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  1. I thought the first pic was a real Harrier. Excellent, just wish I could produce something close to this standard.
  2. Great build. I really want to build another one, this time in flight without the long range tanks.
  3. Awesome work, never this done before, I bet that would look great with the lights dimmed.
  4. Looks like a lovely little build, never seen this scale before, what length is it? Good luck wit the 1/144 scale, are you using aftermarket parts for it?
  5. Hi Toby, I'm looking for another 1/72
  6. Many thanks, it was a lovely model to build, forgetting the decals.
  7. All together, plasticard used for the missing egine Nacelle fin.
  8. Blimey, that makes sense now, it's a shame that the artist didn't think how the pilot would see forward! So I either build the easy way, out of the box, or get cutting?
  9. Really odd, the prototype did have two small visor windows, I either and just leave as blue, or do some drastic changes to the nose and create some windows, but to do this I would need to cut off nose and use some clear plastic card??
  10. I think I'm going to do something drastic here, I could live with just the two side windows but it's not right!!
  11. The visor windows were totally left off, I thought about cutting up out, any thoughts?
  12. Looking at the instructions again, it does show the decals applied before joining, a bit odd as there is no way you join sand then paint without damaging them. I'm going to mask and paint. I will use wood glue to replicate the windows.
  13. Not a great fit, but easy fix. The decals are very odd, they get you to apply the side decals to the windows and then apply each window. Think I will mask and paint!!
  14. Funny you mention the intakes Apart from painting the tail, the rest are decals, there isn't much else.
  15. If you don't mind a bit of filler and sanding that are quite enjoyable. The instructions are over two pages. It will be a clean looking aircraft with nothing sticking out or hanging off.
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