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  1. Prior to the live concert on Radio 3 tonight, a tribute was made to victims & emergency services. The final words were "When words fail - let the music speak " Gareth Davies Principal Flute London Symphony Orchestra.
  2. Yes I just saw the David Millar tweet. Very sad, Scarponi, Mike Hall and now Nicky Hayden.
  3. Lack of a spare wheel in the modern car is something that has surprised me recently!
  4. It is an interesting topic as I keep coming across tech failure in all sorts of things. Seems to me that big salaries are justified by big promises and they are believed, as it is the future, but not now! Recently one of my work colleagues has acquired a drone and has no intention of learning anything about flying, he is going to download a better program to fly it! It's clever stuff he told me, but as I have had a lot of model flying experience, I am keeping quiet and waiting for the next update!
  5. Beautiful publications - and a lot better than the quality of the stuff produced these days!
  6. Coming from a flying model background I had the same "malise " problem. I would spend the winter months on a project and lose interest as work progressed. It's when imagination is greater than reality. I use to really enjoy burning them, as they were highly flammable, balsa wood, tissue paper dope and it was very therapeutic.
  7. Just wondering if it is a British problem. Are other countries cleaner?
  8. Went past a lay by bin today stuffed full of brown cardboard carefully broken up and stuffed vertically, protruding by about 2'. Outrageous!
  9. I would be interested to know what the period post WW1 was like in Germany and a lot of people would have lived through both periods which must have been awful
  10. It is a difficult area when fiction & real events are mixed. Martin Middlebrooks book on Hamburg was very memorable for me but might not help for the extended period you are interested in. In a similar vein I listened to this play and the ambiguity of fiction being added to history is infuriating.
  11. Just needs a ripple putting in the flanks to resemble the fuselages of those old jets! Mind you I think the RR Wraith "inspired by British music " is a worse idea!
  12. You have my sympathy as a trader. I often consider all the advantages "Malls" have and if we want to keep the High Street a lot of nonsense needs sorting out. Recently in Leeds & York the councils have re-introduced Marshalls to stop some bad behaviour. However, on a positive, note one old guy in Scarborough has a lute and is obviously not doing it for the money which is nice to hear.
  13. Tristan und isolde Radio 3
  14. The last part of the article about the number of military personnel dismissed was I thought the crux of the matter.
  15. I recalled the shocking image of Airey Neave's car, from my childhood, when I saw the overhead shot of the underpass, to the right of the crashed car today. Just confirmed that on Sky News and quite sad, after all the stuff on yesterday's news, from that period.