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  1. These are my collection of Hellcats in 1/72 scale, a mixture of Eduard and Academy hope you like.
  2. I thought about a resin cockpit, but in the end i thought to be honest was not worth the money and effort, I must admit extra pe for this scale is also not a big deal except for instrument panel and seat belts as even in 1/48 some of it i cant even see so i stick with oob
  3. I am not sure it could be but it is a nice kit to build, thanks for comment
  4. This is my latest completion, 1/72 Academy Dragonfly totally oob hope you like.
  5. Hey Jason long time no see builds, love it I love colourful finishes, enough drab around.
  6. Not really but love these Grumann aircraft
  7. My latest attempt,this is 1/72 Academy Hellcat based on USS Hornet Pacific 1945.Very old kit with terrible decals, but she is finished so hope you like.
  8. I agree about wingtip lights did not seem so bad when i was painting them but in these pics mmmmmmmmm, might try and decrease them a bit
  9. Good morning all, continuing my shed cleanup. This is my 1/72 Academy F4F-4, a cheap little kit, built oob painted with mix of Vallejo and Humbrol. Cockpit is very bare but I did not try to enhance it at all, just good fun as I am not going around much, anyway hope you like it is rough but finished
  10. Well being short run with no locating pins, was not used to that and had problems mating it, and when I had wing tips on. now this was my fault I dropped her so join on tanks are not great, and i ballsed up one of the decals and had to make up one from one of the other roundels.
  11. Thanks for info must have got lights wrong as the fly instructions had an option of clear or the black finish and i am afraid i was not so sure of cutting them and adding the coloured so I went with the black option instead i will know next time as I do plan another, thanking you
  12. This is my latest completion, my first of short run and only third in 1/48 scale, must confess had a few problems but got her done, hope you like and as usual all comments very welcome.
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