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  1. Thanks Tony, I will pass that on. No your eyes are fine! I was copy and pasting like a maniac from several pages in a frantic search. The guys on the Revell page confused me by double posting similar problems in the same thread only in different scales. #Sigh... The joys of being a page Admin!
  2. Hi Troy and thanks for the reply. The Monogram Kit is indeed the 1/48th Hurricane, with BP188 JV-Z. Someone posted a similar problem on same post stating it was in 1/32!! I have solved the original problem with the Model Alliance Decal Hawker Hurricane in RAF and Commonwealth Service Part 2 in 1/48th! Seems the other builder has the 1998 Revell Hurricane mk2c kit in 1/32! And it seems he is the one now having problems finding replacement decals in 1/32. Having looked around i can`t find any. Thanks Again Terry
  3. My friend is looking for replacement Decals for the old Monogram 1/32 Hawker Hurricane. Seems the decals in this kit where notoriously bad. The kit was in BP188 JV-Z 6 Sqn Egypt 1941 Markings. I had a good look around and other markings for the Mk IIc in 1/32 seem to be a bit thin on the ground. Any help with the matter would be greatly appreciated. Regards Terry
  4. Ok... He just informed me in 1/48th Scale... Any help appreciated thanks.
  5. Hi, Sorry I`m looking for a friend, He did not specify a scale. I think he has been looking for a while and will buy the kit to suit the decal scale. I had a look with no luck. I`m starting to think he might need to get them made up. But any links would be a great help. Regards Terry
  6. Does anyone know where I can acquire decals for VMF-251 F-8 Crusader circa 1963? Thanks.
  7. ME109 Molders "Eyes" White 7. Can anyone please help and give information on this Aircraft please? I`m not to hot on German Aircraft, Squadrons and the likes. But Any Info on the Me109 such as Squadron, Type, History of the Aircraft or Photograph`s would be appreciated. Also why are the eyes painted on this Me 109?? Regards Terry
  8. Looks another good kit from Airfix... My only issue was when i seen picture`s of build up kit and now spruces of the kit was that the slat armour looks rather on the thick side. Im not normally a rivet counter but i could not fail to notice this twice now... Im sure a replacment with be out there are some point maybe. Looking at it again i agree 100% with Mike "one major flaw, which is the over-scale slat-armour." It`s hideous!!
  9. I presumed a recon bird... When i posted F4E i knew it was wrong. Yes Parabat im totally at a loss on this one also. I hope someone out there can throw some light on it
  10. Hi, I came across this Phantom F4 and was wondering if anyone could shed some further information on it. Im guessing it`s possible from USAF from the Vietnam era. But im lost as i have never seen this one before. Any Info is much appreciated. Regards Terry
  11. Very Sad and tragic... I know this Pub well being myself a Glaswegian. My understanding is there was on Fire due to Bladders in fuel tanks for this very situation. Thoughts and Prays to all affected. Regards Terry
  12. http://www.finewaterline.com/pages/gallery/carriers/kkenterprise/kkenterprise.html Wow!
  13. Great Pics! Im going to try get out the Museum this week
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