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  1. compared to other Munro's
  2. I remember seeing Haystacks at Dishforth when my parents took me back to the Lakes on holiday. One reason I jumped on the resin kit last year. One of those enduring memories, parked right up against the A1.
  3. says Bill and Ben
  4. Max! Take your meds....
  5. an you see the CAA allowing that?
  6. In 1/32. It would fill a gap, then again, so would an F-101.
  7. Sadly they died out in the rest of the Kingdom, as breeding stock was habitually sampled by Border Reivers, and the remainder were taken to feed the carpet monster when Cromwell was making his New Model Army.
  8. I've already had that
  9. thanks for the offer
  10. That's a smart Coo shed that Beardie has got there, or is that his man-cave?
  11. Joan Bakewell was the thinking man's crumpet.
  12. ok, just a squeeze.
  13. I have some figures from the B-17 and B-24. mackem01 beat me to it (I have 3 17s and 3 24s so no shortage if you need more.)
  14. with a snail chaser
  15. Barking!