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  1. Breda Ba.65 A-80 Special Hobby 1/48

    Hi Arnold I have been plodding away at it and am now at the painting stage and some life color paints have arrived in the post . This is a difficult and slow kit to do and has taken lots of time and effort to keep going leaving none for picture taking and posting . P1020635 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr will post a further picture on completion
  2. Love your Dornier build . Good results on the canopy frame painting . Arnt those old Airfix decals amazing in their longevity . I put the crew in mine too as it seemed cruel to leave them out as they probably wouldnt have much luck on Tinder cheers Alistair
  3. Breda Ba.65 A-80 Special Hobby 1/48

    Back in action after holiday and moving house . Now for the first time in over 5 years my house and man-cave are together . I found it hard to get over the inertia that can build up after a lengthy pause in the construction of a slightly complex model . any way got the wing parts together and painted so they can be assembled and it feels real good to get back into the swing of it . only problem is im off to Malta on Tuesday for a week (going to visit all the military museums and read Malta : The Hurricane Years 1940-41 Chris Shores and Brian Cull . Today i gave the wing interior areas a coat of black primer followed by a light coat of Mr color Aircraft grey-green . this looks similar to the green used by the Italians as i dont want to purchase a bottle of paint that will probably not be used again . P1020588 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr The undercarriage legs are supposed to be attached at this point but i rather not have the danger of knocking them off for the next month during the expected filling and sanding process .
  4. Breda Ba.65 A-80 Special Hobby 1/48

    Thank you Adrian and Stix Work on this one has been TEMPORARILY put on hold as work load has has got in the way Each year i send 240,000 seeds off to a large seed packing company who pack them in to 24,000 packets of ten . This year their packing machine has got problems so My wife , me and one of our children are doing them by hand . We have been working now for 3 weeks 7 days a week and 15 hrs a day and will finish ( i hope) on Tuesday . We then go off to Morocco for a weeks holiday to get over it and give our eyes a rest . Then its back to the Breda
  5. 1/48 Eduard Bf109E-3 JG53 November, 1939

    Superb paint job and your objective has been met 100%
  6. Good move on those guns .I will also lookout for some. They are a promenant feature on this aircraft
  7. 1/48 Eduard Bf109E-3 JG53 November, 1939

    Bad luck Kent .Aswell as looking forward to seeing the 109 finished i hope you feel better soon . Alistair
  8. 1/48 Eduard Bf109E-3 JG53 November, 1939

    I think I have it this time! And we have progress! Ultra Matte Varnish applied followed by some actual construction! I glued some styrene strip fore and aft of the connector location. Once the connector is installed, I will attach more strip across the top of the connector and over the strip to secure it in place....forever! Some work to be done on the lower surface of the oil cooler and lower engine cowl to remove a couple of hairline seams: I started at the tail and progressively worked my way forward, securing the fuselage halves and ensuring the cockpit tub, gun deck and oil cooler were correctly aligned and snug: The gun deck cover was secured in place:
  9. A swarm from 3./HLeLv 24 - Fin(n)ished

    Nice 4 VP
  10. Why did S/Hobby not provide a part for the front of fuel tank < my guess is that it is a small test . If you cant make the part there is no point in proceeding
  11. Breda Ba.65 A-80 Special Hobby 1/48

    The cockpit is now in place . A dry run keeping frame work in place to check nothing is fouling the fuselage sides P1020409 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr The next part is the bomb rack that sits behind the cockpit which involves some complicated etch rolling and positioning above the 4 holes in the lower wing section P1020411 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr Reading of the experiences of those that have gone before me it is easy to get the bomb rack out of line so im thinking ttat i need to assemble the wing sections to enable some good dry runs (being a Very limited run kit this is not easy as no locating pins and very sloppy fit so will have to glue wing parts ..... which leads to another problem ... Undercarage needs to be assembed at same time according to instructions , not something to lookforward to protecting for rest of build P1020413 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr I have found a build thred where it seems that with care this can be delayed until the last stages , so im exploring that . This is definatly a chicken and egg kit
  12. Minion's Finnish-ed pencil

    Lovely neat work which stands up well to your close up pics .
  13. Macchi Mc.200 Saetta

    Always good to see some scratch building . Certainly transforms the detail.
  14. Breda Ba.65 A-80 Special Hobby 1/48

    Thanks for the heads up on the fuel tank position Arnold. I have had difficulty with the position of the control column . I assmbled thus and found the column pushed too far forward which will give me a problem later on with the instrument panel . P1020408 by Alistair Pearce, on Flickr I think attaching leaning back ,not at right angles to part ( A ) will work better .