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  1. Normally I'd prefer seeing the wood grain, but given how superbly this has turned out I am almost persuaded to consider paint on my next wooden model.
  2. How about modelling it in a repair shop with the tracks off? Or is that too much of a cop-out? Or hull-down in a firing scrape?
  3. Thanks. The project is simple, find a bit of wood and remove all the bits that don't look like a ferrari! I start with the Internet and look for photo of the chosen car, then head to the-blueprints.com to find a decent 3 view scale drawing, then attack a lump of wood firstly with a bandsaw to get the sillhouette right, then it's chisels, knives, gouges, sandpaper, teeth and finger nails And time.
  4. Read a whole thread before jumping in to make uninformed comments? Thats not what the Internet was invented for! Ok, suitably chastened I have now done the homework reading and yes, the turret and gun look impressive. Deinitely a change of aesthetic about this project: planes, ships and subs (and trains) all have an air of romanticism about them, man battling the elements and all that, but artillery is much more functionally brutalistic. Not a criticism, just an observation. Lots of skill on display as usual. Ive mostly been lurking and being gobsmacked as usual by the talent on this s
  5. Interesting change of subject matter! I was going to upload some snark about not really being a wooden build (using balsa??? a man of your calibre?) but its actually looking really promising. You going to turn the barrel on the lathe? Or hand carve it?
  6. Here is my latest creation, a 1/20(ish) Ferrari 330 P4. All carved from one solid piece of beech, with a few walnut accents and finished with whatever leftover varnish I had in the garage. Took about 2 months
  7. Very effective, can't wait to see the finished article. I find the old abandoned models more interesting than showroom shiny, dont know why. Are you going to do a diorama for it?
  8. Vinegar! I used a tub full of bog standard malt vinegar and dunked the part for a few minutes, then rinsed and primed. Worked ok, just made me hungry for chips.
  9. Yes, apart from the screen, wheels and steering wheel. The seats were formed by carving out the cockpit. No, but I had to spend a long time with the sandpaper to get rid of the tool marks Cheers matey, you're not so bad yourself.
  10. Very effective! I'm getting tempted to buy a lathe now. Ive been using plastic tubing for the rims, the ends of guitar strings for hubs and fishing line for the spokes, but the results aren't nearly as good as yours. And trying to hand carve four identical wooden tyres is a recipe for madness! by the way, that testa rossa is a gem.
  11. Thanks Frank. Yes, using the right wood and also getting some quality tools has helped, along with practice and lots of sandpaper. Not sure whats next, I've done all the interesting curvy cars I wanted to. I'd like to try some hard top cars as that would give an interesting challenge of how to carve a closed cabin, but I've been advised that we have enough cars and planes on display for the moment! Maybe some wildlife, or something more abstract.
  12. Very wise, we should all heed the Zen of the bandsaw. Not sure you can put off the fitting of the upper wing any longer. Remember, cut once, then measure twice, then cut again then sand and fill repeatedly.
  13. Nice looking Mr. 2! I made a right hash of mine many years ago (model, not real thing). I'm tempted to try again; I was discussing with the missus what my favourite out of all the cars I've owned was and we agreed on the MR2. 93, square tail lights, bright yellow t bar. Still miss it, but I as i always drove it like i stole it after 120k miles it was a bit knackered.
  14. Hi folks. Here is a simple carving of a 1957 Ferrari Testa Rossa 250 that has kept me busy for the past couple of months. Entirely scratch built and hand carved from mahogany to 1:20th ish scale. Hope you like it. Merry xmas!
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