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  1. l built the Heller version years ago though not bad this one has to be way better Hacker
  2. hacker

    Spray Booths

    Interestingly enough been debating the same thing myself. Buy or build. l thought of using a bathroom extraction fan but the high end ones. They have great suction and the more expensive one run quieter . l am not adverse to doing it DIY but then again sometime l feel like just buy one already done and get it over with. The Url for the fans is a good starting point at sorting it out. My thing is when making it would be how can l do it and make it compact enough so it will not eat up a lot of space when built Hacker
  3. beaufort or a scimitar in 1/72 hacker
  4. hacker

    They Shall Not Grow Old

    l find the black and white originals interesting but l seen the previews of this and find that it brings that time 100 years ago to life. You see the faces of those, many you never made it back, in the old films but this actually brings reality and realizum to it. Makes them real people again to the rest of us. Unfortunately l will not be able to see this film as l doubt it will be shown here in Canada and we do not get a lot of the BBC programming Hacker
  5. hacker

    Canadair CL-44 stretch vs. Britannia

    https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/TWC72032 More interested in this one. A Canadian modeler's most wanted. Hacker
  6. Hence why my bombers will remain in the 1/72 scale range as they will fit a shelve hacker
  7. hacker

    Spontaneous Combustion of Plastic!

    For me it would be the wife busting into flames over something. Ok l am leaving now Hacker
  8. hacker

    Revell B-17G Flying Fortress.

    One thing l find lacking in all B-17 kits are the oxygen bottles right behind the cockpit seats. They are big and yellow and hard to miss. Probably you can not see them once closed up but to me it is important item Hacker
  9. l am taking a different route with mine. l happen to have a spare Hasegawa fuselage and it does fit. There is only a mm on either side to content with. People have pointed out that it is not accurate but far better then the one offered in the kit. hacker
  10. is there not a fuel truck also? separate kit l believe hacker
  11. nope other then the mentions after market the rest is scratchbuilt hacker
  12. Just to be mean hehehe l am showing the one l did. l sanded down the ribs as they were too bold and then masked the in between and gave it a few coats of Mr Surfacer 500 to replicate the rib tapes. l used Eduard vintage instruments for the panel, Barracuda resin camel seat and HGW seat belts. The rest is scratch built. Hacker
  13. hacker

    Academy B-24 Nose Wheel Weight?? Any suggestions?

    There is this which is meant for the hasegawa kit but still l was thinking of using this in the old revell one for weight Hacker
  14. hacker

    If not Modelling.. Then What?

    If it wasn't for modeling all l would be left with is food sex and beer Hacker
  15. hacker

    What Do You With Olk Kit Boxes

    l build them then if the boxes are good and old style( talking like Monogram blue boxes ) l keep them for decorating my next workshop when we move Hacker