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  1. Airfix 2018

    Hornbys troubles long predate MZs collapse. 10 years ago their shares were trading at around £3, they're now 10% of that. At the start of 2011 they were blaming weak performance on the cold winter weather. At the end of 2012 it was the fault of the olympics. Supplier problems, computer upgrades, warehouse moves and so on. It's been a litany of excuses for as long as I can remember culminating in the shotgun to the foot that was the 2015 Black Friday sale. Assuming the current plan gets the go ahead then that will be £35M the company has swallowed in the last 3 years just to stay afloat. At the bottom of it all the reality is a declining market, the business, in the UK at least, just doesn't seem to be there anymore. I don't see kids picking up model trains in the numbers required. European sales aren't likely to save the day, Revell and Italeri appear to be slowing down at best (lots of reissues and new tools being pushed further and further back). Add in the dark brexit shaped clouds and things look pretty bleak I'm afraid.
  2. F-16N question for the falcon experts .

    No, they never had them. The plates were initially added to the block 40s back in about 1994. By the time they expanded the program to other blocks in the late 90's the N was out of service.
  3. Good job, very tidy brings back some memories! I built the Heinz Pontiac when it came out, still got the Thunderbird somewhere along with a load of other Nascars. Might have to go and find them...
  4. Airfix price increase

    Regardless of any increase, I'm sure they're pulling these prices out of thin air as they make little sense from a comsumer point of view. Take the 48th Meteor and Stuka. The Meteor has 165 pieces, measures 287x236mm and is a series 9. The Stuka has 159 pieces, measures 288x229mm and is a series 7. They even come in identical size boxes although the Stuka is actually a bit deeper. Yet for an almost identical parts count and completed size footprint theres a nine quid difference. Why? Maybe there's a reason but to the man paying for it, it doesn't make much sense.
  5. Well, you can't blame him. I mean that is a pretty obscure piece of information that never, ever, ever comes up in every single Mustang thread on every forum going since the dawn of time. So well done you for clarifying it, I'm sure he appreciates your expertise. Of course, if you do build a test shot that will probably be used as part of the box illustrations, then it's probably best to build it as is so that you illustrate whats in the box and don't worry about appeasing the Mustang nerds.
  6. When the Model Graphix D came out I bought 5 from HLJ along with a couple of the weapons sets. Thanks to combined shipping and the fact that they were shipped as printed matter (VAT exempt), they came in at about £35 each. £50 is a pretty steep increase, get stung by customs and it's another £10 in VAT and £8 on the handling fee. I think I may well pass for now...it's a nice kit but it's not that nice.
  7. Unknown Black Phantom F4E

    ANG P-51's shipped to Korea were wrapped in the same stuff.
  8. F-16 PIDS and ECIPS Weapon Pylons

    The PIDS is in the later boxings of the Kinetic A/B. As far as I know nobody does an ECIPS pylon in any scale yet although it's the sort of thing Attack Squadron may do.
  9. Airfix 2018

    The P-51D was meant to be July although I think it may have been even earlier than that. Either way even Hornby themselves have admitted that products have been delayed as mentioned in the profits warning issued a couple of days ago. http://www.kentonline.co.uk/kent-business/county-news/model-maker-hornby-shares-plummet-after-warning-weak-summer-sales-sandwich-kent-131676/ If things carry on the same way to the end of the year then there will be real difficulties. They've already been to the shareholders twice, sold off property and been to the bank. It's hard to see where money is going to come from if they can't generate it themselves. Expect a thin 2018.
  10. What have you purchased 9

    From ebay, a 1/48 Revell Chinook HC.1 for a whopping £17.99 and five more Koku Fans from 1974. And from Hannants, 1/72 Barracuda B-1B nose and tail correction set and 1/72 Attack Squadron C-130E/H engines and sponson sets.
  11. What have you purchased 9

    From ebay, a 1/144 Roden C-5B Galaxy and another 1/144 Roden C-141B Starlifter from emodels.
  12. It seems to be selling on ebay. I've just bought one, £91 all in from Poland. Given that people were paying £80+ for the Revell/Otaki kit it's not a bad deal for a modern kit with dropped flaps and slats. I'm just pleased someones finally done one. If it checks out okay I'll be picking up another 3 or 4 at least, depending on whats on the Caracal sheets.
  13. What have you purchased 9

    This...I think it counts as a bargain... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FM-Handley-Page-Halifax-Mk-III-1-48-Plastic-Model-Aircraft-Kit-/253104681715?hash=item3aee36f2f3:g:GrUAAOSwkthZmJzp
  14. ITALERI NEW F4 KIT IT2770 may be not old ESCI Kit

    It is the Esci kit, the sprue shots are on the Italeri website.