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  1. Intros that grab you......immediately.

    AC-DC Thunderstruck Rolling Stones Paint It Black New Order Blue Monday
  2. Roger Waters Us and Them

    Like wise, going to see him in June in Dublin (4th time to see RW live) As for the OzPF, well worth a look, seen them 7/8 times at this stage.
  3. What music are you playing? Pt III

    Back in Black...AC/DC
  4. You Know You're Getting Old When ......

    ….you and a friend go to the funeral of a recently departed acquaintance and while paying your respects at the graveside friend turns to you and says “It’s hardly worth your while going home!!”
  5. Airfix Me262 - a look in the box

    Thank you for the in box pictures, very much appreciated. Interesting to note that the main camo scheme shades listed on the instructions no longer appear to be available on the Humbrol website (discontinued?) Why do Airfix quote humbrol numbers on the kit instructions when their sister company no longer stock the relevant shades?
  6. Have to admit not my usual sort of thing, but that is IMPRESSIVE!!
  7. I present my recently completed Bandai box scale(1/144) X-wing from some rather obscure movie franchise or other. I decided not to go with the more familiar rebel/red 5 out of the box scheme as the kit markings are supplied as stickers(not waterslide decals!! ) The colour scheme depicted is my take on the partisan x-wing which featured briefly Rogue One. The kit was finished in a selection of Tamiya/Mr.Color paints that I had to hand and some PITA masking due to the small size of the kit.
  8. Hell YES!! ...and it is the original version from ANH with 3 landing gear rather than the ESB/ROTJ version with the extra landing gear, that will save me having to convert my Fine Molds MF to the episode 4 version. Time to start saving methinks
  9. Friday night treat....

    Cool aircraft, a resin kit is available http://www.anigrand.com/AA6014_Mig-31.htm
  10. Thanks for the positive comments and 'likes' folks, they are very much appreciated. As to the idea of Jet Provost in Irish markings, this is something I have given some thought to and will be taking further.
  11. Hi Folks There have been a few top class builds of the recent Airfix Jet Provost posted in RFI of late so I decided to post my humble contribution. I give you the recent Airfix 1/72 Jet Provost T3 finished in Light Aircraft Gray(from the Mr.Hobby range) and decals from the Xtradecal set for the Airfix Kit. The hi-vis markings were for the most part ok to use but getting them to follow the curve of the leading edge of the wing was less than successful with the solid areas of dayglo decals being quite rigid and brittle which resulted in cracking and splitting of the decal. I patched up the dayglo as best I could and touched up the damaged decals with some dayglo paint. I did attempt to add some of the vents/air scoops to the fuselage but did not correct the canopy as I had finished painting before I read about the canopy framing being an internal feature, for noting on the next one. Thanks for looking
  12. Old Kit Conundrum

    Hi How about build it without too much fuss and go a bit 'what if' on it, alternate colours, weird weapons fit, do a bit of a back story, you get the idea.
  13. Sean, Those rails are looking great and really add to the appearance of DDG151. I hope you are bringing it over for the table @ Telford.
  14. Hi Jan, Thanks for that, 'maybe later' will be fine with me. I will be picking up one of the complete kits anyway as a Hampden is missing from my early war bomber command trio(Wellington/Whitley/Hampden) Regards Vincent
  15. Hi Jan I wonder if at some time in the future if the AZ transparencies for the Hampden might be available to purchase as a separate item in order to to allow the construction of some of those Valom Hampden kits that are gathering dust in various stashes of un-built kits? Regards, Vincent