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  1. I was reading your post and mistakenly read “when I was just released” so that gave it a extra dimension ... I love the old Auntie, very nice build and perfect camo and paint job, I love here! Congratz
  2. Both lovely Spits! It never bores to see beautiful Spits like this!
  3. I like these Sabres and you made a perfect example why I love them so much! Congratulations! Did you make the base yourself?
  4. Hi Vinnie, no, not at all, were decals who are in the box and they applied very easy...
  5. Hi Steve, The thing i like least are the smoke trails around the exhaust pipe but honestly, that was what I did last and didn’t feel much enthusiasm to do the painting over again...
  6. This is only my second P-51 and still a rookie when it comes to building models but it’s really fun so happy I can show this one... It’s a Tamiya in 1/48... Build OTB and was a pleasure making it... I made a couple of faults but still a learning proces so fairly content with the result:
  7. If I ever build a Rafale, this is the result I should want it to be! Incredible build, and this only to be your 4th 1/48 build?! You have talent!
  8. I will never get bored from this kind of Mustangs... Really nice colour scheme...
  9. I think you made a beautiful Lightning there! Very good result for your first airbrushed model!
  10. That is a really nice build, modelling 2.0 if you ask me...
  11. Waaauw , that is a real pro P-38... Love it very much... Congratz!
  12. I really love the many shades of blue you made in the model... Very professional, i really think that the real painting job isn't as beautifull as yours on your model! Keep up the good work!
  13. Indeed a fantastic Phantom, you made one of the most beautifull F-4's i have ever seen... Congratz!
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