should be PE which would give you scale effect but that is just my observation. Hacker
  3. hacker

    The song YOU want played at your funeral

    Talk about being treated like crap! Makes me flushed just thinking about it Hacker...yes they are getting worst
  4. hacker

    The song YOU want played at your funeral

    Novel and brillant. Have to add that one to the list for consideration Hacker
  5. hacker

    The song YOU want played at your funeral

    Then again what would you play if you got yourself stuff and mounted in the living room? By the way if they ask why just say you wanted to stick around to keep an eye on everyone Hacker
  6. hacker

    The song YOU want played at your funeral

    Then have them spread your ashes in the garden in the spring. A little bit of pete mose and some fertilizer then work you plus that all in. By fall the potatoes should have your eyes . Hahahahha ok Hacker now exiting the building
  7. hacker

    The song YOU want played at your funeral

    That and have someone dressed as the grim reaper and stand silently at the back of the funeral home Hacker
  8. Look well detail for the scale. Might be interested in one Hacker
  9. hacker

    Badger Stynylrez Primer - thoughts, reviews, alternatives

    Personally l just gave up. It sits there longing for me to use it. Great stuff at first but as time wears on ( very little time at that) it began to lose it's abilities to the point where it became useless. Badger on the other hand seems to be in denial that the stuff has problems even after a lot of us made complaints. So what do l use now? Well back to basics. Either tamyia fine primer in a rattle can for those quick priming jobs or Tamyia XF19 sky grey. Work without problems other then l go through a lot of bottles of that stuff. Tamyia needs to get a dedicated primer in a large bottle. Maybe in time when sales drop Badger might figure out there is a problem and look back on complaints but highly doubt that Hacker
  10. l agree nice scheme. l wonder what it would looking like naked. Question is seeing the time line how much of it was wood and how much is metal Hacker
  11. hacker

    Valom 1/48 Islander

    l plan to do a Philippine air force plane but have to decide which of the three boxings will suit my purpose Hacker
  12. And here is a case of old age creeping in , too many books and just plain organized confusion. Upon hearing what book it was l dug in the book case and presto l have it . Ok going to the back room to smack one's head like an Italian Hacker
  13. A little behind with this but where did you get the drawing? l would be interested in a set Hacker
  14. hacker

    A chat entitled 'its deja vu all over again'

    l think a lot of people need that as l seem to run into quite a few people with this problem. Hacker