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  1. Tony I'll pull up a pew whilst you give them your magic. Cheers Peter
  2. Welcome home Tony, been missing our Tomcat fix. Hope your posting was as grand as I thought/hoped it would be. Cheers Peter
  3. Very impressive Tony..........there again I wouldn't have expected any less. Cheers Peter
  4. Aye Tony Go with the Aardvark, an absolute classic set of squadron markings. Be they hi or lo viz, F14 or F4..... just pure class. No bias whatsoever, just know what I like. Cheers, Peter.
  5. You may well be correct in that? I also noticed from the Ginter book that the majority of the a/c had the airbrakes closed when parked. I don't know if they had a different hydraulic system or it was just the way they chose the pics. Peter
  6. Tony Everytime another of your Tomcats appear they manage to surpass the previous one. This has to be my favourite so far, love the "dull gull" analogy. Pretty much prefer the plain Jane look, and this fits the bill in its entirety. The finish with the weathering is the dogs dangly bits, you can be justifyibly proud of the whole thing. I do like the list of aftermarket parts, that along with the extensive photos will allow an F14 novice (like me) which parts to pick and choose. Yeah I know "all of them". Interesting paint choice in my book as i've never tried any of those before, more food for thought. Thanks again Tony for the time and trouble that you've taken over the whole of your Tomcat collection. I always manage to find something new with each one. Peter
  7. Very nice model indeed, the bone between the teeth sets the whole thing beautifully.
  8. Ah! memories...........had the 72nd Emhar version. Never did build it. Might be tempted by this one though.
  9. That'll do Russ, that'll do nicely. All very subtle and a tribute to your unbounded skill. I've said it before and will say it again. You never cease to amaze. Peter
  10. Very nice indeed Dave, cockpit and cabin windows look excellent. Idea filed away for the future. Peter
  11. Absolutely brilliant ...........best Korea site i've seen for ages. Thanks for posting.
  12. That is a terrific set of pics. The paintwork is spotless and not a sign of pre or post panel line shading to be seen. Always look forward to your posts, thanks are in order once again.
  13. Tend not to get excited by things with a " fan up front " but I may have changed my outlook now. Superb just doesn't seem to do this pair justice. Makes me wish that I could see beyond my own narrow field of interest. Thanks so much for posting this pair, it may be just what my mojo is needing.
  14. I'll keep my eye on this one, if you don't mind. Gotta like a Phantom especially a mud mover. Peter
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