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  1. That's the larger discovery in the video which has been out a couple of years ...nice video tho
  2. Taking "hangar " as a starting point I was thinking Airstrip or "Village Strip" as a name suggestion until I realised you would get entirely the wrong sort of customers ...... Mind you "Village Fox 'could work in terms of a nice logo (and honour your first subject at the same time ) if I am selected as the winner may I please have my winners kit autographed ? "To Neil , thanks for last night you were wonderful " ? I have also enclosed 9 chocolate bar wrappers and a photocopy of the brit modeller entry form as I didn't want to cut up my copy of the Internet. ..also enclosed are two International reply coupons for a copy of your forthcoming catalogue !
  3. Thanks for the comparison pics .I've never been a fan of the nose contours of the contrail and the Kora looks much more "right" to my eyes ( the Merlin kit is much more close to the Kora IMHO but Kora still the winner here ) The real aircrafts length may always remain an enigma sadly ....but so far it's looking like a iiif !
  4. Patrik, If you had asked beforehand I would have flown from New Zealand to assist and fondle those kits for you as you took pictures ( that sounds dirtier than I intended ) looks superb ! many thanks
  5. Most excellent !... must mean the 1/48th sold well then !
  6. You sir deserve the Derek Meddings memorial Medal of honour ! Fantastic work
  7. It's more about "the can of worms " the Fairey IIIf presents ..for example the rear decking varies dramatically (seemingly) between aircraft in the same squadron (.they could have three cutouts- two cutouts- one long cutout and various different exhaust configurations . ) Also as a comparison of the two main existing kits reveals (Contrail and Merlin) the nose shape ,fuselage depth and wing chord seems to be difficult to get right .(as it seems is the actual size of the aircraft ) I've read somewhere that this stems from a lack of accurate 3 views and a debate as to wether or not the published length is based on the ground print of the tailsitter or the in flight horizontal length ... ( the italeri B58 Hustler is example of how bad research can affect a subject well beyond a minor rivet counting obsession -it been well over a inch too short in its fuselage length ( the published length didn't include the nose probe and italeri thought it did , leading to a very noticeable squashed fuselage ) .......so it would be nice to see some sprue shots just in case there is a similar blunder . ( like making the IIIF a triplane...)
  8. Have they actually been released yet ?
  9. ....at last something good has come out of 2020! (Hopefully)
  10. YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! (just as I was about to resume my merlin build !)
  11. I think your right ..."lets make it look as much like a Spitfire as we can even though it's a twin engine Jobbie "...the small child I was hope's that the exploding Gnisenau is in the box too !
  12. I hope it's just the lighting but it's very clunky and heavy in the detailing .... (hopefully Moebius new owners (Pegasus) have photographed a prototype model ?
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