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  1. Not sure, either mahogany or something similar like sapele. It came from old reclaimed library bookshelves saved from a skip.
  2. Hiya Here are some snaps of my latest wood fiddling, a 1/48 Supermarine S.6b. This one took a bit of doing, the fuselage took three goes and the wings four. Which is odd, as its not that complicated a shape. Anyway, I reckon about about 40 hours of work to produce this: Thanks for watching
  3. Only just found this build. Looking very good, and I have severe shed envy as well. Is that an A/C unit hanging off the side? Luxury! Mine just has hot and cold running spiders. Hmm.. litho plate over wood... interesting
  4. Very impressive work, I am taking copious notes
  5. Thanks all, I'll stick some better photos up when I have time to dig out the proper camera.
  6. Evenin' all. After finishing my latest timber creation I thought I'd give a view behind the curtain to show how these things come together. The subject of this build is very local to me, as I am fortunate enough to have grown up in the part of the English south coast steeped in aerospace legend. Part of that legend was created down at Calshot Spit; now a bustling activity centre, but back in 1931 it was home to the RAF high speed flight and the fabled Supermarine S.6b. Theres one in the nearby aviation museum in Southampton - Solent Sky, well worth a visit if you're in the area waiting for your cruise ship, or to see Saints get stuffed again. So, subject chosen, it was off to t'internet to get some plans Next, some lumber. In this case some mid-C20th library bookshelves made of Something Brown. I'm told its mahogany, but more likely Sapele. Start with the floats, with the extra challenge of making two identical versions Now add a fuselage. This took 3 attempts due to general cack-handedness. Some wings... Fettle, file, scrape and gouge Garnish with some brass and beech accents Finally add a mirror glaze of tempered chocolate. Sorry, Danish oil (too much bake-off). Voila, a 1/48 Supermarine S.6b, ready to lash around the Solent at 407.5mph. Which is a lot for a small piece of wood. Thank you for your attention, there will be another creation as soon as I can find more inspiration. Nick
  7. Howdy Britmodellers, hope you are all keeping well. I can't believe how fast the summer has rushed past. I guess the ongoing apocalypse tends to distract one from the more important things like hobbies. Anyway, here's a P-51D (roughly 1/48) carved from an old bannister. Thanks for viewing; comments always welcome.
  8. Yes, they can be a little rough around the edges. I did an Amati ship that gave a much better finish. This model is a cheap one though, comparatively speaking .
  9. Hi Jeff, thanks. She has a crew of 3 and is approx 60 ft long and 50 tons.
  10. Well its been too long, so I felt the call of another boat model. This time a 1/33 scale crab trawler from Billings Boats, plank on frame construction with somewhat sketchy instructions and some parts missing, so a bit of artistic license was needed. A suitably challenging build, but very enjoyable. Thanks for viewing; comments always welcome.
  11. Utterly superb! And that’s an impressively elemental way of modelling, fire flames and steel, I like it.
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