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  1. Some of this was fun to work on, some alignment issues. Didn't really enjoy working on the lights, I don't know why they cannot produce something from a single mould for these, too many fiddly breakable bit, which broke. Fixed it slightly. Made a start on the interior to the turret, and primed the first set of tracks.
  2. Finally, it's starting to resemble a T-55. Next job is building tracks, and starting the turret, will probably break up the track building with turret interior, that's a job in itself. When you start sticking on the parts built in stages you appreciate the detail. I managed to knock off some PE and one of the lights, not sure if I will find them, I will try and make something from spare PE and sprue.
  3. That look is amazing, look so realistic without being over the top. I would like to be able to produce model like this.
  4. Hi, it's fairly new kit. It has what I would call real movement of the wheel. This is it. I can leave it as it for now and fit the tracks later and see how it looks.
  5. That still requires skill, the paint job will only as good as the mask, but yes, I've used this mask on the F-104, works really well.
  6. i'm new to modelling. But I have built some 1/35 armour, for me I like the look of the 1/35, especially some of the pre WW2 and after as they were a lot smaller. I might have a look at 1/72 at some point.
  7. I am trying to find a good flat ride height for my T-55A. Does the suspension work in a similar way to other vehicles, what I mean is, normal suspension has a degree of sag, the pre-determined squash effect of the vehicles weight, so that the wheels can drop out when moving over uneven terrain, if this is the case it would depend on load. It could be <> 20%. In some of the photos I have seen it looks like there isn't any sag.
  8. With the wheels on I am not sure what the process is with the torsion bars, currently the wheels can move up and down, is the idea to fit the tracks, find how you want the wheels and then fix into place? I've never found an online solution to this query. Slight mistake with the wheels, 2 out of the 10 are unique in that the two leading have a different hub cap than the rest, I've put one in second and one at the back.
  9. Thanks for taking the time and effort to record to this degree, it really helps people like me with understanding the techniques of these builds. Painting and weathering is an art form, and you've nailed it.
  10. Very impressive, I wish my 1/72 WW2 would look like this, how did you get the canopy that perfect.
  11. Wheels on, I will leave these overnight now so that they are properly set. Because of the movement of the torsion bars they are not sitting straight, but I am hopeful that when the tracks are fitted they will look better. At this point I am not sure if I am better of building and then painting once all is fitted, or painting the tracks and then fit, decisions decisions.
  12. lol, My T-55, BA-10 and the Vickers tank were from that chap as well. I was the same with the MIG, too good to turn down. I've not build a jet with this much detail before, I'm hoping I don't mess it up.
  13. I didn't find anything. But the book should make a great reference to the look when in service.
  14. Was is from the Facebook seller?? I've not got the kit yet, but I was planning to build OOB to be honest, I've spent quite a bit recently, and this is just one of my hobbies!!! When are you starting yours?
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