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  1. l got two of these in 1/32 in the planning stage. One is the old Revell kit and the other is a conversion for the new Revell D into a B. So this info is good and a great help Hacker
  2. First off it is an excavator and second l operated one of those but it was a John Deere but l did get a chance to operate a Caterpillar too but funny thing is the hand controls were opposite between the two. Hacker
  3. now there is an idea! Something like this perhaps? Or perhaps this Hacker
  4. Did you know that this year is the 60th anniversary of NORAD? Neither did l until l read it yesterday Love the Scorpion though l laugh when they opted for an all rocket firing interceptor. They tried shooting down a Hellcat drone once. completely missed it after firing everything. Better off having to keep the guns as well. Ah but that was back in the day Hacker
  5. I QUIT! Well not really but work like this wants you to pack it all in and all it a day....Then again l am stubborn and will carry on l like references like this! Nice job Peter Hacker
  6. hacker

    1/72 Spitfire- where does adding detail end?

    me on the other hand thinks we need more cow bells Hacker .....ok l am leaving now
  7. I recently got the new Revell mustang and did some tinkering. The options l have is this . Like you cut the top off then graft the top from the old Revell B to it. Did some preliminary measurements and it is duoable. The second option is a complete transfer of the entire B fuselage minus the nose and tail. It will work but would take some effort. l am leaning towards the A option strictly do to cutting my work down and l would not have to try to transfer the interior to the new fuselage section and l would have less to rescribe. hacker
  8. https://yesplz.co/5-year-olds-hilarious-answers/?utm_content=inf_20_4078_2&utm_source=tse&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=influencer&tse_id=INF_ceba795047da11e8a825411d6a6a71e4 This would be something he would say for sure Hacker
  9. You would almost think they know something you don't. hacker
  10. hacker

    Spitfire Mk.24 cockpit colours

    no you are mad but what l been finding is the which is madding. PR XIX cockpit was all black ( probably due to the nature of it's job) but l got conflicting photos which shows the Mk 22/24 either all grey-green or as you said the top half black. The Seafire Mk 47 is half and half which leads me to believe right or wrong that originally all grey-green but the upper portion was paint black later when serviced . I will continue looking
  11. hacker

    Spitfire Mk.24 cockpit colours

    Thinking the same thing but yet to find anything in my files Hacker
  12. hacker

    Another 1/32 Spitfire conversion.

    l build two of the PCM IXc but converted one to a IXe. hacker
  13. hacker

    Sopwith Camel cockpit decking question

    l got Wnw instructions here that shows at least three version. l can PM it to you. Also it has painting instructions Hacker
  14. hacker

    Sopwith Camel cockpit decking question

    what version are you doing? F-1? hacker