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  1. WOW! that's cool. (And so much better effects wise that the reboot series ) I want to see this "missing" episode now
  2. Also it was a real life subject .not S.F
  3. Interesting list .especially the realisation that the last all new tooled aircraft was the Stirling 8 years ago . (To be fair there have been new architecture kits , and retooling of certain parts of the supermodel kits and subjects like the do 24 ) Overall tho it looks like Italeri don't have a tooling department to support anymore or appear to have not embraced CAD design and production Clearly they are making enough profit from back catalogue releases and reboxing of other brands (the superb Platz T33 for one ) to stay viable as a company but it is a shame that new subjects have all but dissappeared
  4. "What's that thing coming towards me very ,very fast ...so big and wide and round it needs a big sounding word like Grrrr...ound ..Ground ...yes thats it GROUND !........I wonder if it will be friends with me ...?" (A very confused and falling Sperm Whale as quoted by Douglas Adams )
  5. There's a link in the round 2 gerrymandering Andersons UFO thread ...it's a new tool standard TIE Not the Vader tie which has the new tool hatches. ..they have also announced the Marauder shuttle from the animated bad batch spin off
  6. Doll & hobby is Steve Iverson's (Cult TV man) company and they have re-issued a few kits ..apparently this is a reverse engineered kit and I can't wait for it . I've wanted one for decades
  7. Round 2 have announced they have the license at Wonderfest show this weekend ...looks like the Shado interceptor and earth mobile are developed. More space 1999 eagle transporter variants on the way
  8. JUST announced at Wonderfest in the states ...a classic kit returns
  9. Atlantis have done a lot more than are in the current catalogue Including that Adamski type
  10. Just think of them as those old "choose your own adventure " novels and mix and match between the series , the first movies , and the rebuilds, they kinda make more sense that way ...or at least connect to Anno /shinjis breakdowns and rebuild's Love them tho
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