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  1. AIRFIX 1/48 Supermarine Walrus Mk.I Released

    Any one know if someone will be doing an etched rigging set like the Tamiya Swordfish?? Dick
  2. Retirement - what the hell do you do with your days?

    Retirement.......................... best job I ever applied for and got without an interview !!! I'm now self employed...so to speak. SWMBO got me an allotment ...very social and better than joining a gym. Plus the veg is fantastic. Very little stress ..... SWMBO likes me going to model shows with my club as it gives her some time to herself. Going out when the kids are at school..... going on holiday, NOT in the school holidays. Retirement................... it's what you make of it. Dick
  3. Short Jokes II The Sequel

    Mummy, mummy..... can I lick the bowl out ?????? No dear... pull the chain like everyone else...................... Sorry ...toilet humour
  4. BBMF Grounded!!

    Update http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-41095753
  5. Short Jokes II The Sequel

    I've just found out that I can still have sex at 62. This is brilliant as I live at 85.
  6. Many thanks for your kind comments and likes. These kits are really idiot proof. If you get the chance try one. Dick
  7. Another one bites the dust. This time the exquisite Tamiya 1/32 Mk 16e Spitfire in the markings of No.1 Refresher Flying Unit, RAF Finningley, March 1949. It's out of the box apart from Barracuda rocker covers, cockpit door and HGW seat belts. This is a dream kit. However the decals are thick and do not conform the way I would have liked ....yes they did go swimming in Mico Sol. The fit of the engine cowlings is a bit iffy. I do wish they would offer a no engine option. Also the eagled eyed amongst you will have noticed that the walk inboard stencils are on the wrong side. . However I have seen them like that on some photo's. Any way on to the pic's. Please feel free to comment etc. Thanks for looking Dick
  8. BBMF Grounded!!

    Could be something like..... If we were running a fleet of cars with the same engine and we found that the cylinder head gaskets were not up to the standard we would expect and they could blow, we would stop using them until the problem was fixed. Cheers Dick
  9. Sorry for that Cheers Dick
  10. Lets hope they do get her going. As you say it would be an amazing sight and might start a trend. The down side it could end as a Greek Tragedy .................... ( sorry, could not help myself there)
  11. Nice, simple and straight forward............................. and it's a Spitfire. Great job Steve As an aside we could have a thread called...." show us your Spitfire collection" Dick Working on a Tamiya mk 16
  12. Remember those days from Uni. when doing technical drawing courses ............... the ammonia really did get to you. Still have some prints 40 odd years on.
  13. A Full set of Mosquito plans have been found whilst closing down an office in Broughton. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-north-east-wales-40873628 Let the rivet counters sort this out Ok so who does do the most accurate Mossie now then ?? Dick
  14. Long (ish) Jokes.

    If you cannot and are arrested ..... it won't stand up in court
  15. 1/48 Sea Hurricane

    Before any one asks..... they are snap head rivets Dick Oh ... nice Hurricane by the way.