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  1. if Germany had won, it would have been a complete horror
  2. War is always dirt. There is no neutrality. There is always a place for such circumstances.
  3. Many thanks for your help! You have given a volume of information that answers many questions. Super!
  4. Your information is very useful! Thanks! I didn't understand anything about the windshield. Why is this so unusual? Is there a photo where you can see this big glass? The hatch in the side will be restored. You're right! The photo shows that it is missing. I will make the propeller again. I will use the photo for this work. You know the ARK set very well. This is impressive!
  5. Thank you so much for the information! I have these decals. I hope they are correct. The prototype photo is only black and white... IMG_20201207_200329 by Andrew Zhi, on Flickr imageproxy2 by Andrew Zhi, on Flickr
  6. Thanks! I have Irish decals from the Italeri set. But there is a question about the color scheme. Italeri indicates the top of the plane is green and brown, but there is information that they were not brown, but gray. So I'm looking for exact colors.
  7. Hello everybody! Two years ago, I started making Hurricane from ARK-models. ark-models-ark48024-istrebitel-hawker-hurricane-sovetskie-vvs-148 by Andrew Zhi, on Flickr The model is not of high quality, so I decided to thoroughly redo it. I want to make this plane in the version of the Irish air force. I decided to make a model with open hatches on the fuselage. I don't use the aftermarket. Everything is done manually.From the wire soldered the fuselage truss. The dashboard is homemade. From plastic and wire I make the cockpit filling.The motor is made of a piece of plastic. If so
  8. Hello everyone! I imagine a model that looks like a Hellcat. Plastic from Akademy, ancient and not expensive). I wanted to assemble it "out of the box" using the "whack" system - in a couple of weeks, but the circumstances turned out differently...as a result, the construction project lasted for 5 months... Improvements: - added belts and a sight to the office - cut off the rudder, made it a simulated "rib" from desirableto. - I made candle wires from copper wire on the motor - ANO on the wings of a transparent gate - machine guns made of nee
  9. Thanks! Hellcat it is my future job) Now i build Hurricane. You can see my Hurricane on this Russian modeller site http://royalscale.ru/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1275
  10. thank you for your comment! what Russian thing are we talking about?
  11. many thanks to everyone for their kind words! I am glad that my model was highly appreciated! I will keep the level)
  12. Hello, colleagues! Today I show my latest work. "Avenger" from Hobby Boss in 48 scale. The engine was refined with solder wires. In the cabin on the dashboard: just painted, walked with a dry brush and drew the scales with a needle. There are more improvements on the side panels. On the right panel I made toggle switches from thin copper wire, on the left I changed the wheel and added buttons/twists. Also in the cabin, a corrugated hose is laid and straps are added to the chair made of foil. With the belts, a question arose: in the photo of the prototype, I only saw the waist be
  13. Many thanks for the comments! I use an electronic translator and therefore there may be errors... Trotting set..... I don't know what it is) This is a set of Ukrainian ICM
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