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  1. So complete, I've come to the conclusion that I need to leave the top gloss coat a lot longer before I start weathering, plus, I'm going to find a lacquer based varnish that holds up a lot better to oil and white spirits. I struggle towards the end of builds where I just think, next time I will get it right lol. The build went ok, just a slight problem that I only realised was with the engine frame, when mounted it was off centre.
  2. Thanks for the kind comments. It's as complete as I can get it. For the next WW2 build, I will try another gloss finish as I had some interesting problems. Will add some pics very soon.
  3. I think I'm done with the MIG AMMO water based varnish. I thought I would play it safe, and try the Flory dark dirt, knowing that this is also water based. as soon as I tried to blend this, it peeled off the varnish. How many hours does the MIG AMMO varnish take to cure? I thought it was supposed to be 5 hours?
  4. Thanks both, yes I've left off the smaller bits that I would full intend to break at some point. Also, I'm about to slot in the engine, that's missing too!
  5. I'm not the best at updating work in progress. I'm almost at the point where my weathering causes problems.
  6. Great build, finish and weathering. I've wanted to build a 1/32 for a long while. And am tempted by the Corsair. But I need to get better with painting and weathering first, as this scale will show more detail.
  7. Any ideas on how long to wait from applying AMMO Gloss varnish to apply decals? In the past I've tried using oil pains over this varnish and then blending with white spirits, but the white spirits seems to destroy the gloss clear coat. Should I try another gloss, maybe Tamiya? Or is there another oil paint thinner that isn't as harsh?
  8. I've been saved by @Alex Gordon Many thanks for sending me a another clear sprue set. This means I can now complete the open canopy build. What a wonderful and generous place this site is.
  9. Glad it was all ok, I thought I was the only one that dropped all the important things?
  10. Hi Alex. I doubt I would be able to cut out the existing closed canopy. I'd be happy to buy a spare from you please.
  11. Dropped the canopy on the floor, stood, moved slowly, then "crack". The amount of times I've lost one. I need to remove the carpet and paint white on the floor. I had already cut out the door, to use the one with the kit. To say I'm annoyed is an understatement.
  12. What a stunning build. I've been looking at other builds in order to help me with mine. Not sure I'm not prepared to put more money into this build, plus I would struggle to find the correct parts.
  13. Great looking build, something satisfying about larger scale builds. I bet it's a beast finished, where are you going to keep it?
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