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  1. Kit : Learjet 35 Brand : Stransky Scale : 1/144 Decals : Kit Decals I picked this little kit up in Telford 2018. The minute I saw it I just know I had to get it and build it in the Finnish Air Force colours. The kit is not bad for the scale and size. I just found some of the landing gear and gear doors a little thick, but it’s down to the limits of injection molding. I could have used the parts to scratch build my own parts, but I didn’t. I did change and correct some parts of the kit. The first thing I done was to drill out the cabi
  2. Hi All I was planning to spray the grey on Monday, but I real life got in the way and before I knew, it was Wednesday. Anyway, the grey is done and I’ve painted the silver on the window frames, wings, tail and engines. After painting the window frames, I got a bit carried away and removed the masks from the cockpit windows and then realized I had to give the model a gloss coat for decals and because the real plane is gloss. I’m think the windows will be ok if I splay them with clear gloss. I’ll do some more in this over the weekend. I don’t think the photos
  3. Hi All I’ve finished all the aerials and filling on the model. The kit did not come with clear parts for the lights at the front of the tip tanks. So, I removed some plastic from the front of the tanks and glued two of the cabin windows that I was not going to use, sanded them to shape. I think it looks better. I’m finally at the painting stage of this build. Sprayed the two greens today and tomorrow or Monday I’m going to mask off for the light grey. I know you would normally start with the grey first, but I thought it would be easier to do it this way because I though
  4. I’m finding it hard to get motivated during lockdown to finish any models. I’m trying to get over it, so this weekend I got back to the Learjet. I glued the cockpit windows, masked them and painted the frames black. I’ve also stared to add the aerials and things. I found the paint I mixed for the Hawk I made a couple of years ago. I think they are a good match for BS 381C 222 Light Bronze Green and BS 381C 437 Very Dark Olive Drab. I think there is just about enough to spray the Learjet.
  5. I've had a change to a bit if work on the Learjet. I've added the reinforcement plate and I've change the tail cone
  6. Hi Ralph Your Viggen looks cool. Very Nice. I got the same kit last month. I'm hope mine comes out as nice. Can I ask did you use the blues recommended in the instructions? Regards Ken
  7. Hi Antti, Thank you for the photos. They gives me something to work with.
  8. I’m only getting back to working on this project. I was busy with work and I also wanted to finish a couple of other projects. Hi Antti. I’ve filled most of the panel lines. I will give the model a coat of primer to see if I’ve missed anything. I didn't see the reinforcement plate and the hatch you are talking about. Would you have some photos of it? I have noticed the tail cone on the model is for the standard Learjet and the Finnish ones are a little different. I think I could fix it. When I was a kid I remember Matchbox released a Hawk in the s
  9. I have to say thank you for all the nice comments. I was thinking of a store to explain how the Air Corps got the F-18s, but I just didn’t get a chance. Tom what scale will will the Revell Tiffie/Growler. We have to make sure there compatible. Just a note on the F-18HS-VIP version, the reclining ejector seats had to been removed and replaced with standard business class seats. Let’s just say one passenger pulled the wrong handle. I also heard stories they are getting a new 3 seat version of the F-18 call the F-18HS-VIPX3. I’m not sure when they are getting in t
  10. Kit : F-18B Brand : Hasegawa Scale : 1/72 Decals : Home Made Decals This is my F-18B Hasegawa 1/72. The kit was released in 1991, so I'm not sure if that is classed as old, but the decals did look old and yellow, I fixed the yellowing, but they were all cracked. So, I went with plan 'B' Irish Air Corps. I had already printed the low vis Irish roundels a couple of years ago. I just had to find some numbers and I used some of the smaller kit decals. Ken
  11. I got a little more done than I thought. Engines and wings done. I only have to do a little bit of filling.
  12. Kit : Learjet 35 Brand : Stransky Scale : 1/144 Decals : Kit Decals I got this in Telford two years ago. It’s really small kit, so I’m hoping it will be a relatively quick build. The cabin windows are filled, you get decals to represent them, but they’re marked on the inside. I decided to drill them out because I think it will look strange if the cockpit is clear and the cabin windows are decals. It’s quite easy to drill out the windows but you have to be careful because you don't need to drill all of them.
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