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  1. Finished our new NeOmega UK's Clyde puffer resin kit. Now just need to do that Corvette!
  2. Our full resin kit with etch metal parts. Available in both full and waterline versions https://www.neomega-resin.com/1144th-clyde-puffer-1065-p.asp
  3. No problem, they've only just come out as I had to wait for the etch to arrive in the quantities I needed! The next on the slipway is a TID Tug. Similar size as the Puffer, but I'm only doing a waterline version as they aren't often beached. Gordon
  4. Watch towards the end, where the observer gets thrown out and ends up clinging onto the tail!
  5. Hi. We now to the rear extending section as an add on, designed to fit the existing kit, or as a full combo. https://www.neomega-resin.com/rn-catapult-rear-extension-add-on-1003-p.asp
  6. I'm considering doing the Arctic 28 RIB as used by the SAS and Royal Marines. Also maybe a Rigid Raider in 35th too. Can't see them being much use as RC though, they will be resin, so rather heavy!
  7. Thanks! However, I want to do a full kit with etch metal etc. Plus others fittings can sometimes be of dubious accuracy and scale! 96th could be OK maybe.
  8. Yes, Revell are especially good at doing things to fit their boxing rather than any consistent scales. 1/200th is OK, but only done for battleships. 72nd would be OK, but at the upper end for the smaller boats and become too large for others. Thanks! G
  9. Hi! We are planning a few resin kits of smaller ships/workboats that are up to 30m LOA. Puffer, VIC, Paddle Tug etc, but was wondering what peopled thoughts on scales would be. I know 1/700th and 1/350th are 'the' ship scales, but I don't want a tiddly little thing. I'm thinking of 1/144th maybe. This makes a hull size that is a sensible size and can be cast easily in 1 piece. Thoughts? Gordon.
  10. The 1/35th Resin kit of this iconic 1957 expedition vehicle is now out! The Trans-Antarctic Tractor includes a figure and penguins with etch wings!
  11. This is the new NeOmega 1/35th Trans-Antarctic Tractor, with it's associated penguins.
  12. Now available, the 1/35th scale models of the iconic tracked vehicles used in the 1957 Trans Antarctic Expedition. Full resin kit, with etched metal parts. Includes a figure, and two penguins, with etch wings too! https://www.neomega-resin.com/trans-antarctic-expedition-tractor-with-figure-1012-p.asp
  13. New releases to be seen on our stand at Telford? Our new CAM Hurricat Catapult section. Designed to fit 1/48th scale Hurricane I kits Click here New from Vector - 1.32nd I-153 cowl set Click Here Plus our RN Walrus Catapult and Kamov Ka-52 sets are available again. Come and sat hello!! NeOmega
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