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  1. yeehah1

    Need help with AmTech 1/48 P-40F/L

    20 02 2019 Love you guys. Really. @Tail-Dragon: Fantastic photos there. The section immediately behind F and the cowl flaps in the drawing....is that the black 'taped' area in your second photo? Rhanks again fellas. (say it like Scooby) Liam
  2. hi


    I posted some detail photo's and a drawing on your post about the P-40F belly. Just want to be sure you found them.


    Cheers, Colin

  3. yeehah1

    Need help with AmTech 1/48 P-40F/L

    18 02 2019 Hi Guys. Thanks for the replies. I have Milliput and will use it and perhaps use the plastcard strips to support it but what I need to see is what the actual shape is that I'm trying to make. The photos I see of the real aircraft of this area tend to be blocked by the gear doors or some such and the model threads on this seem to skirt over the actual work stages where the modeller built the area up and then blended the resin and the plastic. @Mark Joyce: re the wing guns: Yup, I'll be chopping that gun off as soon as I get the belly sorted Thanks! Would anyone care to share please? Liam
  4. yeehah1

    Need help with AmTech 1/48 P-40F/L

    17 02 2019 Evening all. Been awhile since I last posted here but I have a problem and would like some help please. I'm currently building AmTech's 1/48 P-40 F/L as 'Stud'. I decided to use the resin nose as supplied in the kit and it fit okay but I do have a gap on the bottom which is entirely my fault. he problem is I don't know how to blend the resin to the plastic donor kit, if that makes sense. I have the cowl vents ready to attach but cannot for the life of me figure out how to blend hgem together. I know this is probably very simple involving some plasticard and putty but could someone please show me how they resolved this? I'm especially concerned about the 'Nun's Habit' on the belly. Thanks in advance Liam
  5. yeehah1

    Dr.Who ...no one remebers the Daleks??

    21.01.2019 Hi Lads, Thanks for the entertaining replies. I just thought, for the sake of continuity, that it was odd and frustrating that they had that reaction like they'd never heard of a Dalek and yet UNIT was mentioned ( yet, inexplicibly no longer functioning due to lack of funding?). It's frustrating that so much good stuff was done previously yet somehow no longer seems relevant. Even a few well-placed throw-away lines would have sufficed to explain the universal amnesia re: Daleks. I liked some of the season … the Rosa Parks episode was a standout.... but feel there's something missing...like they're trying too hard to make it work rather than just letting it happen. I also feel a certain agenda is not just being pushed but is being rammed down our throats and I dislike that. Dr. Who was always intended to educate, yes, but also to entertain and I think it's losing that. Pity. They had a good run of it and I was hoping the female Dr. would be as outstanding as those who have gone before but so far, so meh.... Hope the next season rolls on better now that the ground work has been laid. Liam
  6. 19 01 2019 Okay, so the new Dr. is in and settled and I thought the New Years' Day episode was kinda good what with the 'steampunk' Dalek. However.... what's with people not knowing wat a Dalek is? We've had a number of planetary-wide Dalek invasions (and Cybermen) yet the first thing the companions say when the Doctor mentions the Dalek is' What's a Dalek?' and then carry on like they've never seen nor heard of one! What did I miss? Liam
  7. 14.10.2018 Quick question: Are there any aftermarket decals for this car by any chance? Liam
  8. yeehah1

    P-40F 'Stud' and AmTech 1/48 P-40F/L

    11.09.2018 Morning all, okay, so after a bit of a delay while I completed a different model I can now turn my attention fully to this P-40 again. Just finished riveting the plastic and am ready to start assembly. So, I guess the question I now have is: what colour is the seat! I know the later models had an unpainted/ aluminium seat. Would that apply to the seat in 'Stud'. I can't find anything definitve to confirm or deny this. Thanks in advance
  9. yeehah1

    Spitfire Question

    07.08.2018 Hi Everyone I am going to model two Spitfires based on the Tigerhead decal sheet 48019. I will make the one with the yellow tail and the one with the white tail. Now, the sheet says one is a Mk.IXc Spitfire and the other is a Mk, IXe Spitfire. Both have the tall pointy tail and both ( based on some quick google-searches) have clipped wings. Are there any other significant differences? Thanks in advance Liam
  10. yeehah1

    B-17 E 'Birmingham Blitzreig' question

    19.03.2018 Thanks for your replies guys. A great help all in all. Pity about the red/white stripes but the white/olive drab looks interesting and I think I will go with that with the Revell F kit, just changing the nose and nose windows. Much appreciated the help Liam
  11. yeehah1

    B-17 E 'Birmingham Blitzreig' question

    17 03 2018 Thank You Tony. I went back into the stash and found an old Revell Fortress IIA.... H-213 in Costal Command markings. Didn't know I had one. Apparently, it's an E! Seems basic, lots of rivet detail and it might benefit from some aftermarket. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/193851-revell-h-213-boeing-fortress-iia Thank you for your suggestions Liam
  12. 17.03.2018 and Hi all, I want to make this B-17 'Birmingham Blitzreig'. I have asked this question in the 'Want' section elsewhere but I thought it might be better to ask here. I found this topic on the Britmodeller forum and the modeller, Deacon, eventually used Revell's B-17F to make the B-17 and took the E nose and propellers and put them on the F as he felt they were the main exterior differences. Would this work for an E? I don't need to worry about turrets and guns as they were removed. Any advise greatly appreciated. Liam
  13. yeehah1

    P-40F 'Stud' and AmTech 1/48 P-40F/L

    Thanks Troy! Liam
  14. yeehah1

    P-40F 'Stud' and AmTech 1/48 P-40F/L

    Thanks everyone. A lot of food for thought in this. Liam
  15. yeehah1

    P-40 Cockpit question

    Hey Artie, Thanks for the great information! I didn't know about the fuel tank so thanks again. I was wondering about the floor of the kit being straight and level as reference I had seen online suggested otherwise. I have the cockpit (such as it is) assembled and painted but the fuel tank idea sounds like a good one. Just need to Google a good reference pic What do you mean by 'under fuselage bump' ? Nice touch of the Irish there Slan abhaile...! Liam