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  1. Really good, I've got the same to build in a few months, you're colours and weather is very. How long did it take to complete, and did you start a progress thread on this?
  2. I'm thinking that this one maybe something for the future, lovely looking, lots of small parts, including some PE.
  3. The look I'm going for with decals was for the Russian celebration day, I think it was 2015. It would be clean and looking it's best. I do have some Tamiya Semi Gloss clear that I could use before applying decals?? I think there is little chance of me seeing this one. I've been looking at a lot of images with this. One thing I can do is mark up the tracks a little, and maybe fine something that look like a road surface for it to live. Thanks for your points.
  4. Not too much to do now, turret is nearly done. Need some advice please on finishing. I was going to weather very slightly but, is a matt lacquer a good idea as well? The back part of the turret where I think the artillery was complex, lots of small bits. My main gripe was with the headlight assembly, very fiddly.
  5. Thanks, you're set look brilliant.
  6. 13 years. 1:1 that would impress the teacher!
  7. I cannot be too big really. Only have two days.
  8. My nephew has been tasked with creating something in that reflects life and conditions of WW1. He's decided that he would like to create a trench, nice and simple!! Does anyone have any experience of doing this. I'm thinking cardboard and lot of lolly pop sticks.
  9. Really impressive, I enjoyed all of the pics.
  10. That will do for now, probably doing this in the wrong order!!
  11. I found a circle stencil sheet, used the 18mm and it didn't turn out too badly, not perfect, but good enough for me. Not sure about the track colour, the colour is supposed to be gun metal, XF61, think they look better in the black primer.
  12. I'm a bit stuck on the best method of painting these, I've got over with the black tyre coat, and now need to mask to apply the green. There is a tiny lip which has to be green, and this is the bit that I am stuck with how to approach. There is no way I can free hand that.
  13. Thanks, I've ordered some Flow Improver.
  14. I want to build one, but as I'll get nowhere near this I'm put off. It looks like the real thing. Awesome.
  15. I'm finding that this is blocking the airbrush, can this be thinned down at all?
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