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  1. So, the 2020 weirdness is not quite dead, so what better distraction from the end of the world than a wooden spitfire? Having already done a Mk1 a while back (that now looks hopelessly childish) I thought I'd fast-forward 10 years to the last mark to fly from the spitfires birthplace: a Mk24. Carved from my dwindling supply of beech and accented with whatever slivers of dark wood (or possibly mouse poo) I found at the bottom of the woodpile and finished with a very old tin of danish oil. Hope it looks vaguely recognisable, and is an acceptable deviation from the more usual plas
  2. I keep trying to come up with something wryly amusing or semi ironic to say about this build, but I can't. It's just too damn good. I am seriously impressed by the skills and ingenuity on display and its going to end up a cracker of a model. I think I'm tempted to come over to the sooty side of modelling for a bit. I hope we see more from Baby B in future.
  3. Love the lateral thinking and spare model part recycling. Thats proper modelling that is. When life gives you lemons scratch build a giant lemon-flinging trebuchet and decorate it with the spare parts of other failed siege engines.
  4. Can't help feeling that there's a bit missing at the top... and what about the sticky-uppy-triangley-guidey bits? Nevertheless, Pog would appear to be appropriate. Jolly good show old chap.
  5. I think you've cracked the track conundrum nicely. Looks good.
  6. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Give this away as a gift? Never! It took far too long to make. Anyway, I am a typhoon fan, so I'll be keeping it
  7. Awesome progress! Is there anything that carving cannot solve? Should be wood not plastic, but we can overlook that this time...
  8. Hi folks, here is my latest lockdown project. The inspiration for this build came from a walk through the fields down by the coast. I passed an information board partly hidden in the undergrowth that told the tale of RAF Needs Oar Point, an advance landing ground used around the time of D-Day by a Typhoon squadron. So, here is my interpretation of a Typhoon 1b carved from Beech in approx 1/48 scale and finished in danish oil. Thanks for looking.
  9. Normally I'd prefer seeing the wood grain, but given how superbly this has turned out I am almost persuaded to consider paint on my next wooden model.
  10. How about modelling it in a repair shop with the tracks off? Or is that too much of a cop-out? Or hull-down in a firing scrape?
  11. Thanks. The project is simple, find a bit of wood and remove all the bits that don't look like a ferrari! I start with the Internet and look for photo of the chosen car, then head to the-blueprints.com to find a decent 3 view scale drawing, then attack a lump of wood firstly with a bandsaw to get the sillhouette right, then it's chisels, knives, gouges, sandpaper, teeth and finger nails And time.
  12. Read a whole thread before jumping in to make uninformed comments? Thats not what the Internet was invented for! Ok, suitably chastened I have now done the homework reading and yes, the turret and gun look impressive. Deinitely a change of aesthetic about this project: planes, ships and subs (and trains) all have an air of romanticism about them, man battling the elements and all that, but artillery is much more functionally brutalistic. Not a criticism, just an observation. Lots of skill on display as usual. Ive mostly been lurking and being gobsmacked as usual by the talent on this s
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