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  1. Does anyone know of an importer / stockist of these products in the Uk ?? They are a Polish firm. Many thanks for your help Dick
  2. A mate of mine had to get up in the night to answer a security call .... went to spray what he thought was Lynx under his arm pits .............. his wife had been cleaning the bed room earlier.................. it was Pledge polish. A true story , with a nice finish ........ ................. Dick
  3. There are easier ways of getting rid of stubborn bits of cabbage from your teeth Mark Dick
  4. Just an aside ...... which kits leave you with the most bits???? The 1/24 Airfix Typhoon had a large bag full that if any one wants....just let me know ... Dick
  5. Pete ... you need to get out more !!! I look at all my spare parts and think "Oh (blank) when I retire I must sort them out.......................... I retired 7 years ago Now I'm part of the spare parts Dick
  6. Those were the days. West Malling did put on some great shows. I seem to remember the commentator making a remark about the amount of water on the runway and was it possible for the Sandringham to land. Remember the wooden flats used in the TV series "We'll meet again " (think that's what it was called ) of B17's behind the runway. Thanks for sharing. Dick
  7. I haven't seen this thread for a while........................ I thought it was being ignored Dick
  8. And now the place is shut to flying............ Dick Sorry rant over
  9. I remember those days only too well. The Shacks were in for dismantling and the fire dump. Seem to remember a whole squadron of tail draggers coming in for scrapping. Dick
  10. What you see is what you get in the kit.......................... no brainer
  11. Many thanks for your kind comments and likes. It's much appreciated. If you can pick one of these up at the right price it really is a good long build. Cheers Dick
  12. Hi Jim, good to see you have finally joined BM. You will not be disappointed. Will catch up soon As requested a couple of views from underneath
  13. Yes another big Tiffi. I picked this up at the Hornby factory sale some time bag for £40............ well it was rude not to. Not my usual scale but ....hey ho. The one thing you notice about this kit is it's BIG........ very BIG. Not in the league of Tamiya but still a very good kit (even more so for the money!!) It's taken me over 2 months to make spending a good 2 hours on it every day. Parts need careful prepping as they can be a bit flashy. The only mod I have made is to change the seat harness to a paper on. I do feel the undercarriage could do with steel rodding as it is weak. Any way on to the pic's. Please feel free to comment. Thanks for looking Dick
  14. My club attends nearly all the shows in the South East. Southern Expo and the Essex show are the only ones that allow under the table selling. I was told by many of the show organisers that the traders get the hump if clubs are selling. Dick East Kent Scale Modellers
  15. Eggsactly..............................