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  1. More and more as 2020 moves along l am reconsidering where and who l buy from. Now l decided not to buy from China. People are saying good luck with that but it can be done. Now l also realize that some things l can not get anywhere else so l am forced more or less either l do buy it or l can l live without it. I do not have to state my reasons why as it is pretty clear why we should be doing this. It is also one thing to buy it cheaper from say another modeler or on sale at the hobbyshop but cheap from china has it draw backs for all of us especially local business. My two cents Hacker
  2. Have the C version doing the same thing Hacker
  3. Fujimi did one but it was very bad. Their later J and S are ok. Hacker
  4. l was hoping he would finish the back dating the Cobra family first. A 1/48 G and J would be nice Hacker
  5. The Philippines Air force just got some blackhawks but not sure the version and if this will work. The S-70 is manufactured in Poland Hacker
  6. planning to do this plane myself eventually. Part of my research is colours which l have here based on Tamyia paint range. Not full committed on this but here it is for reference if you chose to French colours underside grey one part XF-25 to one part XF-2 Topside Grey one part XF-53 to one part XF18 French Khaki two parts XF49 to one part XF-5 Brown XF-10 Dark Green X-5 Hacker and no l ain't colour blind
  7. hacker


    here is a question what version was the Airfix kit? Hacker
  8. The last part is interesting . Never thought Helicopters. Wonder if that extended to the Cobras as well? Hacker
  9. l figured on 1950 jets up to maybe just before 1960? Who really knows but it was an interesting question to ask Hacker
  10. l believe this is a good as place as any to ask a question. The standard USAAF seat belts you find in say a Mustang or Thunderbolt was carried over with the creation of the USAF. My question is how long did they use that system? l know there must be newer version now but it seems to me it was used for great period of time. Why l am asking is l got several 1/48 projects on the got including a OV-10A Bronco which from my point of view used that same belts as the mustangs did. l am l right or am l wrong? Hacker.....fasten your belts this is going to be a bumpy ride!
  11. l have lots of references for the D VII but the most critical line drawings l need for a project is those wing ribs. l have a set but l found out the whole drawing is wrong . The search will continue. l am duly impressed. That 3D wing takes a lot of the work out of scratchbuilding it. It also from my perspective the fun too but that is me. hacker...I boldly go no where
  12. Now finish that Mk III ! l will be watching with interest Hacker
  13. ok going to watch this one too. l believe the Eastern Express is the same kit. Meanwhile Dora Wings is coming out with the Mk 1 you just finished. Hacker
  14. now that is what modeling building ( at least to me ) is all about. Well done Hacker
  15. l will introduce you to my ex wife then maybe your opinion might differ lol hacker
  16. l remember an article where someone chopped up a regular size 1/144 Jumbo to make a 747SP. It was a lot of work hacker
  17. seems to have vanished from the website. l would love one in 1/32 but also a JN-4 Jenny and an Avro Tutor
  18. Here is mine. The only things l did was scratch built the "sugar scoops" and replace the ejection seat with a better resin one Hacker
  19. There was another junkers before this one that was also used by bush pilots Hacker
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