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  1. Nice build Julien. Weird little thing isn't it?
  2. RN Cruiser Zara barrels 1:350 Master Models With more and more 1:350 ship kits being released, Master Models are continuing to build up their range and keeping up with the ever increasing demand for barrels with a much better scale appearance [350-098] - This set is for the Trumpeter Italian cruiser Zara which not only includes both main, (203mm), secondary, (100mm), but also tertiary armament, (37mm and 13.2mm). These are all direct replacements for the kit parts, and will need the removal of the kit barrels before drilling appropriate sized hole, (0.8mm for the 203mm, 0.5mm for the 100mm, 0.3mm for the 37 and 13.2mm guns), into the breech for the tang of the barrel to be glued into. As you can probably imagine the smaller calibre barrels are extremely small and fiddly, but they will certainly add the scale look of the completed model when fitted. Conclusion The barrels for the Zara are well up to the standards we’ve come to expect from Master Models, with the added distinction of being some of the smallest turned parts I’ve seen in 1:350. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  3. USS Massachusetts Top Drawings

    Thanks Mike. I put it in my stash.
  4. USS Alaska/Guam Barrels 1:350 Master Models Master models continue to build up their range of 1:350 scale armament sets, but they are now increasing the items produced to add other accessories. As usual they are well up to the standard we’ve come to expect from Master Models. [350-099] - This set is for the Trumpeter USS Alaska and USS Guam kits it includes both main, (12”), secondary, (5”). These are all direct replacements for the kit parts, unlike the normal sets in which you just cut off the kit barrels, drill a hole and glue the metal barrels onto the remaining plastic parts, this set also includes resin trunnions. You still need to drill out the resin parts to 1.6mm and 0.9mm respectively, and then you just add to the trunnion mounts within the turrets. For the 40mm and 20mm guns Master already do replacement sets and even complete mounts for these, so are not included in this set. Conclusion This is a nice easy way to give your Alaska/Guam kits that little bit of finesse that makes a nice model look great. The metal barrels are much more to scale than plastic can ever be moulded. Review sample courtesy of Piotr at
  5. USS Massachusetts Kagero Top Drawings This is the latest book from Kagero in their Top Drawing series, and like the previous books it has a brief history and the ships specifications at the beginning. There is also a page dedicated to the specifications and technical data for the ship and its armament. The rest of the twenty five pages are filled with beautifully drawn diagrams of every part of the ship. It is obvious that a lot of time has been taken to get the drawings this good and accurate. Amongst the larger diagrams are smaller sketches giving further details on some of the ships hardware and fittings. The scales for the diagrams within the book vary from 1:50 to 1:200. While the actual hull and most of the superstructure isn’t included in the book itself, other than bow and stern profiles and a side view identifying the main parts of the ship, they are included on the two A2 sheets included with the book. The three view of the ship is in 1:400 scale, as is the full colour guide on the reverse. The second sheet contains more detailed diagrams of the ships structure, weapons and decks in 1:200 scale. Conclusion This is yet another brilliant book in this series from Kagero. The wealth of detail shown is a real boon to the maritime modeller, as is the superb clarity of the drawings. There are several models of the ship on the market, if you have one in the stash, you will need this book to make the most of the build. Review sample courtesy of
  6. M752 Lance TBM for Dragon 1:35 Eduard Well it’s another month and Eduard have released another load of etched detail sets. This one is for the M752 Lance Tactical Ballistic Missile system.. The single sheet of relief etched brass contains numerous part to super detail the vehicle. As with most Eduard sets, some of the kit details will need to be removed before the etched parts are added. These include the instrument panel, fin stowage box handles and several panels. Whilst most of the parts require simple folding but there are a few parts that will need careful rolling to shape, particularly the missile straps, and several of the pioneer tool clamps. Some of the panels fitted around the vehicle will require the modeller to run a ball point pen around the edges and cross bracing to give further relief detail. Apart from all the handles, brackets and clamps, the set also provides new details for the drivers compartment, with new panel with acetate film instruments, plus new levers and instruments, missile handling crane, missile bay and vehicle decking. There also a selection of grilles to cover the engine intakes, one of which is a multipart unit, complete with fan detail. The ramp is provided with new actuators, chains and other fittings, while the foot wells are given new PE surrounds. Conclusion I’ve heard mixed reviews about the Dragon M752, and in some there is quite a lot to do to make it accurate. If you don’t want to go the whole hog in altering the kit, this set will at least make it look more interesting. If you do want to add all the bits that are incorrect and/or missing then the set will at least help with the finer details that aren’t always easy to scratchbuild. Review samples courtesy of
  7. Chance Vought F4U-1D Corsair detail Sets Eduard 1:32 The Tamiya 1:32 Corsair F4U-1D is a fantastic model straight out of the box as are all of this series of 1:32 kits, but there are always more ways to gild the lily. This is Eduard come in with their range of update sets for it, four more in fact if you include the zoom and mask sets, on top of the ones already released. Each set is held in the usual poly sleeve packaging with a card insert to prevent damage, and the instructions still leave a lot to be desired. Typically some of the kit details need to be removed before the brass parts can be added. Interior Zoom Set (33181) - Contained on a single of relief etched brass, it being pre-painted but no longer self adhesive. There are a large number of instrument boxes fitted around the cockpit, on the side consoles; coaming and side walls onto which the pre-painted faces are attached. The instrument panels are also pre-painted complete with the instrument faces on the backplate. A little dab of aqua clear will give them the appearance of glass fronts. There are also parts for complete replacement throttle quadrant and gear leaver housing. Exterior (32412) - This single sheet set contains some very nice additional detail for the exterior and open areas of the kit. There are quite a few parts dedicated to the interior of the tailwheel bay, especially on the mounting bulkhead which has new mounting fixtures and fittings for the tail oleo, whilst the foreward bulkhead is fitted with new fittings which include the rudder cable arm and mounting bracket. The tailwheel bay doors are fitted with new hinges panels and attachment links. The main wheel bays also get a dose of additional detail with the fitting of new panels around the bay walls and roof along with additional cabling and pipe work. If you’re building the model with wings folded then you have the option of adding new end plates to the flaps and ailerons along with replacement brackets and web pieces. The wing fold areas have a host of new hoses and pipework fitted which will really make the areas look not only more accurate but busy. The kits bombs get new arming vanes for both the nose and tail positions as well as new bomb lugs, but in this scale they need to be thicker, so it may be best to keep with the kit items. The rockets are fitted with the electrical cable that attaches to the rear of the rocket, and can be left hanging if desired, to show that they’re not armed yet. Seatbelts (33180) - This small single sheet of etched steel contains the pre-painted seatbelts, and while they are quite simple to use, they do look really nice with the stitching picked out and some shading already added. They may take a little fiddling to make look the part, as they’re not as giving as cloth belts, but once glued in place, they will certainly stand out. Masks (JX207) - To complement the sets mentioned above, Eduard have also released a set of paint masks for the F4U-1D, which helps masking the clear areas a whole lot easier. Conclusion As with most of Eduards releases there are questions as to why some sets are so comprehensive yet still missing vital parts that are held back to make up other smaller sets. I suppose it does give the modeller more options on how much detail they wish to add, but is still quite annoying. The quality of these sets is superb, and will certainly help to the making of a super detailed model. Review samples courtesy of
  8. Spitfire Mk.IX Detail Sets for Revell Brassin 1:32 The Revell Spitfire Mk.IX, while being a nice kit, is a little simplistic in areas, but then the price may reflect that the detail has been toned down a bit. If you want to add that much needed extra detail, Eduard come to the rescue with this cockpit set and two sets of gunsights, in early and late form from their Brassin range. Cockpit Set (632111) - The set comes in a very well packed cardboard with the parts in several zip lock bags and prevented from being shaken around by two foam pads. There are thirty eight resin parts in a mixture of medium and dark greys, plus a clear acetate sheet, a sheet of pre-painted etched brass and a sheet of unpainted photo etched parts, and a small decal sheet. Unfortunately the decals and acetate sheet are missing from the review sample so I won’t be able to comment on them too much other than where to use them. The detail on the resin parts is quite amazing, being super sharp, with good depth, although some parts have small sections of flash which need to be removed on top of the removal from the casting blocks. The cockpit is literally a tub made up of the front and rear bulkheads, what would be the fuselage side walls and the lower fuselage interior. The kits interior rib detail needs to be completely removed to allow the fitment of the tub, which shouldn’t take too long with a nice sharp curved blade and some sanding sponges. The moulded detail on the bulkheads and inner fuselage parts needs to be seen to be believed, add to this all the smaller sundry parts and you will have a truly amazing cockpit. There is an alternative resin instrument panel for which decals of the instruments are provided if you don’t want to use the etched items. Painting of the parts, especially those pre-moulded will be a bit of a chore, but with care you will end up with something of a masterpiece which would be good on its own, let alone fitted to the model. The resin is further enhanced with the addition of the two sheets of etched parts, the pre-painted seat belts which are quite complex, but with care and attention will build into a pretty amazing representation of the real things, as well as the instrument panel with the pre-painted dials on the back plate. All that needs to be added is some clear to represent the glazing. The unpainted sheet contains a selection of brackets, levers and fixtures for around the cockpit, such as the compass bracket, sight braces, seat details and toe straps. The acetate sheet contains marked out areas which go to make up the gunsight glass. Gunsight early (632113) - Contained in a hard blister pack with protective sponge layers you have three resin sights, resin mounting bracket and PE support straps. There is also an acetate sheet, which, when the marked areas are cut out, makes up the glass components of the sight. Detail is very nicely done on the resin, with the cogged edge of the range wheel being readily apparent. Gunsight late (632114) - As with the early sights mentioned above, this set also comes in a hard blister pack and also contains three sights and their mounting brackets in resin. The PE sheet contains the hood that mounts on top of the sight, and the acetate sheet provides the glass components. There is also a small decal sheet that has four NO HAND HOLD decals, using one for each sight provided; it goes on top of the sight glass hood, leaving one spare Conclusion The Revell Spitfire is a very nice kit out of the box, especially for the price, but it really could do with some extra detail to make it pop. With the cockpit set you can really go to town, and with all the parts provided it will look very busy and cramped, just as the real thing is. If you don’t want to go that far, then that’s where the sight sets come in, adding a bit of dash to the coaming. Review samples courtesy of
  9. Polikarpov I-16 Type 24 detail sets Eduard 1:32 The new ICM I-16 Type 24, which is also being released by Revell Germany, is a lovely little kit, as reviewed HERE. But never one to miss an opportunity to improve a kit, Eduard have now released three sets of etch, (if you include the zoom set), and a set of masks. Detail Set (32919) - The parts are contained in this set on one sheet of etched steel, and one on a sheet of etched brass. The steel sheet is pre-painted, and it looks like Eduard have gone away from making these parts self adhesive. The sheet contains the instrument panels complete with the instrument faces on the backplate. A little dab of aqua clear will give them the appearance of glass fronts. The sheet also contains the myriad of coloured levers, knobs, additional instruments, rudder pedal support bracket, electrical box with separate cooling gill panel and radio face panel. The unpainted sheet contains items such as the rudder pedal straps, cockpit floor rails, for which you will have to remove details on the kit floor and reshape the forward end, once the etched parts are glued into place. The throttle box, lever, and undercarriage control lever/box are also included in this sheet, for which the modeller will have to provide some plastic rod to assemble correctly. The largest parts on the sheet are those that make up the undercarriage doors, with outer panels, internal structure and brackets to fit the doors to the main legs and actuators. All three doors are replaced by the PE parts which give them a much more accurate thickness than the styrene parts could hope to achieve. Interior Zoom Set (33184) - This zoom set contains only the above pre-painted sheet and allows the modeller to build a well detailed cockpit without the hassle of getting bogged down with detail that might otherwise be deemed superfluous. Seatbelts (33185) - This small single sheet of etched steel contains the pre-painted seatbelts, and while it is quite simple, they do look really nice with the stitching picked out and some shading already added. They may take a little fiddling to make look the part, as they’re not as giving as cloth belts, but once glued in place, the will stand out, even in the small cockpit of the I-16. Masks (JX209) - To complement the sets mentioned above, Eduard have also released a set of paint masks for the I-16, which helps masking the clear areas a whole lot easier as well as the wheels/tyres. Conclusion There’s never a kit release without Eduard set or two being designed for it as they are so prolific. Whilst not as comprehensive as some of the previous releases, (perhaps ICM got it right and didn’t need as much), they will add that extra level of detail sought by some modellers. It still disappointing that they chose to release the seatbelt set separate from what is basically an interior set, but I guess it gives modellers more choice on how much they want to add. Review samples courtesy of
  10. RN Battleship Roma detail set No.3 1:350 Eduard This is the last of three sets to be released by Eduard for the Trumpeter kit. Part 3- (53-201). This comprehensive single sheet set is jam packed full of parts for use throughout the ship. Mostly though, it contains the ships railings for the main deck, upper decks and platforms. It also contains numerous parts for the ships boats, such as hull gratings, superstructures, railings, oars, thwarts and gunwhales. Items such as rudders, propellers, life rings, portholes, engine covers, wheel houses, seats, windscreens and hatches are also included. Even the Carley floats are provided with gratings, although for best effect the moulded section should be removed first, which will be a little time consuming, but will give them a much better look. All the boats cradles are also replaced with new PE items, and are much more detailed than the moulded on parts, which will have to be removed first. Conclusion I’m not quite sure why this set wasn’t released with the other two which I reviewed HERE, but at least it’s out now. This set, even if used on its own looks like it will bring a big improvement to the kit, giving some much need finesse to the finished model, and certainly much improved detail for the ships boats. Review sample courtesy of
  11. Russian MSTA S Detail Sets Eduard 1:35 It always seems to be a busy schedule at Eduard with several releases every month, this month being no different. The Zvezda MSTA S seems to have been well received and comes well detailed out of the box. But for those modellers who really need to have an ultra detailed model these three new sets will be just the ticket. MSTA S Turret set (36366) This single sheet set contains, naturally, all the fine detail parts for the vehicles turret. To begin with you get all the tread plates for the turret roof as well as a tread guard in front of the commander’s sight and bracket plate on the right hand front of the roof. The set also includes and new stowage basket, lots of small items such as new brackets, supports, a new saw, tool brackets, shields, jerry can holder, and gun cleaning rod holder brackets. There is also a new grille for the air filter unit and ammunition box lid, handle and rear sight for the heavy machine gun Hull Set (36367) This single sheet set contains a host of grilles and fittings for the hull. The grilles include those for the engine intakes, both large and small, and air conditioning intake. The set also includes additional detail for the gun travel lock, new heat shields for the exhaust, plus a host of handles, brackets and fixings for around the hull, including all new items for the unditching beam. Fenders (36368) Again, exactly what it states on the pack. Whilst the kit fenders are quite adequate, for scale thickness you will need to use these PE fenders. Before fitting the PE parts you will have to remove the front and rear mudflaps from the kit hull. These are replaced with PE parts, and there is an additional support plate to be fitted to the fronts. The fenders are then fitted with attachment clamps between each section, plus lifting handles on the bottom edge and a heat shield under the exhaust. Conclusion These three sets are great for those who like to have extra detail on their models, but, being separate it allows the modeller to pick and choose how much or how little they wish to add. Especially as the kit itself is pretty darn good already. Highly recommended. Review samples courtesy of
  12. V-54 Engine. 1:35

    V-54 Engine MiniArt 1:35 The V-54 is a massive 12 cylinder 39litre water cooled diesel engine used in all T-54 variants. This kit is taken from the superb interior kits of the T-54. As I said in my reviews of the full kits this is a beautiful model in its own right. Well, looks like MiniArt heard me and have released a separate kit of it. The small, yet attractive box with artwork showing the engine in both early and late guise contains four sprues of grey styrene and a length of copper wire. Construction is as in the full kits, starting with the two piece sump, onto which the starter motor and alternator are attached, as is the electrical tube that sits between the cylinder heads. Each of the cylinder blocks are made up from six parts, each completed assembly is then glued to the sump assembly. The exhaust manifolds are then attached, along with the three lengths of pipe at the rear of the engine, and two lengths at the front, which in turn are attached to the separate water pump. The engine fitted with a four piece cradle, followed by the exhaust silencers and their attachment blocks. The modeller then has a choice of air filter to fit depending on whether they are making an engine pre 1957 or post 1957. The filters are very different in style, the pre ’57 being made from twenty three parts and the post ’57 from eleven. Once assembled the chosen option is glued to the front of the engine and two recirculation pipes fitted between them and the exhaust silencers. The copper wire is then cut to length and used as glow plug leads Conclusion This is a very nice and useful little kit. You can use it in the MiniArt kits that don’t come with engines, or use it on its own as part of a workshop scene in a diorama or whatever your imagination can come up with. Review sample courtesy of
  13. Harrier T.8 cockpit reference

    Yeah, saw that, wasn't sure it was an MFD or just a representation of the radar screen. I only worked on T-4's, the 8's were after my time in the mob.
  14. Harrier T.8 cockpit reference

    Looks like it was analogue. See HERE
  15. Italeri 1/35 Higgins Boat

    Excellent. About time someone did a Higgins.