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  1. They're looking really good - I hadn't thought of supplementing kit models with 3d print, is it something you've been doing for a while, how did you get started?
  2. I hope you get the parts sorted! I'll follow this with interest: I've just received my first LED's in the post today: ..., and have tried to resist the temptation to just sit here and turn them on and off, which feels ridiculously exciting! Will watch to see how you get on with installing yours!
  3. That's my fall-back option, yes - and I'll have to undercoat the decal area in white anyway because the printer doesn't print white! The stripes come out at pretty much 3mm, (which suggests a little under 15cm at full size,) and there is tape available in that width off the shelf, which should make masking comparatively easy.
  4. I've uploaded the earlier pics to imgur, and also taken a picture of the mirror image decal prints: As well as flipping the shapes I also had to flip the code, I took the opportunity to change the typeface to something a little closer to the original.
  5. Oh, I hope not *too* gutsy! I'm a little worried the decal will collapse and stick to itself, have printed three copies and will have my fingers crossed! I've rescaled the markings and they now fit, so have mirror printed them on the decal sheet. What could possibly go wrong?! I'd post an update pic, but my account has been blocked on the photo sharing site I used - any suggestions for a reliable, preferably free, platform? I'm really enjoying it so far!
  6. ..., and printed on plain paper to test the fit: It looks a shade long, but I think the white band by the "C" is a little wider than need be, so I can push the front bars backwards a little.
  7. Thank you, both - a little more progress with the tail decal: firstly the fil outline resized and superimposed on a rescaled image of the tail from the kit. ..., then, after a little jiggery pokery, the prototype decal: The blue lines are to cut it out once it's printed - it doesn't quite join up, but I'm not sure if I will cut it into two parts or try and wrap it over the tail.
  8. For this, my first group build, I'm going to build the 1:72 Eduard models MiG-21MF in Indian Air Force colours. I've got the Bunny Fighter Club version of the kit, BFC094, which comes with some extra resin and photoetched parts, but otherwise looks much like the Eduard MiG-21MF Interceptor Profipack (70141) reviewed here: I'm basing this on a couple of images of C1500, which is aluminium with red and white stripes on the tail. Source: https://www.bharat-rakshak.com/IAF/Galleries/Aircraft/Vintage/Fighters/MiG21M/MiG-21r.jpg.html I want to try a couple of things for this build: firstly I'm relatively new to airbrushing and want to use this to try out the AK xtreme metal paints (although I've got chrome rather than aluminium - hopefully the difference won't be too huge!); the other thing I want to try (and this may be a non-starter, I would welcome any thoughts) is laser printing tail stripes as a decal using a sheet of Clear Laser from TransOurDream Tru-Waterslide Decal Paper. Other markings will be from the box or from Caracal Models markings (CD48156) for an Indian Dassault Rafale, which were the closest I could find. I've started on the decal - to work out the size I need to print I'm using the following steps: - tape the fuselage halves and tail together - press kitchen foil onto the tail to get a sense for how much longer the shape will need to be to account for the curvature of the body - mark the foil, smooth it out and then cut out the foil shape - scan the foil shape and import into MS Word - trace the outline with line segment to get an outline - overlay this on a scan of the instructions, and resize this image to scale - clean up the image to merge the best of both of these images - add red and white lines Hopefully I'm doing this right!
  9. I'm interested in joining this build, I've got Eduard's 1:48 mig-21mf due to arrive today, it's coming in the "Bunny Fighter Club" livery so I may look out some alternative (Indian?) aftermarket decals. Could you add me, please? Rob
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