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  1. Robert Hardy has died

    I recall a Radio3 programme with him, on this subject I think it was regarding Agincourt I read the books before seeing the TV series which is always good. Old school & on R3 today they said he was first on stage with Laurence Olivier 1959

    Interesting piece on the local tv news tonight. The vandals went to great lengths to damage original 1930's fittings which was most distressing for the elderly volunteers of the NMYR. I hope we get the full story & I believe 2 17 year olds have been charged.Just wondering if they are locals or not. I have spent a lot of years in the area so I do feel entitled to comment.
  3. 3 days at RIAT 2017 (Updated 23/07/17)

    Thankyou for posting!
  4. Tour de France 2017

    Very interesting tactic today of the French team attacking the break & the peleton at the same time to outwit the strong men of Sky. Only possible in the modern age of instant communication which has been banned at lower levels in cycling. I was surprised when attacking Froome was deemed off limits harking back to the older age of the tour. Sky have used the LA tactic of buying up the opposition so why not attack them in a moment of weakness?
  5. Tour de France 2017

    Interesting last night when the winner got cramp a few k's before the finish. The TV coverage went to a split screen showing his concerned DS, commentary team on ITV4 & Eurosport struggled to put a name to the guy. It occurred to me that they are unable to commentate indepth, in the way that Sherwin & Liggett did. The names of the teams change but the characters don't. Sean Kelly eventually did name the chap but unfortunately I did not have the subtitles on.
  6. Advice required

    Handheld shooting. I will try multiple focus points next time but was not sure if mutiple aircraft confused the af. At the armed forces day I struggled with blur free shots of a hovering coastguard helicopter! I was using 1/125 shutter speed to keep the tail rotor blurred (any faster would have frozen it) & wil try manual focus next time. Jinxman your link was most interesting & it did ocurr to me, that I once dropped my camera badly & I wonder if the shock has affected the calibration?
  7. Canada 150

    Tremendous stuff on Radio 3. Glorious Glenn Gould!
  8. Acts of Random Kindness

    Modern cars are crap Off to ask Nissan tomorrow how much a new ignition switch is for a K12 micra is tomorrow. Ho Hum.
  9. Love the famous people from yesterday!
  10. Michael Bond

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08vyk87 Nice tribute to Mr Bond 35min into this programme including the theme tune!
  11. Fly over at Whitby 24th June 2017

    The "Spitfire" did not show up at Scarborough as promised at 1.00pm but LF363 did half an hour later. The change was due to mechanical issues. Better pictures on Twitter "BBMF Fighter Pilot" for the aircraft
  12. Armed Forces Day 2017

    We had quite a treat at Scarborough Armed Forces day when the promised Spitfire 1.00pm did not show but the BBMF Hurricane did half an hour late Plus the Red Arrows Falcons & the RNLI did a bit of winching with the new look coastguards helicopter.
  13. Advice required

    Hi Paul, Thankyou for your reply. I am off to shoot the Reds at Scarborough tomorrow! Not too sure if the weather will play ball! Am going to try to get closer to the action by heading uo to St Marys church by the castle, rather than my previous Spa bridge position. The lens is the former, 55-300ED. On my D5500 i have 5 options for the back button. I presume the last one, AF-ON is the option I need, to activate focus off the back button only? I have a choice of 11 or 39 focus points so I will set that to 11, AF-C single point focus, max iso 800 rather than the next one of 1600. Shutter prioriy 1/1000 & VR on. Regards Roy
  14. American "prejudice"

    "In any case that the British industry has a 17% share in the global aerospace marker is IMHOsomething that the Country has to be proud of ! Such a global market share for what is afterall a medium sized country is the proof that the British aerospace industry is very far from dead" Be interesting to see what the future holds! Regarding the Buccaneer I find it remarkable that it started so many careers in the aviation industry. My father, step-father & 2 of my wife's uncles started at Blackburn on the Bucc. Interesting my wife's uncle told me he regarded it as a bad career move which was also my father's view. I would imagine all the problems of British industry would not be present in American industry & a lot of my father's contemporaries went to work in the US after TSR2.
  15. London tower block fire

    I would suggest the doors are 1/2 hour rated. Statistically fire safety has not been a problem until the recent disaster. Interestingly supermarkets in the UK used to have the services in the roof, covered by a suspended ceiling, until one was completely destroyed by fire.