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  1. As I understand it the wing in this kits is fibreglass /resin which has led to this price point . (According to one source only 100 have been made )
  2. The marauders a nice kit and despite its problems with accuracy ( the red tinted window is too deep at the front (just paint over the extra depth) and the wrong number of fins on the pointy outriggers (I didn't bother) it's a lot of fun ..there is a guy on Evil bay selling resin pilots for this and the starfighter.
  3. "Fire flash ! Lift port wing. ..lift port wing !"
  4. Great work ! This is a great kit ...despite its advertised scale a lot of the bits (from memory the wings ) are the same size as the Airfix kit and a couple of bits are probably larger ... so for my money its close enough to 72nd (or the Airfix is underscale) .my plan is one day to cross kit the two as the Revell is a nicer kit .... (or maybe I'll just build it as the cutaway option Revell offer ) One of my modelling themes is "the way the Future wasn't " and the Rotodyne is a classic example
  5. Eagerly awaiting the arrival of mine in N Z .....! Yes I know I'm insane but I've always loved this piece of the Glorious people's winged architecture-ski. Can we have a Junkers G 38 next ?
  6. Well several onscreen newspapers in Thunderbird's DO Give a date of 2026 ! And I belive they still use (and correctly predicted the revival of ) vinyl records...(OTHER onscreen dates say 2060s tho) I DO hope that amazing Chinese Bridge Builder is Nuclear powered and that Bill Gates is secretly hollowing out a small island in the South Pacific right now for his project "I R"
  7. Wow ! Didn't even know that one existed ....so sadly haven't built it ...
  8. When I got my liberator I was impressed that they had put all the outrigger parts on just one sprue and had included 3 of that one sprue .it was the first time I had ever seen this simple idea used in a kitset ....(and I often wonder if it was the first kit to do this )
  9. If you hunt for it long enough you may find it hiding under a nom de plume .....
  10. Well they practically invented the Tripod ,popularised Canal's ,and had a top selling musical record in the late 70s !
  11. Have to say I regularly buy from a Vlad in the Ukraine and he's exceptionally good in terms of service and replacements (he always opens the kits folds the Boxes flat and bubble wrap the sprue to sabe postage .so they are not all bad .sorry to hear you've had such a bad experience
  12. Dear Airfix .... please sign this guy up as the designer of your eagerly anticipated 1/72nd Sea Vixen .... ........nuff said !
  13. Baron. I agree totally with your comments. And it's a superb overhead photo...it appears the sea vixen radome IS oblate in the area where it joins the fuselage (something Airfix seems to have missed but Dragon seem to have had a stab at sort-of ) there is a image in either the Dairyample or big blue Tony Butler book showing a vixen with the radar out . What's amazing is it shows off the front fuselage cross section really well, and the top is very flat at the point it joins the Radome, I haven't found a good photo of the oposing view which would in theory show the radome to also be quite flat at the top( it also shows how the front fuselage cross section leans more towards a box with rounded corners than an oval shape it's subtle, but it's there ) so FWIW I feel the Frog Airfix and Dragon kits best represent this and that Special Hobby Dynavector and HP are a bit too curved (but its just an opinion and I'm trusting your excellent research and efforts far more than my humble opinions ) my hats off to you !
  14. Just a quick observation about using a plan view or photo taken from the same position to determine the layout from (sorry to hijack your post Terry) the Sea Vixen has a distinct nose up tail down aspect on the ground so the overhead photo will look shorter in total length than reality ....most but not all GA drawings take this into account so true length should be taken from a side profile / not to mention that due to dihedral anahedral etc all wing lengths should be compared to a front elevation ..... (way to many reviewers have complained about spitfire wings been too long when comparing to a plan /overhead view- when the wings are fine if they bothered to compare to a frontal view )
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