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  1. 15 11 2021 Thanks again Troy and also I should thank @dogsbody for his contribution as well. Love the markings on these aircraft and that two-seater version on the Authentic decal sheet looks like it might be a very good modelling subject. For someone else Liam
  2. 15 11 2021 @Troy Smith thank you for such a complete response. The 20 GIAP (147 IAP) Air Force KA - aircraft and emblems (ava.org.ru) is amazing. I love the Hurricanes depicted here. Would I be right in thinking that the photo and profile of White 51 are two different P-40's? Thanks again for your help Liam
  3. 15 11 2021 Afternoon people I have Wolfpack's P-40 Warhawk part 2 / Lend Lease Warhawk/Tomahawk in VVS sheet ... WD48016. I am planning to make White 51 / Tomahawk Mk. IIB, 14th Army AF. I'm trying to find a little more information on it or maybe some photos but having trouble locating such. I did find The P-40 in Soviet Aviation – Lend-Lease website but it doesn't hold any information on this aircraft. I'm just wondering if there are any books or sites that might have some info. Also...I tried to post the website address as a link but it didn't paste in as such. Is it not allowed to post links in topics? (just wondering . I haven't been on this site for a while) Thanks in advance Liam
  4. Ah. Whoopsie. I must revise my 'search' skills Thanks for the heads up. You are Da Man. Liam
  5. 23 05 2021 Hi Guys. @Junchan Hi and thanks for your advice. I knew about the difference in the sweep angle and I've read an article elsewhere (maybe on this forum somewhere) that reckons the sweep difference is around 3 degrees give or take. But I would also agree with that article that given the scale of things it's not going to make a hell of a lot of difference to the build on the grand scheme of things. Again, I'll adapt Mr. Clark's method of cutting the wings off the centre section of the Airfix kit, using the centre section of the underwing/belly of the Airfix kit, then removing the wings from the centre section of the Monogram F-86D and attaching them to the centre section of the Airfix kit. I have an old Monogram mk.5 kit that I can put the Airfix wings on to make it look nice if needs be, Again, thanks for the help all. I was wondering why there didn't seem to be a lot of discussion around the Airfix 1/48 Sabre mk.4. So maybe this thread can address that All the best, Liam
  6. Thank you gentlemen. @ Sabrejet I wasn't sure if the wings on the Airfix F4 were the retro-fitted 6-3 or the slatted wings that had the slats screwed shut (wasn't there a version of that?) It's so complicated. But I can do a slatted mk4 by mating the wings of the Sabre dog to the Airfix kit. I'm happy! I have two of the Airfix kits and I know what I'm going to do with it now Whoo-hoo Liam
  7. 22 05 2021 Hello everyone! I read Bill Clark's article in Scale Aircraft Modelling April 2021 issue where he converted Academy's 1/48 Sabre F-86F into a slatted Sabre by mating the wings of a Monogram F-86D it. Now, the new 1/48 Airfix Sabre looks like a hard wing Sabre...slats screwed closed? If I want to display the slats open (and because I can't get the Academy kit) could I adapt Bill's method and mate the F-86D wings to the Airfix F4? If I CAN do that for then what can I use the now ex-Airfix F4 wings? Or would it be easier just to take the slatted section off the F-86D wing and use it to replace the same section on the Airix kit? Cheers in advance Liam
  8. 05 01 2021 Hey all. I just received my 1/48 Buck Rogers Thunderfighter resin model made by Alain Rivard Model Shop (he's on Facebook). It's a good looking model but there's no transparencies for the canopy nor is there even templates to cut clear plastic ( or whatever) to the correct shape and install these. Would anyone be able to advise me what the best material would be good to use to make the cockpit transparencies please and where I might get some from? Thanks in advance Liam
  9. Kushan_Farsight you are a lifesaver. I had just about given up hope. I had thought to try JT but got them confused with JBOT decals. That guy has retired due to ill health. I have emailed an order to JTGraphics to see if they can provide the decals. Thank you so very much Liam
  10. 20 12 2020 Hi all. This is a real reach in the dark but would anyone out there either have the decals for the Buck Rogers fighter or know where I could get them? 1/48 would be the scale. Liam
  11. 29 11 2020 Hi Guys. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated Liam
  12. 26 11 2020 Hi guys, I've been doing a bit of a magazine clear-out and found this: My question is : do decals for these Batman symbol exist?? Here's hoping Liam
  13. 06 05 2020 @ stever I think that was the point of the conversation. If you marry the wings, tailplane and other bits of the Fury to the Tempest you get either a Mk. II or a mark VI. I'm not sure which. Was hoping for clarification. Thanks though
  14. 06 05 2020 Hi everybody, This is a bit of a long shot but I saw or read somewhere here in a different conversation that it was possible to convert a 1/48 Typhoon into a Tempest using a fair amount of the Hobbycraft Fury (same wings I think??). I think I saw this on Britmodeller. Can anyone point me in the direction of that topic or to where someone might have attempted it? I'm not sure what mark of Tempest they were trying to make but it sounded interesting. Thanks in advance Liam
  15. 02 05 2020 Thank you all for your replies. @Buz I've never seen those photos before. The top one is amazing. Love seeing the tread pattern on the tyres. So, it's the American colours then? Dark Earth and Middle Stone on top but should I use the Neutral Gray or Azure Blue then? I understand that there's a blue filter on the top photo but would a blue filter change the tone of Neutral Gray to make it look so blue? Liam
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