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  1. Revell USN C-40A Clipper Conversion

    An interesting choice Ray and I love the time lapse photography! A couple of strokes with a razor saw and then 'voila' - instant fuselage Cliff
  2. A-10B thunderbolt II

    Nice work with the cockpits Jabba Cliff
  3. Thanks Mark. You're right about the Electra being an attractive aircraft and for me that helps to maintain my interest. The last Aeroput aircraft that I built was a Caudron Goeland - which IMHO was the complete opposite! It's good to have it in the collection, but I couldn't get enthusiastic about the build. Cheers Cliff
  4. 1/200 HS.125 Corporate Jet

    Thanks Col. Well, if the build wasn't easy enough already, it just got easier! I've just put the Tamiya primer coat on and it's delivered a beautiful, satin grey finish which is ideal for the light grey wing/lower fuselage colour. It looks like I'm saved a job. Next up will be Alclad primer (my usual choice for white surfaces) . Cheers Cliff
  5. Thank you for your kind words chaps The L10 is looking a lot more complete now: In addition to the obvious bits, I've also added a flange at the top of the cockpit. The roof area is not glazed, so I can use a nice blob of epoxy adhesive to securely fix the vacform canopy at this point. Once that's well set, I'll seal around the remaining edges using thinned Kristal Klear. I've also added a couple of landing lights to the nose. These are very prominent on the original, but missing on the kit. I haven't yet decided how to finish them off (possibly I should have thought about this before taking drill to plastic !). Cheers Cliff
  6. Novo Hawker Hunter Old School Build

    That's just being pernickety - I didn't have you down as a rivet counter Pat
  7. Eduard's Bf110E (Profipack)

    Nice choice. My vote would go for the box art scheme, as it's possibly less well known? Either would be great though! Cliff
  8. Nice work with the rifle John. It must have been quite a challenge for the observer to use it in the tight confines of the cockpit (what with the struts etc.). Cliff
  9. ***finsihed*** Hasegawa A-10

    Truly a warthog now! Cliff
  10. It's nice to see a 'small air force' represented Cliff
  11. A nice start Mark Cliff
  12. M10 Tank Destroyer

    It looks like that open turret will be put to good use - lots of nice detail Cliff
  13. Hawker Hunter FR10

    The primer's pulled it all together very nicely. Cliff
  14. This is looking like a nice challenge Cliff
  15. Novo Hawker Hunter Old School Build

    I hope things turn out OK Pat