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  1. Blackfordhibby

    F-4F JG 71 Richthofen 2004 1:72

    Lovely scheme, well executed, you can be justifiably proud of that one. Peter
  2. Blackfordhibby

    Welcome to the Jungle – RA-5C Vigilante - completed

    Though not my scale, I will definitely be following this one. The mid sixties experimental jungle schemes for USN aircraft has always held a bit of fascination for me. Good luck with the build, not something to be taken lightly I would imagine. The size alone, makes it daunting to me. Peter
  3. If I had a hat, I'd take it off to you. What a lovely rendition of such an iconic aircraft. Well it's iconic IMHO, you can be justifiably proud of that model. Peter
  4. Blackfordhibby

    C-123B Provider

    Lovely finish and what a different look the A/C takes on in that scheme. Quite stunning! Peter
  5. Once again Russ you leave me nigh on speechless. Your ideas and execution are stunning as usual. I look forward to all your builds just for the surprise, and i'm never dissapointed. Can't wait to sea what you have up your sleeve (well! maybe on your workbench) for the next installment. Peter
  6. Yep does it for me, nice bare metal finish, and extra interest with the Recce Pod. You just can't beat a classic jet in all it's glory, and you've done this justice. I'm sitting on one of these Bidon Recce Pods for a Danish A/C. Photographs of these airframes with this Pod seem to be in short supply. Thanks for posting this, may be the impetus I need. Peter
  7. Blackfordhibby

    Hasegawa F-86D Miss Minooky 1:72

    Thomas Thanks for the extra photographs promised in your last thread. Certainly does look the part, and finished with in very nice scheme. Could you tell me which decals you used? ( Thomas I think that i have remembered, it was the Aeromaster Sabre Dogs pt1 IIRC ?) Peter
  8. Blackfordhibby

    F-86 Buzz Numbers

    What a grand post, information like that is not exactly thick on the ground. I for one really appreciate posts such as this, i'm sure others do too. In my mind there just aren't enough books covering the Korean Air War compared too say Vietnam. There again I may be slightly bias. Such a shame that there is a wee bit of a sour taste in Lows account of Horowitz. I'm sure he has his reasons, they may well be founded. Thanks for posting this information it's another wee snippet to file away for future reference. Peter
  9. Blackfordhibby

    Canadair Mk 6 Golden Hawks

    Hope this works, there is one on ebay at present with a photo of the sprues etc. Just grand for a wee bit nostalgia, anyway hope the link works OK. https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vintage-JS-015-Hasegawa-1-72-North-American-Rockwell-F-86F-Sabre-Model-Kit/222811806807?epid=1105571042 Peter
  10. Blackfordhibby

    F-86 Buzz Numbers

    Tim will you be doing a WIP for this build? I would love to see how it pans out with the rub down Buzz Numbers and home made Signal Flags. Peter
  11. Blackfordhibby

    F-86 Buzz Numbers

    This thread gets more interesting with each post. I knew that James Salter wrote "The Hunters" and it bears little relation to the movie. A film makers licence I suppose, but I knew nothing of his actual aircraft. I must find out a bit more and maybe have a go at this one myself.
  12. Blackfordhibby

    Thailand airliners

    Would anyone make decals for these two? Didn't realise they were 737s, I thought 737 engines sort of flattened out a bit at the bottom. It would be a whole new ball game, not to mention a probable minefield, for me to even consider it. I was a wee bit slow hitting the submit button, decal question answered. Peter
  13. Blackfordhibby

    Thailand airliners

    What a lovely collection of airliner photographs. The schemes and colours are quite spectacular. I must admit that I don't pay any attention to Airliners in general. Apart from the classic airliners which appear on this site from time to time. After this posting maybe I should take a bit more of an interest. Thanks for a most fascinating post, it has certainly opened my eyes. Off topic a wee bit, was it yourself that had the Japanese F-4 photographs on this site? Peter
  14. Blackfordhibby

    Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    Dave What like is the cockpit tub and instrument panels etc. Is there any side wall details? Peter
  15. Blackfordhibby

    Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    What a mine of information the last couple of days has been. I've struggled to keep up with it. It's been a bit like watching a top notch tennis rally. Thanks to all concerned not only for the past two days but the whole thread in its entirety. Peter