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  1. I will be sacrificing a matchbox Victor asap ....long live the spirit of Derek Meddlings and Gerry Anderson !..... It would look nice in Spectrum markings ....or WASP .....or SHADAIR
  2. Yep it's a stunner ....and Soooo much better than the Apollo crawler used in the new film (tho I did like the harkonnen harvesters seen briefly at the start ... ( was quite dissapointed that it looks like the filmed at a nasa crawler by the looks of things
  3. I just want to know why all the launch bays are labelled with BIG signs saying stuff like "thunderbird 3 launch bay " do the Tracys suffer from short term memory loss ? Love it tho ....
  4. Didn't airfix announce one in the 80s?? If ever an aircraft kit was cursed it's this one (alongside the airfix nautillis)
  5. The problem is that they are based on official deHavilland issued 3 views which were deliberately wrong (presumably as it was the height of the cold war ...these drawings with the overly fat fronts of the leading edges of the overwing booms are very strange ) the barracuda book has a copy of the 3 views and a nice underside shot looking up at the sea Vixen ...compare the pointy slim booms with the 3 view and you will see what I mean ....
  6. This is crying out for a photo etched grille and interior set and resin engine pods .....come on pavla /eduard /etc
  7. It's a bit of a mess .it has the same fat front to the overwing booms that high planes has the nose contours are too rounded and many many other faults .at least Dragon has correctly shaped booms (albeit with reversed naca inlets ) in theory combining bits of all the vixens would produce an accurate one
  8. Isn't the Whirlwind underscale at 78th or 76th? Maybe they are testing the waters for a new tool ?
  9. As someone who was in the trade ,and imported kits from Eastern European dealers Airfix could learn a trick and supply flat boxes and sprue's. Which makes smaller airlifted shipments viable . Or at least downsize the boxes to the 1970s sizes as all shipping is now volumetric so at a large chunk of the insane container pricing is currently shipping air not plastic .
  10. Ahhhh beautiful thread drift happening here ....must be the subject matter and the hydrogen
  11. Hmmm jumping into this thread in the middle I have to say that Takom have clearly got the shape and markings wrong . Those underfuselage gondolas appear to be hoofed and the fuselage is too short ...also the nose is pointing down
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