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  1. It's sad & upsetting to older people that grew up with high street shopping but this is not happening as an isolated issue. Recently in Barnsley the town has had its WH Smiths closed leaving the centre without a newsagent. So you will struggle to see a model magazine on the shelves in Barnsley! Price rises are occurring across the board which have not been widely reported but in my employment on a trade counter I have seen it on all products we sell.
  2. Used it yesterday ok but I have paid to go ad free
  3. It is possible to do glass doors on existing bookcases cheaply, if you have a glass merchant that will cut toughened glass to size for you & etch or provide holes for finger pulls. Google sliding glass cabinet door track and the cheapest option is plastic top & bottom double track. Plus a few spotlights and it's an economic start. Ikea stuff is ok but generally have large gaps which lets dust in.
  4. Gonna look amazing when they are all built. 😀
  5. Watched a programme about Pete Burns on C5 today which was interesting. Some interesting points about what fame was in the 80's & now. He claimed he hated being famous but then sought it again in Big Brother.Some clips of him being nasty to Jodie Marsh but really he seemed a hypocrite to me. One of the many celebs to die this year at the age of 57.
  6. I liked seeing a young Elton J on the 1976 Morecambe & Wise show & watched most of West Side Story. I found that fascinating, as I seemed to know a lot of the songs, despite never having seen it and the dancing was so sharp. Paul O'Grady programme on Musicals was very informative, despite throwing everything at a project, stars were miscast into the wrong parts. As my dad said to be recently, it's the big decisions that matter and smaller ones sort themselves out.
  7. Quite remarkable, to be able to stand in for Freddie! Just watched it on VH1 So young as well. Quite remarkable to command Wembley like that. Stars are born not made. Nice to see the audience just watching & not fiddling with gadgets.
  8. Faulty flaps,apparently. Unusual fault? Interesting, checking the TU-154 out on wiki, as it has anhedral & poor lateral control.
  9. Interesting to read the bbc obituary, in that he struggled with who he was and his stage image was just that. I watched the second part off the news 24 programme on the deaths of 2016. The piece that impressed the most was Cliff Mitchelmore when he reported on Aberfan.
  10. Another sad loss but what an obituary. Interesting to read what Natelie Clein & Steven Isserlis have to say. I recently went to a concert featuring Natalie & the Czech Symphony Orchestra at Leeds Town Hall which was quite remarkable.
  11. Just interesting those interviews where she is completely honest & says they all thought they were working on a poor project & did not think it was the blockbuster it turned out to be!
  12. Just a heads up
  13. Clever, I had to ask my Star Wars luvin wife what the original quote was - droids not death! Whilst at school, a lad that was film obsessed, suggested that we should go to see Star Wars. Grateful now because it was in the big Odeon cinema in Scarborough, which is now the Stephen Joseph theatre. Iconic 30's architecture, illuminated obelisk roundabout outside plus usherettes. The inside was not tatty either!
  14. Started my Christmas holiday with an interesting walk home through run down areas of Halifax and blustery Barbara at high level. Feet up and Shostakovich's Leningrad Symphony on R3 whilst reading about the history of the first performance!ère_of_Shostakovich's_Symphony_No._7
  15. The old ways were not necessarily the best, my father in law (b1933), was left handed. It was seen as a wrong to write with your left hand so he was told to write using his other hand. This led him to rejecting school