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  1. 05 01 2021 Hey all. I just received my 1/48 Buck Rogers Thunderfighter resin model made by Alain Rivard Model Shop (he's on Facebook). It's a good looking model but there's no transparencies for the canopy nor is there even templates to cut clear plastic ( or whatever) to the correct shape and install these. Would anyone be able to advise me what the best material would be good to use to make the cockpit transparencies please and where I might get some from? Thanks in advance Liam
  2. Kushan_Farsight you are a lifesaver. I had just about given up hope. I had thought to try JT but got them confused with JBOT decals. That guy has retired due to ill health. I have emailed an order to JTGraphics to see if they can provide the decals. Thank you so very much Liam
  3. 20 12 2020 Hi all. This is a real reach in the dark but would anyone out there either have the decals for the Buck Rogers fighter or know where I could get them? 1/48 would be the scale. Liam
  4. 29 11 2020 Hi Guys. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated Liam
  5. 26 11 2020 Hi guys, I've been doing a bit of a magazine clear-out and found this: My question is : do decals for these Batman symbol exist?? Here's hoping Liam
  6. 06 05 2020 @ stever I think that was the point of the conversation. If you marry the wings, tailplane and other bits of the Fury to the Tempest you get either a Mk. II or a mark VI. I'm not sure which. Was hoping for clarification. Thanks though
  7. 06 05 2020 Hi everybody, This is a bit of a long shot but I saw or read somewhere here in a different conversation that it was possible to convert a 1/48 Typhoon into a Tempest using a fair amount of the Hobbycraft Fury (same wings I think??). I think I saw this on Britmodeller. Can anyone point me in the direction of that topic or to where someone might have attempted it? I'm not sure what mark of Tempest they were trying to make but it sounded interesting. Thanks in advance Liam
  8. 02 05 2020 Thank you all for your replies. @Buz I've never seen those photos before. The top one is amazing. Love seeing the tread pattern on the tyres. So, it's the American colours then? Dark Earth and Middle Stone on top but should I use the Neutral Gray or Azure Blue then? I understand that there's a blue filter on the top photo but would a blue filter change the tone of Neutral Gray to make it look so blue? Liam
  9. 30 04 2020 Thanks Graham. It's this one: https://modelingmadness.com/review/allies/us/cleaverp40f.htm So, are you saying that I should go with the Dark Earth and Sand on top and Azure blue underneath? Liam
  10. 30 04 2020 'Morning campers! I'm currently building the AMT/Ertl 1/48 P-40F Warhawk. I plan to use a combination of Aeromaster Decals 48-219 and Superscale 48-844 to make White 10 'Sweet Stuff' of 69th Fighter Squadron, 57th Fighter Group, 9th AirForce Western Desert 1943. So, my query revolves around the actual colours to use … I know - a potential Pandora's box. Both Aeromaster and Superscale advise that the colours to use are Dark Earth and Sand on top and Azure blue underneath. So far so good. However, on the reverse side of the colour call-out page there's
  11. Thanks Mark. That link is not opening for me though. So it's two different aircraft? Liam
  12. 23 03 2020 Hi Everyone I have a question regarding the Aeromaster sheet for this plane. I'm using Aero Master Decals sheet Desert Hawks part II 48-219 to make White 10 - 4596. So far, so good. However, I have Histoire and Collections Curtiss P-40 Planes and Pilots from 1939 to 1945 and on page 36 there's a profile of White 10 and it has 'Sweet Stuff' written above the exhaust stack and the number '4' in the serial number is covered by the fin flag. Soooo, the title 'Sweet Stuff' is not included on the decal sheet. Pictures can be seen here:
  13. 26 01 2020 Thanks for the advice guys. I suspected I might be okay but just wanted to double-check Liam
  14. 25 01 2020 Hi All Just a quickie... in 1/48 can you use the masks meant for the p-40E on a P-40F? Can't seem to get the F masks anymore but loads of E masks out there. Cheer in advance Liam
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