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  1. Seriously impressive bit of modelling.
  2. Redshift

    Best wooden kits?

    Amati do excellent models with superb drawings in their Victory Models range. Billings Boats also have a wide range in varying prices, but their instructions can be a bit sparse and the quality a bit hit and miss.
  3. Here is my recently finished north sea trawler Nordkap, a 1/50 scale wooden model from Billings Boats. It could have been made for R/C, but thats not really my thing so it is sitting on the windowsill in pride of place now. Hope you like it.
  4. Redshift

    A wooden interlude FINISHED

    Done! A few piccies here, ill get the proper camera out tomorrow once everything is dry. Quite pleased with this one, not sure what is going to be next.
  5. Redshift

    A wooden interlude FINISHED

    Yup, wood it is. Its also more satisfying knowing I've created something from nothing rather than just cutting out a plastic shape. Things I learned from the wood carving exercise. Scalpels are sharp A little blood goes a long way Its easier to take wood off than put it back on Many small cuts are better than one big cut A micro plane is essential Always have another block of wood as a spare You can never have enough swear words
  6. Redshift

    A wooden interlude FINISHED

    Yeah, it was a bit of a daft question really. I was just feeling a bit lazy, the plastic one took two seconds to push into the opening, the wooden one has eight parts to it and caused much cursing and a bit of bleeding. Oh well, we suffer for our art!
  7. Redshift

    A wooden interlude FINISHED

    Ok, wisdom of the forum time. Window frames : option (a) plastic (left) or (b) wood (right)?
  8. Redshift

    HMAS AE2 - Submarine - Scratchbuilt

    Absolutely superb. The figures and seascape really make it pop. Well done.
  9. Redshift

    A wooden interlude FINISHED

    Now for the bridge
  10. Redshift

    A wooden interlude FINISHED

    Final funnel fettling finished. Phew.
  11. Redshift

    A wooden interlude FINISHED

    Thanks for the tip about bass wood Mr Bandsaw, its good stuff. I was going to use either balsa or some mystery wood from the corner of the garage. Anyway, how to make a funnel: first select a suitable lump of lumber Then remove all the bits That don't look like a funnel
  12. Redshift

    Toyota MR2 SW20

    Looks much neater and tidier than the fullsize I had 15 years ago. Does the kit include leaky door seals and an odd smell in the cockpit?
  13. Redshift

    HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    looking absolutely fantastic.