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  1. Resin Fireball XL5 - maybe a 'kit'...?

    ...Any day now...
  2. Pocher Rolls Royce Phantom Torpedo

    I bought all of my Pocher kits - about 7-8 of them in all - on UK Evilbay except for the Merc (in my stash still) which I bought from Pocherparts which is also UK. Roy.
  3. Ferrari 250 GTO #3505 Brands Hatch 1962

    There is a photo in the Haynes 250 GTO manual on page 28. It states the car is at Brands Hatch 6th Aug 1962. The number is 76, on a white roundel. Roy.
  4. Mpc Y/X- Wing and Tie Interceptor

    Some really nice models here..
  5. Phone Scam

    I had the Talk Talk router call some months back (I'm with BT so I knew it was garbage) The guy said my router was faulty and it was acting very strangely. I replied - 'Yes, it is rather weak, pathetic most of the time - your wife told me your dick is just the same'... At least he laughed as he hung up. I got that from a friend who also used to reply - 'Hang on, I'll get your wife out of bed so you can tell her'
  6. Scratch Build of 1951 Pullman Carriage

    Absolutely mind boggling stuff. It's going to be a masterpiece.
  7. A big Jaguar - again

    Eyeballs starting to go fuzzy now. Throttle linkages and more wires etc added. Time to look at bigger bits for a while methinks. Roy.
  8. E Type Jaguar 1/8 partwork - RESUMING

    If you subscribed originally, you should have had an email about the upcoming release - now March 15th nationally. If you still have your original sub number, call DeAg and say you still want to get the kit. You will get the first 5 issues FOC. Here's the new DeAg page - contact info is there. https://www.deagostini.com/uk/collections/build-jaguar-e-type/ Roy.
  9. A big Jaguar - again

    I glug red at times too Pete... The engine is now in, and some of the wiring and plumbing has been connected. Lots more to add, but the front 'picture frame' needs to go on next. If anyone wants to know anything, please ask. Roy.
  10. Phone Scam

    They are getting more and more crafty.
  11. DeAgostini Jag XKE - Canada//USA?

    Yes - confirmed on the DeAg forum. April 2017 for the US.
  12. Bill Paxton RIP

    He was great. Not much else to say. Very sad.
  13. Alfa Romeo Coupe Elegant

    Under red, I only ever use white primer. It gives the red a real 'punch'. Mind you, whatever you decide I'm sure it will look great.
  14. It's Jag wrapping time again!

    Seriously - many thanks for all the comments you guys - including the trainers... When it's all done, I'll post some pics. Roy.
  15. A big Jaguar - again

    This particular C Type is one of the earlier cars with enormous H6 SU carbs. The inlet manifold is equally peculiar so I had to scratch it from tube, flat sheet, small nuts and filler... I nobbled the SU float chambers from a Revell kit and made the mug-sized bowls from tube and sheet. The plug leads are in and the engine will be fitted to the car next. Roy.