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  1. Lovely build as expected Toby. Looking forward to the next.
  2. Progress made with decals, think it's time I leave this and let some of these go off, I've made the mistake of handling when decals are not set.
  3. Can't really move it now. A bit stuck! This is where it currently is. I should have remembered that this area was tricky from when I did the 1/144
  4. Yours looks very good indeed. Looks like I also placed mine a little low. I have some decal set solution, so will try that again.
  5. Small one on first. I'll be honest I'm tempted to look at a replacement.
  6. Not a great starts, this will need some quick sorting!
  7. Hi Neil, I was in too minds how to go with the doors, I couldn't see how to fit the undercarriage with them on. so I left off. I know the fit is terrible, but was going to fit and maybe fill before touching up with paint. It shouldn't be an issue once all together. For the paint, I am using Rust-Oleum 400ml Painter's Touch.
  8. Underside all done, frustratingly, you will notice that the port side intake is a bit wonky, I only noticed this well after the glue had set, wasn't brave enough to resolve. Looking at the nose section, the sensors are really nothing like the real ones, too obvious, I only with I had omitted them. I could remove but that would require some fixes to the surface and paint.
  9. Great photo, yep they certainly are shiny.
  10. Top half painted, took quite a few coats to get a decent finish
  11. Just found this clever little youtube post, short annimation of the 1/72 Concord build, the poster doesn't do any of the fixes re: fit but I thought it was pretty neat.
  12. Primer stage now complete, at last!!
  13. I've sanded what I want to now, onto final coats of primer to hide all the filler, then one final fine sand before the gloss coat.
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