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  1. The cynic in me.

  2. The cynic in me.

    As a non cricket person it has been quite an education. However all the off topic stuff is bizarre.
  3. Rum

    Trying rum again is something I have been thinking about, but the sweetness of the lambs/coke drink is off-putting. Suggestions ? Also I have been somewhat bemused by descriptions of "craft" beer recently, "notes of chocolate " etc. So perhaps we should be more descriptive in this thread as to what stuff actually tastes like!
  4. What kills a model for you?

    I cannot listen to modern music anymore - too simple!
  5. Things I don’t understand

    Range Rover next to your Cosworth looks nice too!
  6. Snowmageddon

    I noticed birds grubbing around last week which was obviously not good.Hopefully the cold spell was short enough not to kill them. I also noticed the piercing wind was good at killing smartphones and camera batteries.
  7. Snowmageddon

    Stopped snowing here but sky is very grey. DPD man just told me only 25 drivers turned up for work, out of 135 at the Leeds depot!
  8. Snowmageddon

    Horrendous blizzard conditions in Halifax not much in the way of traffic movements
  9. Evacuation !

    My favourite programme on the telly is "weather for the world" on Bbc news channel around 9.25pm weekdays. Fascinating stuff all the extremes & how the jet stream twists & turns.
  10. Getting worse with experience...

    This week's copy of Amateur Photographer magazine has a lot of interesting stuff on mental health. Page 10 goes on about "monkey chatter"-negative voices in our minds. We cannot turn them off but we can turn them down by thinking more positively.
  11. Intros that grab you......immediately.

    Glad to see Wagner's got a mention. Been fortunate to sit in Leeds Town Hall twice for "Gotterdammerung" and that opening strikes me to the very core. If I need inspiration at work I give myself a blast of it "Vorspiel".
  12. 1:72 Airfix BAC TSR.2

    Regarding the engine intakes, I have a copy of the 2013 publication "Build & Convert No3"-SAM Publications. Page 91 "resin parts way too small, and without major reshaping of the fuselage would not fit. I resorted to using the kit intakes, scratch building inlet trunking and supplementary intake doors from plastic card." Author Tony Gloster. Not stopped me from buying one though! I am wondering if packing them out from the fuselage side would help?
  13. 1:72 Airfix BAC TSR.2

    I investigated my own kit over Christmas as a possible 2018 project. One BM post sticks in my mind regarding this kit, in that a chap recommended an unusual order of assembly for this kit. Might have been starting off with the upper surface of the wing & assembling the rest of the model around that? I will watch with interest!
  14. Drinking (and drugging) and driving

    I had a bizarre experience recently.Walking towards a newsagent in a dodgy area.Small parking area perpendicular to the pavement. Old fiesta comes into a space towards me with both tyres screeching & smoking. Driver shouting abuse at a middle aged lady stood by the side of the car.Old guy with walking stick jumps out of car.I go into shop buy paper and laugh about having bad experience outside."Plenty of bad things happen out there" is the response. Struggle past old guy & daughter in the doorway. Old guy goes off to the till to pay for bacon & paper. Me & daughter exit shop.l spot half bottle of vodka placed neatly on the kerb under the bumper.Stopped me & daughter dead in our tracks.However the seal was intact, just looked like he had bought it elsewhere. Get involved or not? I chose not to
  15. Bad Couriers!

    I went into Toymaster Halifax to look for a kit & found no evidence of any Hornby product. So here we are, what a wonderful invention the internet is. Christmas 2017 & no train sets or scalextric Outside they have an old Beatties illuminated sign with the broken power cable hanging forlornly down. Models / Hobbies / Toys it reads. Going back with my cameras as it should make a good picture to remind myself of my youth!