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  1. I've decided to to a C version using a standard c box with decals for the 2007 RAAF retirement scheme.
  2. Highly likely that it is as they bought the remainign stock and probably rights to do the sheets.
  3. With 2 months to go i think i provbably could chip in with a build. Probably a hasegawa kit which onw i dont know as have all 5 boxings. Comments welcome.
  4. Gather it isnt too late to join the party? Got a few subjects being the trumpy Su-24 and as a Mig-31 hasnt been done could chip in with the Revell boxing?
  5. im still interested.
  6. Dont suppose there is any news on these?
  7. I know, had a F1 Mirage break up into bits wasnt pretty. I give them a nice coating of Klear or Liquid Decal.
  8. Thanks Patrice, i do like french markings. I have some carpena decals so just really wanted to know to wait for this boxing if the parts aren the same. I will open one of my blenheim boxes to confirm whats in it.
  9. Are the contents the same with this and the previous boxing. If i recall it has ths under nose gun turret so is this just decal changes?
  10. Hi Pat, yes unfortunately. all painting has now been completed just got to do some declining now as the multi layers of the clear and clear matt seem to have bubbled the Zvesda decals. The Academy decals for the p-39 are fine so was just paintwork. Will post the final pics hopefully tonight/tomorrow.
  11. Well unfortunately the clear hasn't taken to the other models and still getting white residue through. I think the only option is to respray them
  12. Ok its deadline day so an update and onto the finishing straight! The AR-2 is on her wheels and a coat of humbrol clear applied. DSC_0022 by stuart wellard, on Flickr The mig has had the same treatment and decals applied DSC_0023 by stuart wellard, on Flickr The La-5 has the exhaust heat transfer plates masked ready for airbrushing using xtreme metals DSC_0024 by stuart wellard, on Flickr Aluminium applied DSC_0025 by stuart wellard, on Flickr The P-39, well I lost one of the main gun ports so I fabricated ones from tube. DSC_0030 by stuart wellard, on Flickr Coat of clear applied with spinner affixed, along with red hub DSC_0031 by stuart wellard, on Flickr AR-2's decals applied DSC_0032 by stuart wellard, on Flickr Along with some exhaust staining using tamiya smoke DSC_0033 by stuart wellard, on Flickr And a finshing shot will do mre later but ive got a bit of a crisis with the other three. DSC_0034 by stuart wellard, on Flickr Now I no we shouldn't try something new but I went to the Rochester models and Railways shop and saw Humbrol Clear MATT in a bottle so I thought id try it and give it a go. My usual matt finish is Klear and Tamika flat base mix which has worked very well over the years. Thinking that this would be the same but in an acrylic form, I applied this via airbrush and to my horror this was a result after 15 mins. The AR-2 didn't get the same treatment ad I had used my usual mix as it was flattened earlier in the week. So here is the horror!!!!!! This has been well and truly shaken, thinned and airbrushed over Humbrol enamels which is what Humbrol recommend. DSC_0035 by stuart wellard, on Flickr Now if I wanted a snowy look I would have asked for it and perhaps I could leave as is and leave them as being a period shot but surely this product shouldn't do what it has done, should it? I have just done a test run on the la-5 with spraying a coat of clear over it and the whiteness has gone. So perhaps you use the matt first then coat with Clear? No mention on the website or any further youtube videos as they did with Clear one.
  13. Delete, duplicate.
  14. Delete, duplicate.
  15. Put me down for this one Cookie.