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  1. In the main my choices are very likely because I am turning into an old codger, with a mindset stuck in the past and can't handle living in the present day.... It Ain't Half Hot Mum (the series the BBC never mentions) Dads Army Porridge Minder (Dennis Waterman era) Ever Decreasing Circles Dear John Red Dwarf Top Gear (Clarkson, Hammond, May era) One Foot In The Grave Get Some In Citizen Smith The Professionals 'Allo 'Allo The Grand Tour The Young Ones Yes Minister/Prime Minister Rising Damp Men Behaving Badly Blackadder
  2. Not familiar with competition and class rules myself, so that explains it It was pretty spotless I have to say, and I've always quite liked the shape of the old Avenger.
  3. Probably does, but it was completely and totally bog standard, wheels included.
  4. Two in the space of 30 minutes today: Nissan Fairlady Z, 1970 (J) in blue and a Bentley Corniche 1967 (F) in dark blue.
  5. Sunday spots: Warwick GT in red. Very rare because they only made 45 (according to my sources). Chrysler Avenger in blue. Quite why he'd fitted a roll cage in it is beyond me! Riley Elf in green. Daimler Double Six in green. Ford Consul Classic in red and white two tone. Morgan Plus Eight in 'Ice' blue. MG MGB GT in red. Mercedes 250CE coupe in beige. Triumph TR4A in red.
  6. A few from today Jaguar C-Type in British Racing Green. It was possibly a Suffolk (or similar) replica because it was being driven on the road at speed, and judging by the price original C-Types go for, nobody in his right mind would at the least, risk stone damage to the paintwork, or worse. Well I wouldn't anyway. Fiat 500F in red, driven by a sweet little old lady. She was probably going flat out and still had a 20 odd car tailback behind her. Forgotten how tiny those things are. Porsche 911 Carrera RS in white with the usual red striping and white 'Carrera' titling. Couldn't get the year. Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint in red. Two TVR's. A Griffith, and a Chimera. Triumph TR7 in white. Had been modified for racing and was on a trailer. Austin A30 Countryman in green.
  7. Over the weekend...... Lots of spots so where do I start? Lamborghini Aventador Jaguar E Type Ford Escort Mk.1 RS1600 TVR Tuscan Speed Six TVR Tamora McClaren (looked like a 600 series judging by the black flash on the sides) Four Datsun 240Z's Datsun 260Z Chevy C/K and a Ford (undetermined model, could be a Model A). Both had been 'rat rodded'. Chevrolet Corvette 1956 model, so a real rarity. Porsche 911 Carrera RS Porsche 911E Heinkel Kabine Late 1970's BMW 5 series
  8. Veltro

    More scumbaggery

    They really are a pain in the proverbial. The thing is, we were rear ended by someone who was rear ended by someone who was rear ended by the bloke that caused it all. So it was a chain reaction. We were at the front of the queue so luckily we didn't get shunted into the back of someone else. Not only did my insurance rocket when it was due for renewal (despite it not being my fault), I got bombarded with calls trying to get me to sue the bloke who hit us even though it wasn't his fault and he, like us, were just innocent bystanders. Doubtless he was getting plagued with calls to sue the woman who'd been pushed into him. These people give a whole new meaning to the word parasite.
  9. Veltro

    More scumbaggery

    That is funny. I wish I'd thought of that approach!
  10. Veltro

    More scumbaggery

    Here's a different one. I had an email from 'Airbus' the other day saying that "my presentation aircraft was ready for collection, and that they were looking forward to seeing me at the meeting". Even had what looked like a bona fide email address and Airbus directors name. But with regards to phone calls, we tend to get two or three every couple of days over a week (usually beginning in 020), then nothing for two or three weeks until their automated dialler gets round to our number again. The origin of the number would I hazard to guess, not be in London or anywhere in this country. They've got the ability to make it look as though it is. We even once got a call from the same bloke three times in the same day, from three different numbers each with different std codes, and peddling a different scam each time (until I politely told him to **** off). I find the best thing to do is if you've got caller display and you don't recognise the number, don't answer it. The calls we get now are nowhere near what we used to get. Answering tells them that there's a live number at the other end. Don't even get me started on ambulance chasers ......no fault accident a few years back, the calls went on for months afterwards. One rang us 27 times in one day until I reported them.
  11. Yes, that's definitely the one Mike.
  12. The title translates as 'Devyataev'. It's about Mikhail Devyataev who was a commander with the 104 GIAP, and his subsequent escape from German captivity along with other Soviet prisoners. A bit of info here..... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikhail_Devyataev There's also another clip from the same movie on Youtube detailing their escape in the He 111. I'd be interested to find that on dvd too. Likely that it will be only available on an import
  13. The CGI is dramatic but not completely over the top as in some movies I could mention.
  14. That's very likely. In fact, I'd be 99.99% certain given that we were both in the same area locale on the same day. I saw an X1/9 in Salisbury a few months back, but I cannot remember for the life of me the colour (age creeping on!). It was probably the same one. I don't see it that often though, so I would say he's either (sort of) local to Salisbury or he only drives it at weekends. Nice to see one still on the road. Dating from a time whenever you were out you'd usually spot something unusual, rather than the boring boxes we see on the roads nowadays.
  15. Spots out and about over the weekend...... Lancia Flavia 2000 coupe circa early '70's model, in silver. Porsche 911, 1970-71 model in white. Fiat X1/9 in orange. Couldn't get the year as I only caught the roofline above a wall. Jaguar E-Type convertible in red. Reliant Rialto(!)- very tatty condition in white, late 80's early '90's. Dodge Viper in blue with white stripe trim. Reliant Scimitar GTE, 1973-74 model in yellow.
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