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  1. Thank you for all your nice comments. It’s always nice to get feedback. I remember visiting Manchester in the 80, but I don’t think I was lucky enough to see any CP Air aircraft. I’m thinking of building a 1/200 DC-10 in CP Air, have to see. I think the wings on an airliner have to be a little grubby, because that is the way they are. Any airliner I’ve been on the wings are always grubby. 1/200 is the best scale for large aircraft like the 747 / 777 and so on… I think I have about 8-10 747 waiting to be built. I could not even image building 10 1/144 scale 747s. I would like to try one of the newer Hasegawa kits like the 787. I’ve not tried the Vallejo Metal Varnish. I was going to get a set of there Metal paints. I think they maybe not smell as much as the Alclad. Ken
  2. This is the only thing I finished in 2016. I had a very slow year. I’ve always wanted to build a CP Air 747, I just think the colours look cool. It just catches the eye. And that is why I like building airliners. I have to say I think the Hasegawa kit is a nice kit. It does not need too much work done to it. I rescribed the panel lines and replaced to apu exhaust with some metal tubing. I planned to have a chrome finish. That plan changed. I had applied gloss black and chrome alclad but I could not find any way to seal the chrome Alclad with out dulling it down. I wanted to seal it so I could mask off for the orange. I decided chrome was going to look too much and was not going to work. So I went back to my way of doing things. I sprayed the orange and grey, then masked off for the alclad silver using the orange & grey as a base coat. (Rules are made to be broken). After the decals were applied I hand painted Winsor & Newton Gloss Varnish to seal everything. I prefer to hand paint gloss varnish. I get a better finish. I know some people think everything has to sprayed, but I can get a really good finish hand painting. I have been building airliners for years and before the airbrush I had to hand paint, so you learned how to paint without leaving brush marks. The decals are from TwoSix Decals. As always they are good. Work first time. Thank you for any comments. Regards Ken
  3. You've done a great job on this. I like the idea, that you used an old kit to produce something so good. It just shows what you can do with an unwanted kit.
  4. Shergar is not in the crate, that would be cruel as the crate was too small. The crate in the front is full of lead. to keep the model from been a tail sitter Maybe when I build an Aer Turas DC-8 I can find a 1/144 Shergar.
  5. I have to say that is a really nice 737. You did a great job on the Airfix kit. . Love the idea of adding passengers and ground equipment It’s been year since I last build the Airfix kit, must give it a go, as I have lots of decals for it.
  6. Thank you for all your nice comments. Thank you for posting a better photo. I was using my phone, so that is why my photos are not great. Where did you fly the CL-44? When I was younger I would watch the Aer Turas CL-44 at Dublin airport. I always remembered the staining on the plane. I don't think I ever got to see the tail open, but it must have been strange to see it open. When I was building the model, I didn't know if I should open the tail or not, would it look funny....
  7. Aer Turas Canadair CL-44J Welsh Model Scale : 1/144 Hi All I started this for the Non Injected Moulded group build last year. It was finished just in time for Telford, so some of you will have seen it there. The kit is a Welsh Model Vacform kit. I’ve had the kit for years, so it’s about time I built it. The kit is nice and easy to build. I opened the cargo door and the swing tail, install a floor and also built some cargo boxes, replaced the engine exhausts as the kit did not have any exhausts and built some wheel wells. I printed some decals for the cockpit windows. This is the finished model.
  8. Hi All It’s taken me some time to finish this build, but it was finished just in time for Telford, so some of you may have seen it there. This is the finish model.
  9. Hi All It looks like I won’t get this finished before the end of the group build. Had to park all builds for the last couple of weeks and won’t be able to start any until early September. If I can I’ll still post photos of the build on the forum. Ken.
  10. Hi All Here is a quick update on this build. Most of the build is finished. The horizontal stabiliser were to big so I had to reduce there size.
  11. Hi Steve I live in Dublin and when I was young my dad would bring me to the airport to see the planes. It was always nice to see something other than Aer Lingus. The Aer Turas CL-44 would parked in the cargo area and never move a lot. I never saw the tail swung open. Later on the CL-44s was replaced by a DC-8s. I was thinking of trying to build a DC-8, I have to get the kit first. Ken
  12. Dave it's looking good. Can't wait to see it finished. I take it you will be entering this into the IPMS Ireland show?
  13. The only work I've done tonight is some filling and I designed the cockpit windows. I place some masking tape over the windows and then trace the outline, scan it into my computer. Using cad I draw one half of the window and mirror it so I have a full window. I then colour it in with some photo editing software. I just have to get some decal paper. This is the way it looked in the cad drawing And this is after colouring it in.
  14. Yes the slots at the back are for the floor. First time I've used this way. It worked out really well, but I did make a mistake and cut the first set of slots to low, so had to fill them with some plastic card. All in all with worked as planned. The front floor area has 3 supports, It like a floor in a house.
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