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  1. I've just come across this thread Pat and am very pleased to see that you are finally building your first vac form. Excellent! Cliff
  2. A fascinating subject and the dragonfly name seems very apt. Cliff
  3. That's a great result Unkempt and having the door open really adds some interest. Cliff
  4. Thanks Colin, The fuselage is solid resin, but in 1/72 it's quite small (80mm long), so thankfully it's not too heavy. The PE undecarriage seemed very flimsy on the fret, but the finished item is sturdy enough.. As you can see, the first coat of primer has shown up a few areas where the surface finish needs some more attention. Cheers Cliff
  5. I'm coming late to this one Greg, but I'm very pleased to be here now. Exceptional work! Cliff
  6. Hi guys and sorry that I've been absent for a while. Today, I have finally made a start on the diminuitive Zuchenko. Here are the parts out of the box: and here are the resin bits cleaned up and partly assembled No real horrors, just a few air bubbles on the underside of the fuselage. These were easily filled using superglue and Mr Surfacer. Next, I'll be breaking out the brass wire to help locate the wings and props. See you again soon Cliff
  7. It's really starting to take shape now Greg. Looks like all the work will have been worth it. Cliff
  8. Another lovely choice John Cliff
  9. I can see that US fighters are going to be well represented! Cliff
  10. This is looking lovely! Cliff
  11. Thanks again for all your positive comments Tony, I'm going to be using the Ardpol 1/72 resin kit for my DH-9, like this one. I just hope that I don't get distracted onto something else Cliff
  12. That's beautiful Doug Cliff
  13. Referring to an earlier post: "Oh nimrod, what big hands you've got" Obviously all the better for making ridiculously small aircraft models with Excellent work! Cliff
  14. This should be excellent Adrian Thanks for the reference to the Vickers Vespa too. I hadn't realised that it was a record breaker. It's on the 'to do' list for my Chaco War collection. At the time, the Bolivians particularly appreciated aircraft with good high altitude performance (La Paz being the world's highest capital city etc.), so it all makes sense. I've yet to find a kit, although there is a very small scale 3D printed model available. Cliff
  15. Looking nice so far Colin. A very interesting project. Cliff