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  1. Making a start on the interior today and will be following this nice walkround video of a preserved Swedish example (from YouTube).
  2. Please sign me up too. Thanks Cliff
  3. Thank you all for your comments Still moving forward (albeit slowly), with first coat of primer now on. Up close, there are several areas that still require attention but that is expected - at least on my builds . The kit includes a set of resin struts which appear to be quite usuable with care, but I will probably use some brass Strutz instead. Cliff
  4. Very nice camo' Cliff
  5. Change of plan again folks! 1) 'Maritime Patrol' didn't get through the GB vote 2) The next GB I'm planning to enter isn't until mid-Feb (de Havilland) 3) I need to build this Caproni before July (for the competition night). So if you'll have me back please, I will make a start on this after all. Most likely I'll need to finish it in the KUTA GB, but you never know...... I've made a slight start already, glueing together some two-part pieces like the wings and wheels. Well under 25% complete I think, particularly when the AM stuff is taken into account. Cheers Cliff
  6. As you say Rene, a typical High Planes kit. They can turn out nicely though, as this one seems be Cliff
  7. Glad to see that you are getting the snags sorted out OK Steve. Cliff
  8. My thanks too to Enzo and Rich . Chaco War builds (including some armour), in four GBs so I can't complain! I hope that you all have something to please you too. Cheers Cliff
  9. Does anyone else fancy a DC-9/MD-80/B717 SingleType Group Build? Maybe just time to get it into 2018 if we are ultra quick or 2019 if we are not ! Current supporters: 1. CliffB 2. Skodadriver 3. Jabba 4. Trojan Thunder 5. POTKC Cheers Cliff
  10. I'm glad now that I didn't melt my old Airmodel He.119 down for scrap.
  11. Don't they all!
  12. My favourite Group Build of all those proposed this year, so I'm really pleased that it did so well (and a bit surprised too if I'm honest). Just three DH aircraft in my stash (DH9, Cirrus Moth and Dragon Rapide), so if the timetable allows I may try to build them all Cliff
  13. Well done and thanks folks! It didn't quite go our way last year, but we've had better luck this time . Cheers Cliff
  14. Yes, here's to next year Tony In the meantime, I do hope that we will see the SCW well represented in the Radial Engines Rock GB if that gets through. A sort of unofficial sub-group! Cheers Cliff
  15. Time for another update, showing the new canopy and the undercarriage in place. Just a few minor bits to prepare (prop, wheels etc.), and then it will be time for priming. Cheers Cliff