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  1. I think i have this boxing as well as the Revell re-issue of the MB kit. Gotta love an old kit and doping them justice.
  2. Thats come out well Patrice, well done buddy.
  3. Thanks Guys, should have an update for you tomorrow.
  4. I solved the decal issues by raiding another RAAF boxing after deciding i could do a colourful scheme next time around. Right, where were we, oh yes the aformentioned gun pod requiring removal. Here it is DSC_0034 by stuart wellard, on Flickr And now its not. DSC_0001 (2) by stuart wellard, on Flickr Burner can time and my choice of metals, I love them! DSC_0002 (2) by stuart wellard, on Flickr DSC_0003 (2) by stuart wellard, on Flickr Burnercans fitted DSC_0004 (2) by stuart wellard, on Flickr Gloss coat and then decals on! DSC_0005 (2) by stuart wellard, on Flickr Anyone for a wash? Florys dark earth and dark dirt applied. DSC_0006 (2) by stuart wellard, on Flickr She's nearly there, just needs flattening a bit which ill do using x20 and klear.
  5. Hi All, To coinside with the F-111 and the Su24 builds ill fit in a very quick build for this GB. Starting a bit late but being a small kit it takes no time at all to put together. There are some annoyances but nothing a bit of sanding and filling cant sort out. I started this on 22/05 Obligatory box shot DSC_0007 by stuart wellard, on Flickr Sprues DSC_0008 by stuart wellard, on Flickr Cockpit parts DSC_0009 by stuart wellard, on Flickr Assembly of the parts, nice and simple. DSC_0010 by stuart wellard, on Flickr Pit painted coal black and IP decals stuck in place using set/sol. DSC_0011 by stuart wellard, on Flickr Seat painted leather. In the above and this photo i applied hu56 to the rear of the top and bottom fuselage halves. DSC_0012 by stuart wellard, on Flickr I also painted and im not sure why probably thinking I could use this as a black base for the alu camo. I loater removed this act of wisdom. Engine was also cemented in place along with the exhaust. DSC_0013 by stuart wellard, on Flickr Cementing the fuselage halves wasnt the easiest and some persuasion is requried. Moving onto the wings there wasn't an issue. DSC_0014 by stuart wellard, on Flickr Fuselage and winge cemented together. The wing root join may need some attention but was reduced with some forincg together once the extra thin started to work. DSC_0015 by stuart wellard, on Flickr A bit of a step with the intake grilles. DSC_0016 by stuart wellard, on Flickr Black removed leaving a nice panel line detail. DSC_0017 by stuart wellard, on Flickr Some liquid sprue was carefully dabbed in over the grill underside to get rid of that step. DSC_0018 by stuart wellard, on Flickr BOOM! Join brom boom to main fuselage isnt th ebest so some liquid sprue again carefully applied around the join. DSC_0019 by stuart wellard, on Flickr
  6. Hi All, got a big urgent request. Does anyone have 1no RAAF BLACK roundel, it needs to be the reverse kangaroo i.e the odd one out of the 4. X20 thinner has attacked the one i put on the ac and with X20 you need to be quick and its all shrivelled up. Ill put this in the wanted as well. Unforutately the standard kit doesnt have the black roundels. Thanks in advance.
  7. Being a Navy buff im deffo in for this one.
  8. Loveley work there Bill, she is coming along nicely and great to see a Navy version.
  9. Awesome count me in for both the High Planes kits. I may push to a third being the Mirage III OM RAAF kite.
  10. Hi Guys, does a Dagger/Nesher count for a Mirage DB as a drivative of the III? Just aquired a couple from coli (freightdogs).
  11. From the reference i have ion page 58 of the SAMI MDF on the F-111 it looks like yes red paint underside.
  12. Thanks Pappy, valuable Information for RAAF kites. I've now removed the gun pod which want easy, and decided to keep her clean on the underside. I've also painted the stabs grey albeit a slightly light tint. Decals are now being applied.
  13. Thanks Pappy, ill see if i can get it off. I did wonder but the instructions stated make as AC 'B' which was a camo version. it didnt say omit and looking as references i couldnt get this clarified, even a you tube video of the 5 jets that took part in the fare well parade didn confirm this. One thing though there is a distict bump under the fuselage and i wondered if it was this gun pod but perhaps fared over? Im doing A8-129 so if you have pics of her showing whats underneath it would be appreciated.
  14. Thanks for pointing that out, ill get that changed. I believe it was painted 36118 but faded, is that right? If so ill add a bit of white to it.
  15. Yes it is a shame why they do one and not the other. Bit of a contrast to my F-111 build which has both.