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  1. Great looking builds. It does seem that the colour schemes are a minefield. My build was only to be something to hone my skills, I'm starting to regret it
  2. The colour schemes are a minefield, changing from a triple camo to just a single sea blue with white underside. I was thinkinh of XF-18 medium blue? As this is a build I can use to practice on I don't want to get bogged down too much.
  3. Thanks, so mine should have no yellow ochre at all? I'm not sure how accurate the other colours are?
  4. Thanks, what is the product you have used for?
  5. Thanks Andre, I'm going to keep this simple, which will be incorrect. I'm just using this as a bit of practice. Saying that, I would like the rest to be as authentic in colour as possible. If you can help with the outer colours I would really appreciate it.
  6. So far the kit has been really good, not sure about other scales out there, but there is not too much detail for the cockpit, not complaining at all. the cockpit parts are together primed and painted. I'm using mig AMMO one shot grey, so east to apply. For the interior green I've gone with Mr Hobby Aqueous - interior green, mixed 60/40 with Mr Colour levelling thinner.
  7. I have a few older 1/72 kits on the shelf, so what better way to practice some basic skills. As this is a 1/72 fits on the bench very well, still fairly large for a 1/72. I believe this kit is a few years old, but looks ok, some work will be required in tidying up some of the parts. Detail looks ok. A few sink marks. Some others that have built this chose to dip the canopy and turret in floor polish, I don't have this so will make a decision closer to the time. But I will be using a masking kit!!
  8. As I am unable to get hold of the acrylic 165 I am shelving this one for now. Seems I can get 163 in the dropper bottle only. Not too worry.
  9. The shop I use don't have them yet, might have to go online to get this finished. It looks like Humbrol are moving away from the acrylic in pots.
  10. we're lucky to have a shop called Antics. Unfortunately for me they are out of both Humbrol Acrylic 165 and 163. I had used the spray cans up until this point. So, two choices, finish off with the enamel paints, or try and colour match? As this is a tidy-up I feel a colour match may not work. Might have to shelve this for a while as I believe I might be able to get the acrylic colours in a dropper at some point.
  11. A bit slow, need some more acrylic 165, 163 to tidy up a few areas. For some reason this is hard to find at the local shop.
  12. Great job Adam. Certainly made this look an easier job than my effort. When you come to fix on the small parts, antennas etc, will they just be brushed painted after?
  13. Tidying up continues, I also made a start on the intakes. Mission is to get this to a point to which I am happy for it to sit on the shelf.
  14. I bet you've got a good few camp fire stories under your belt
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