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      DDoS and Brute Force Attacks   09/18/2016

      From the day following upgrade to the new forum software, 15th Sept until the 19th, we were under a concerted attack by a person or persons using a number of 'bots and other people's Proxy networks to carry out what is called a Distributed Denial of Service attack, which is a method by which these 'bots submit thousands of requests to the website per second to overload the server and bring the site to its knees.  While this was going on, they were also making Brute Force attacks on our remote communications port to try and breach the server so they could do anything from format the hard drives to change ownership of the site, and bombarding the mailserver with similar bogus requests, some of which left some rather telling details behind.  This was followed up a couple of days later with a further attack that left more data to sift through, which we have passed on to our IT forensics people.On the advice of our Lawyer and fellow member JohnT, we yesterday informed the National Crime Agency and requested their assistance with the matter, and in an ongoing dialogue with them to find the culprits, so we are allowing them access to the server and its logs.    We don't believe that this is a random attack on balance, but for 5 days and a further evening we had to put up with some disturbance and interruption to the usually fast response of the website as we are seeing now that the attack has ended.  We will prevail, and don't worry about it.  We were the target, and these people will not win.  Karma will catch up with them   Mike, Greg, Dave & Julien.


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  1. Thanks for your comments guys, they are appreciated A little more progress to report today. Firstly, here's the completed cockpit. Thankfully, little will be seen of it later. . I've also been working on the two cockpit figures. Both have had hair cuts and have also had their heads turned to the right, to face the cameraman. I've also given Mum some figure (not too much or she won't fit in the cockpit ), plus turned her trousers into a skirt using putty. Here they are, along with Mum before surgery (an Airfix Scout pilot). Mum's hair may need more work (although it does look pretty wierd in the original photo too - no offence). Son required much less work and hence looks much better . He's not holding a newspaper in the original photo, but I'm inclined to leave this alone as the basic stance is pretty good. Here they are again, this time posed loosely in the Corsaire. It looks a bit odd like this, but when compared to the original photo it's not too bad. Within the constraints of the baseboard, I'm having to compromise slightly on the position of the cameraman and hence Mum and Son are not looking quite so much to the right. Cheers Cliff
  2. Looking good and cracking on at a good pace Steve
  3. Earlier this year it was suggested at my Model Club that we should take part in a 'Secret Santa' type, blind kit swap. The idea was to get us to build a subject that we would not normally consider. All participants wrapped up and donated a kit into a pile, from which then we all took one at random to build. Imagine my 'delight', when I drew a 1/72 Heritage Aviation Harrier T.4! Those of you familiar with this kit will know that it is a fairly poorly cast resin and white metal product that is not for the faint hearted. The rules of the swap allowed us to use aftermarket additions, but I resisted the temptation to replace as many bits as possible and limited my expenditure to a Combat Decals 'British Test & Development Aircraft' decal pack (which is brilliant), and a Master brass pitot tube (brilliant also). Here's what I ended up with after a couple of months' hard graft. I've made a couple of blunders (apologies to those who notice), but I have to say that it does at least look nice and colourful . Cheers Cliff
  4. Chris, this build brings a big smile to face every time .
  5. Nearly there now Stu. This is a nice little collection coming together!
  6. I somehow managed to miss this one so far Stix (there's just too much to look at on BM!). But glad to catch up now, as your Panzer III is superb Cliff
  7. Should be good Jimmy. I don't know what your second set of decals are like, but in my limited experience of 1990s Revell 'Super Decals' they are certainly not (super, that is)! Mine have always seemed to be very thick and prone to silvering...
  8. I'm very impressed with that tarpaulin Badder. Top job!
  9. The more you look at it, the crazier it gets! Nice one Gaz
  10. Looking great Tony It's interesting that the Hasegawa 'Stars n' Bars' turned out OK. Hasegawa decal whites always look pretty yellow on the sheet (as yours did), but these seem fine when on your model. Is there a secret?! Cliff
  11. Nice to see an Hs.126 in the mix Mitch (I was going to enter an Airfix one, but got distracted!) Cliff