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  1. Thanks! Hellcat it is my future job) Now i build Hurricane. You can see my Hurricane on this Russian modeller site http://royalscale.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1275
  2. thank you for your comment! what Russian thing are we talking about?
  3. many thanks to everyone for their kind words! I am glad that my model was highly appreciated! I will keep the level)
  4. Hello, colleagues! Today I show my latest work. "Avenger" from Hobby Boss in 48 scale. The engine was refined with solder wires. In the cabin on the dashboard: just painted, walked with a dry brush and drew the scales with a needle. There are more improvements on the side panels. On the right panel I made toggle switches from thin copper wire, on the left I changed the wheel and added buttons/twists. Also in the cabin, a corrugated hose is laid and straps are added to the chair made of foil. With the belts, a question arose: in the photo of the prototype, I only saw the waist be
  5. Many thanks for the comments! I use an electronic translator and therefore there may be errors... Trotting set..... I don't know what it is) This is a set of Ukrainian ICM
  6. Hello, friends! I show another model. Did it in 2018. This is an old Trotting set Assembled with no additional materials. Painted with Gunze paints. The decals in the set are of poor quality and many of them have collapsed. As pigments used pastel crayons. Enjoy your viewing! photo_1_1525080330 by Andrew Zhi, on Flickr photo_2_1525080330 by Andrew Zhi, on Flickr photo_3_1525080330 by Andrew Zhi, on Flickr photo_4_1525080330 by Andrew Zhi, on Flickr photo_5_1525080330 by Andrew Zhi, on Flickr photo_
  7. Hello! This kit from Airfix in72 scale was made in 2018. In the construction of the model was used photo etching from Eduard. Painting with Tamiya paints and MrHobby. photo_1_1523702007 by Andrew Zhi photo_2_1523702007 by Andrew Zhi photo_3_1523702007 by Andrew Zhi photo_4_1523702007 by Andrew Zhi photo_5_1523702007 by Andrew Zhi photo_6_1523702007 by Andrew Zhi photo_7_1523702007 by Andrew Zhi photo_8_1523702007 by Andrew Zhi photo_9_1523702007 by Andrew Zhi phot
  8. Good work! https://yadi.sk/d/lkfTZVZ_3PU4Vv its my library about Javelin. I hope to be useful
  9. Thanks for all one more time! Will soon show a new model))
  10. Thank you very much for your comments! Glad to be here!
  11. Hello! It is my first model on this site. This model I received as a gift. It was assembled many years ago. This is an old set NOVO/FROG. I got it broken. The model was disassembled and assembled again with modifications. It was done very much: cockpit, canopy, landing gear, control surfaces and brake pads. Painted with gunze Mrobby paints. Sorry my English... 1 by Andrew Zhi 9 by Andrew Zhi 8 by Andrew Zhi 7 by Andrew Zhi 6 by Andrew Zhi 5 by Andrew Zhi 4 by Andrew Zhi 3 by Andre
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