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  1. just don't follow through
  2. then goes to putty
  3. he's an 'ard man.
  4. Just like the real thing then.
  5. That looks the dog's danglies. Hope someone comes out with a cockpit mask.
  6. they have roller skates?
  7. that famous Manchester group
  8. Just your regular concrete, with a wide edging stone. Something to note, manhole covers are round or rectangular steel and embossed SPQR. Best I can do, I wasn't looking at the pavements.
  9. is closed on Sundays
  10. Yes, it was a good day. I did feel sorry for the 'guys in't back'. It feels like another planet. Shame we can't all be in one hall. Good to see the usual suspects, Tom & his dad, Dave, Andy, and nice to meet Radders at last. I dare say there were more of us but some never introduce themselves. Managed to move some tat sell some surplus goodies, and found some gems.
  11. seems to be missing
  12. The USAAF in Suffolk. Lots of unseen piccies too. To quote the author 'We would have liked to thank the IWM for photographs, but they were not helpful, and demanded reproduction fees completely beyond commercial viability. Happily, many of the images we identified in the IWM collections, were also found to be in the National Archives, Washington D.C. who held identical images (most of which were official USAAF photographs) of a higher resolution and royalty free. In a similar manner, the Library of Congress archive has been most helpful.' Says it all, really.
  13. I buy boxes of fruit pies, and get free foil dishes just like that for mixing paint. Double whammy.
  14. the list of priorities
  15. First one is a Standard 9, third one a Standard 10. The Ensign was a Phase III Vanguard body with a 4 cylinder engine. That's a very late registration for that D model Ford cab. Thought they were OOP by 73. I forgot, saw an Austin Ruby as well on the 428.