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  1. Following with the detailing jobs in the cockpit and gunner ... I noticed that the glass separator of the cockpit and gunner comes in the wrong position ... It should stay in line with the cabin frames (and in the kit is not) ... I did another to replace what is wrong in the kit ... More details...
  2. Thanks Lee! Matt, This Mi-24 kit is almost ready ... little missing. Thanks for the visit and for the commentary! Exdraken, I use aluminum to improve the kits ... not difficult. Greetings everyone! Here follows an advancement in the landing gear (suitability to the "E" version of Apache) and details of the tail stabilizer. Both are functional on my model!
  3. Great advances James! Keep up the great work! []s
  4. Thanks Exdraken! Follows continuation ... Panel References ... Preparing the improvements ... Improvements applied ... Tests with transparent coverage ... Front panel add-ons ... First results ... Scheme of fuel tanks ... References... Designed pieces... Results ... Floor structure ... Cut aluminum part ... Painting... Results ...
  5. Thanks Kitchen Modeller! Thanks Exdraken! (I like SAAB DRAKEN)... The panel of the kit is the version "A" (A serious failure of the Academy, because in the box they say that it is Apache "D" that should already have the digital panel) This components needs to be created in scratch ... References... Here is a texture to apply to the template ... Details to be made on the pilot's roof ... Replace this part ... Painted texture ... Painting of components ... Installation...
  6. Your work is clean and accurate! Congratulations!
  7. Beautiful work! I'm following!
  8. Cockpit references ... Start cockpit changes ... I did not like the seats in the kit, so I decided to make my own ... The whole system became functional in the seats ... Tests of new seats in place (the pilot seat is already painted) ...
  9. I changed the front and rear landing gear including small springs so they are functional ... I drew the separator plates from the avionics compartments ...
  10. Phil, Congratulations on the excellent work! I really enjoyed the assembly tips! Very educational!
  11. Greetings everyone! This is my first post here and I must say that it is an honor to be able to participate and share experiences with the members of this forum! Amount of kits since my 13 years old and today I am 53 ... I am already calloused due to errors and correctness and I will show you the assembly of a scale kit 1/48 AH-64 Apache. The kit was chosen by the Academy because it is reasonably detailed and cheap (of course the Hasegawa kit would be better, but since I will cut the whole kit to try to improve it, you will understand why I did not choose Hasegawa). The many years already elapsed today make me want "challenges" and in this kit I intend to modify it to make the AH-64E "Apache Guardian" version, all based on the scratbuilding technique. The assembly sequence will not be very traditional as some may be accustomed, but I will try not to disappoint the most demanding. The objective is to have an empty "matrix" to improve and add equipment (as it happens in the BOEING factory in Mesa - AZ) ... The fuselage receives several cuts ...
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