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  1. Seen Star Trek: Beyond, and enjoyed it despite it having a lack-lustre villain with no charisma - the dead opposite of the excellent Cumberbatch performance in the previous movie. I have enjoyed all three reboots, despite them all having plot holes big enough to fit a Borg Cube through, it makes the plot holes and backstory flaws in Voyager and Enterprise seem minor by comparison. Nevertheless, very enjoyable thanks to the awesome pastiche characterisations by the main stars, and fast moving ebullient plots.
  2. Really enjoying SS-GB. My hearing is not perfect by any means, yet I have had no problem with this programme and wondered what all this 'mumble-fest' talk was about. I noticed that the Spits are incorrect late versions, but didn't care, it's just not important to the story. I was impressed by the idea of Helmut Wick appearing briefly in the first episode, that is a very subtle aspect of Germany winning the Battle of Britain. I read the novel about 20 years ago, but don't recollect the plot sufficiently, just that it was damned gloomy - they've achieved that alright.
  3. As I acquire guite a few bagged kits at shows etc, the tougher boxes sometimes get reused for them. Some of my boxtops have been used to decorate the storage boxes that I transport models to shows in, it gives that personal touch.
  4. Other way 'round. The Airfix FAW9 was derived from the Heller T3. This accounts for the daft narrow tailpipes on the Airfix FAW9. The Heller T3 mould was permanently altered to achieve this, so this means Airfix or Heller T3 kits are getting scarce, although I found them both going for £10 at the IPMS Avon Show last year...
  5. Lovely job, but I suspect that all that dried grass stalks around the business end would catch fire as a result of the muzzle flash! Superb.
  6. It's got lovely decals, certainly worth £1.20!
  7. Some Stugs made it to North Africa, Ausf Ds and maybe others. Nitto used to do an Ausf D in 1/76. Does the Italian Semovente count? I've seen pics of it in German markings, but they could have been taken in Italy.
  8. I did my P-40B in Humbrol 66 - okay for the faded look I suppose...
  9. I suspect that the first book is the 1990 original edition, whilst the second is the 1995 'Promotional Reprint Company' edition. Buyer beware!
  10. Just noticed this thread - now that's what I call modelling! I've had two goes at this kit in the past, in its other boxing with the Wittmann decals. I didn't make any of these amazing improvements that you have described, which is a pity. I do recall that the vinyl tracks were so tight a fit that they would only fit if I moved the back wheel in a tad, so replacing them is good thing.
  11. The US does things differently to us. Their carriers are expected to last 50 years or more and (arguably) get worked a lot harder whilst in service. And yet didn't they sink one a few years back to create an artificial reef?
  12. When you say 'the flying example' I guess you mean the real plane rather than the movie props. Just for info, please note that the Vulcan seen in the air has different serials from the aircraft that the crew are seen climbing into.
  13. Thunderball, whilst an excellent Bond movie, really messes about when it comes to Vulcans and the nukes that they carried. The fact that Bond manages to get into the cockpit through a door at the front of the bomb-bay tells you that. In reality, there is no such door in a Vulcan B.1A, and the space between cockpit and bomb-bay is occupied by four substantial fuel tanks. The mockup that they used in the movie has many inaccuracies and the bombs carried follow the same ethic.
  14. You are quite right, my apologies. And I thought the box-art pic was a badly made kit with an unpainted canopy...
  15. I think that there is a cheap Hobbyboss kit in their 'easy assemble' range of the car-door Typhoon, reference HB80232. Might scrub up well...