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  1. https://www.magnumphotos.com/newsroom/science-technology/peter-marlow-concorde/ https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-england-42024835#ampshare=http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-42024835
  2. Rodney Bewes has died

    https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/obituaries/dmitri-hvorostovsky-russian-rock-star-of-opera-dies-at-55/2017/11/22/b31629f6-cf8a-11e7-81bc-c55a220c8cbe_story.html?utm_term=.e1af9771943d Another great loss an amazing journey from teenage tearaway to rock star then opera star.
  3. You Know You're Getting Old When ......

    When we had 4 buses an hour, main roads & pavements not clogged up with badly parked cars! Also what a godsend lowered kerbs are !
  4. Quite a popular idea buying a spare wheel, but not a cheap option.As someone who has found out that Nissans are not made the way they used to be, it is interesting to read here about the same issues with VAG.
  5. What's in your glass?

    Glenfiddich with diet ginger ale but I am finding it a bit sweet these days so perhaps I should try something different.
  6. Bad Couriers!

    On that basis by their rules, they do not have a leg to stand on in terms of compensation.
  7. Bad Couriers!

    My DPD local (formerly Interlink ) driver advised me today, that the latest forthcoming development, is to include a mugshot of the driver delivering your parcel in the email giving delivery information. At one point I had a very cheerful Rumanian called Andre.His van had lots of fore and aft damage and I used to joke it was revenge for the B word. But Andre got sacked for demolishing somebody's conservatory.
  8. Had a trip to the car dealers the other week. Salesman had some odd ideas about how their finance plan worked.Something about me gaining by £1500 every time I went back for another one. But I would be paying 5% interest for 3 years! Buy a diesel and even if it became worthless due to environmental issues I would be guaranteed the residual value under the agreement! Came away thinking something one year old, top of the range from a big S/hand dealer is better than new & basic bottom of the range. Plug in cars make me laugh due to our crumbling national grid!
  9. Would we have liked mobile phone in the 70s

    Possibly the problem was that basic cameras were expensive & put people off? Also information was not available easily and it was easy to fleece the consumer which was my experience in the eighties & nineties. But my father did ok in the fifties & sixties with cheap cameras & I think his 2 album's are absolutely ace.
  10. Gambling

    Bit like the rest of the financial services industry!
  11. Gambling

    I suppose "ban" is the simplistic solution perhaps regulation of the companies getting people into that sort of mess could help. One of the partners in the "company " I draw a salary from, must be an addict. He has been banned from national bookies, for having inside info, so asks the odd employee to place his bets. Which apparently is quite a personal risk.
  12. Totally off track but this thread set me thinking about a former director of a former workplace with a classic car I saw once in 1985. I have identified it off a Google search starting with "classic car ". Jensen Interceptor! Wraparound rear screen was the giveaway!
  13. Not sure where to start. Mental illness.

    Only seeing perceived faults is part of the process.To achieve perfection perhaps we would have to build the same kit over and over again & have a very ordered life. Listening to Compser of the week this lunchtime, they made the point Mendelsholm was very hard on himself and spent 6 years rewriting his violin concerto.Last year I sat in a pre concert talk,the lady giving it spoke of music colleges being sniffy about his work ,and they were nobodys . My father complained about designing aircraft and people who had never done any felt qualified to critique his work. I spent decades building flying models and depression did set in at the end of a build.I would start with my imagination running wild about the end result which sometimes did occur but it was a hard slog. I quite enjoy photography and with the benefit of age I just enjoy the process.I do not sit on a computer fiddling with images as I would not enjoy that - which other photography people do not understand. Some images are ok and a lot are not.But so what- I enjoy it. On the subject of mental health I hate giving oneself "labels". We are what we are.
  14. Robert Hardy has died

    I recall a Radio3 programme with him, on this subject I think it was regarding Agincourt I read the books before seeing the TV series which is always good. Old school & on R3 today they said he was first on stage with Laurence Olivier 1959

    Interesting piece on the local tv news tonight. The vandals went to great lengths to damage original 1930's fittings which was most distressing for the elderly volunteers of the NMYR. I hope we get the full story & I believe 2 17 year olds have been charged.Just wondering if they are locals or not. I have spent a lot of years in the area so I do feel entitled to comment.