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  1. This is John's daughter Sarah. I'm afraid my dad passed away suddenly yesterday afternoon. I know he spent a lot of time on here and talked to lots of you regularly so I wanted to let you all know.

    1. Gorby


      I'm sorry to hear that Sarah. I didn't know your dad personally, but I'm sorry for your loss. Members rarely visit this part of the site which is probably why no one has replied to you until now, thanks for letting us know.

    2. stevej60


      Very sorry to here that Sarah,my condolences to you and your family.

  2. Thank you again Dave, I have not came across this company before.
  3. I have been thinking of doing a winter diorama of modern airfield but there seems to be a lack of kits of any equipment that I could use around parked air frames in 1/72. Google seems devoid of useful pictures featuring towing and anti-icing trucks in use by the Russian air force. So do you know of anything that could be converted
  4. Sorry if this has been posted before but Oz models do a New Zealand Bristol Freighter but its in 1.144 scale http://www.ozmods-kits.comu
  5. Thanks for the reply's guys. I will give Vallejo Grey Primer a go. Just watched a MXpression DVD of Oliver Kovacs work painting figures, now if only I could produce his skill by 50% I will be more than happy. John
  6. I normally paint plastic figures but I have been given some of the Stadden Collection figures, As the title of this thread I have a full collection of acrylic paints but I am not sure what base coat to use on these metal figures? Any help John
  7. Not mine but just seen this build on the Fighter control forum http://www.fightercontrol.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=294&t=128560
  8. Some what surprised that decals for Rosie the Rocketeer are not included but hopefully these might come in later boxing's. John
  9. With one of these now being rebuilt to fly at North Weald I will have to get one to add to my growing collection of N/Weald based aircraft that I have just started to put together and with the C54 from Revell x2 this could turn out to be a very expensive year
  10. Being listed as both 1/72 by Revell it is surprising that the figures in the RAF set are somewhat larger than in the Luftwaffe set. Its handy if you have a tight cockpit to fit a German pilot in but I have found putting one of the RAF pilots into most 1/72 fighters means shaving the legs and torso to get them to fit. John
  11. If its a C Model it has to be the Skyblazers IMHO John
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