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  1. Thank you Peter, Martin and Tony I have a plan for the glazing, but let's see what happens. It will be the last thing I do (hopefully just on this model, rather than ever!). In the meantime I've painted the flying surfaces and applied the wing decals. There is good news and bad news regarding the Omega kit decals. The good news is that they apply wonderfully, having good colour density and settling down nicely over contours with no effort at all. The bad news is this, from which you are supposed to make up the registration UN-SAA. Yes, the U and N are much thinner than the S and A. Crazy! I wanted to use the kit's S as it has a very distinctive shape, so set about printing off my own UN- to match. Luckily, I found that the Arial Narrow font, printed 'bold' gave a reasonable match. Not perfect, but I think it works OK. I have been fortunate to receive expert advice on the colours of this aircraft from Nenad Miklusev (aka Supercuber here on Britmodeller), who believes that these letters should actually be dark blue. Unfortunately this would be a step to far for me (an excuse that I will use again shortly, when I come to do the fuselage lettering ). Cheers Cliff
  2. Glad to see that you are showing this one who is boss Ced. Great work so far. Cliff
  3. Fabulous work John Cliff
  4. Congratulations allyby . It's a brave man who takes on a biplane on floats for only their 5th build. Cliff
  5. Thanks Martin and Col I've been taking a break from my Dragon Rapide build, waiting until I'm in the mood for rigging So I've been cracking on with the Puss Moth It's gone together remarkably easily, with just a few surface blemishes requiring attention. As provided though, the nose seems to be the wrong shape. The part is curved on top, whereas I think it should peaked (like a ridge tent). I've sanded it to a better shape, although overall I still think that the nose is a bit bulbous. As I mentioned before, the major challenge with the kit is the cockpit glazing as no transparency is provided. I'm planning to use a combination of clear sheet and Kristal Klear (for the smallest windows). To help support the clear pieces, I've added some strategically placed bits of plastic strip. After getting used to the Dragon Rapide's long slender wings, the Puss Moth's appear particularly short and stubby. Quite different to most other inter-war de Havillands I think. The plan is to get this finished in time for Cosford, to be part of a small display of Yugoslav de Havillands that will be on the Shropshire Scale Modellers/IPMS Telford stand (Hanger 1) Cheers Cliff
  6. A Beaver on floats Cliff
  7. Excellent! Cliff
  8. Sorry to hear that your mother-in-law has passed too John. I had to do a double-take. Cliff
  9. A daunting scheme in any scale John. Respect is due for tackling it in 1/144. It's looking good ! Cliff
  10. A very nice start Cliff
  11. I think it's a wind-driven generator (at least, the one on my Dragon Rapide is described as such ). Cliff
  12. Thanks DAG, I'm glad you are liking it. A trick of the camera I'm afraid, as the top wing was not actually fixed in place in the last photo. However it is now! Just a little filler required and some delicate touching up with the airbrush (plus clingfilm masking over the decals .) The join lines are just visible from some angles/lighting! It's nice to have a personal link Paul. Thanks Nigel. It's a nice little kit for an oldie (the kit, not me - well maybe me too!) Struts and rigging next. Always a little stressful, but worth it when it's finished. Mine was bought in 1994. It had a couple of white metal bits too, but I haven't used them. I didn't get any green cellophane type material though??! The PE is an aftermarket accessory, recently bought from Hannants. Thanks Peter, I always build my biplanes this way as I find it makes it easier to paint and decal that way (particularly if there are stripes etc on the fuselage side). There doesn't seem to be downside Thanks for all your interest Cliff
  13. Thanks Adrian. I used a liquid poly cement, run in from the edges. No real problems to report! Thanks bull-nut. Although I've had a few problems with the build (mostly my fault), I have really enjoyed it so far. It is a nice little kit, only let down by the poor quality cabin glazing. I managed to grab some time this afternoon and have finished applying the decals. As usual, the Lift Here! decals behaved perfectly. It's not the most colourful scheme though! Hopefully more to report tomorrow. Cliff
  14. Sounds good Paul! Any thoughts on the scheme yet? Cliff
  15. No, in fact he Yugoslav machines only had one wing (to make them even more Rapide). Another unique feature was a roll-back fabric sunroof Cliff