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  1. I recalled the shocking image of Airey Neave's car, from my childhood, when I saw the overhead shot of the underpass, to the right of the crashed car today. Just confirmed that on Sky News and quite sad, after all the stuff on yesterday's news, from that period.
  2. I must be a real lost cause. Cos I torture myself mentally about the ones I have sold, in a moment of weakness.
  3. I enjoyed the re-release of the Airfix bagged 1/72 Mk1. Simple cheap loads of decals & after market stuff available. Plus the general opinion seems to be the shape is correct compared to other offerings.
  4. Tried it a long time ago and was not too successful. I tend to think, the availability of cheap alcohol killed off a lot of the market, but reading the above is most interesting, as to where home brew is now. We now have pubs doing there own stuff which is awkward if you just want a pint of average dark bitter.
  5. On the iplayer/bbc arts? Forgive my ignorance but if l want to watch bbc arts do I need a smart tv rather than the laptop
  6. It's the amount of the stuff on the market that gets me. Glad that I am a mere onlooker & feel sorry for those that have to produce /stock/sell/review it. Simple cleanly executed models l like that look like a model. When I was into radio controlled aeroplanes, my aircraft builder of a father, used to look at some of the stuff in the magazines & comment, that they might as well get into full size stuff, for that amount of effort.
  7. I rang up the doctors Tuesday for an appointment.Was pleasantly surprised to get one at 10am, which nessitated nipping out from work & making the time up. Sat in the waiting room with a lot of old people until seeing the doctor at 10.53am. One of the moaners had made an appointment regarding a lost letter regarding a "stress test" she had had at the hospital ! She must have been pushing 80 and very much in good health. Locum insisted on giving me a blood pressure test even though I was there due to shingles - three attempts to get a low one & said it was high due to the length of time in the waiting room!
  8. Recently, one of my neighbours, aged 40, died from cancer, a week before his youngest daughters 7th birthday. As I have very little experience of the grim reaper, I have had great difficulty getting my head round it, & spent a fortnight expecting to see him.
  9. I wonder how much a completed one is worth on evil bay?
  10. Cumbria isn't right popular with sales reps due to road issues & the recent flooding will not have helped!
  11. Today my DPD driver was having a moan that their delivery drops are to be optimised by their hand held scanner. Meaning that the drops are specified by the computer rather than the driver just doing them to match the time slots. If its as bad as Asprays then its completely illogical, vans going back & forth in and out of the same areas. As he has 100+ drops a day to do it will be interesting to see if it works.
  12. I quite enjoy "Weather for the World " on the BBC news channel around 9.20pm. Explains quite a lot of things.
  13. Occurs to me that WW1 aircraft must be a nightmare finished from the dust point of view. As a flying model aircraft man until about ten years ago, I prefer flying WW1 models. I suppose that adds the vulnerability atmosphere to the model.
  14. Blast from the past (2007)!
  15. When you always look for the lowered kerbs to cross roads!