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  1. Cracking build, brings back memories of being a callow youth waddling out to the flight line weighted down by bone dome and Mae West and having a parachute bouncing off my legs. Blimey, that would be about 40 years ago...
  2. Very nicely made, but the blade angles look a bit off, unless it's just the camera.
  3. Measure once, cut twice, swear lots, sand, sand, sand, throw away and start over...
  4. Thanks for the comments everyone , apart from the terrible puns! (j/k). Time to start planning the next one. Mustang maybe...
  5. Hi folks, it's been a bit of a weird summer, so I hope you are all keeping well. Here is a beech and mahogany Bf109 G-6 in 1/48 scale. Took me quite a while to do this one, I started full of enthusiasm then quickly lost my way as I got the underside of the nose wrong. It languished on the table in a pile of sawdust and despair for a few months while I gathered the momentum to finish it. For a plane that looks like it was designed only with straight edges it was surprisingly hard to get it to look correct; the machine gun blisters were also a right pain to get symmetrical. Anyway, I'm glad I persevered as I think it came out OK in the end. Thanks for viewing, hope you like it Nick
  6. Looks superb, difficult to tell the model from the real thing.
  7. Stunningly realistic, I spent several minutes looking for a model on the ground next to the real bike.
  8. That looks amazing, and it is always an entertaining education following your builds. When is BB going to become a britmodeller member in her own right?
  9. Exquisite, you've done it justice. Shame those kits are so frighteningly expensive, but the end result is superb.
  10. Thanks. They turned out easier than I was expecting, I had a curved gouge of exactly the right radius which helped, some diamond needle files and a large box of scalpel blades. The wheels are boxwood, which is amazing stuff almost like plastic.
  11. The scale is whatever it worked out to be when printing the plans to fit a4 paper. Its 205mm buffer to buffer, so roughly 1/38. The chief domestic engineer has decreed that she likes it as a wood sculpture rather than painted, so wood it shall remain in the interest of marital harmony
  12. Hello, denizens of the dusty end of the forum. Thought I'd pop down here to show off my latest whittling project: a pre-war Peckett 0-6-0 ST. I chose it as a starter loco project as it didn't have too many wheels to carve in case I found the going a bit tough. Everythign is hand carved from wood with a few brass wire embellishments. Oh, and soeme galvanised felt nails for buffers. Hope you like "60 ton angel falls to the earth / Pile of old metal, a radiant blur"
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