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  1. Just finished Hobby2000, actually Revell reboxed. P-47M s/n 44-21108, Cpt Witold Lanowski,61st FS/56th Fg, Boxted UK 1945. Hope you like.
  2. Nice work Dermot these old kits still scrub up great
  3. I agree with all the above comments, great job indeed.
  4. This is my attempt at Heller 1/72 Fennec. Finished as Light Support Aviation Squadron 3/5 Mecheria Algeria 1961. As usual all comments welcome. [u rl=https://postimg.cc/Xp7YdLvT][/url]
  5. Hi I bought IPA from Thoroughbred Remedies in the Curragh near the racecourse, they sell it for cleaning tackle, but i dont know if they are open during this lockdown.i
  6. True thats what happens when you go too fast and not check
  7. gunsight on mine seemed to obstruct canopy so i took a bit off it but does not sit far enough back
  8. Should have been my quality control, with all my looking at colours i messed up there, it takes away from it my mistake.
  9. My latest completion, Seafire Mk III 150, No 1 Fighter Squadron, Irish Air Corps, Gormanstown 1947. Hope you like, all comments welcome.
  10. As far as the kit is concerned rocket pods only and no other tail decals except tricolour
  11. Thank you would like it in 1/48, who did you say makes it in 1/48?
  12. This is my latest completion, KP 1/72 marchetti finished in Irish Air Corps livery hope you like, all comments as usual welcome.
  13. No the stripes are decals, and they are very fragile to use, one touch and they curl up, still i enjoyed it.
  14. That is a brilliant collection indeed, love them all.
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