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  1. FOUR better - or worse!

    we tried, Coventry refused
  2. David Shepherd has died

  3. FOUR better - or worse!

    Max is swearing again!
  4. Retirement - what the hell do you do with your days?

    I took redundancy/early retirement 2 years ago and never looked back. Up to then I had very little free time with work and looking after other people. Suddenly it all stopped, and it was a bit of a shock to have all this free time. I can finally come and go as I please, without having to worry about others. The two years have flown by with finally getting the garden and house sorted after 26 years living here (it's still not done, the man cave remains to be done). I spend time modelling or on the computer, or reading. I joined/rejoined 2 aviation societies, and the last few weeks were taken up with repainting a 1/1 A-10. I am now treasurer of my local model club, and do all the shows on our calendar. This also involves a reasonable output of models for the table. In two weeks, I get my first weekend off in two months, then its away for three weeks holiday, back in time for Telford. I also live alone, so no SWMBO to worry about. In short, retirement gives you the time to do things you never had time for previously. Looking at my year planner, there 100 days taken up with appointments, meetings, shows or holidays. You will have plenty to do, and time to do it, so don't worry too much, it just takes a bit of adjustment.
  5. What have you purchased 9

    WNW Ninak just turned up. One of their water damaged specials. The box was shot, but who builds the boxes anyway?
  6. Damaged WNW kits on sale.

    Some people are never satisfied. You knew it was likely to attract VAT and a clearance fee, and still you ordered it. At the end of the day you are getting a WNW kit for half price!
  7. Damaged WNW kits on sale.

    We aren't, we're paying VAT.
  8. Ignore

    Nice Prowler and T-33.
  9. Damaged WNW kits on sale.

    I had a similar demand from PF today, but at £11.25, its still a cheap clearance fee. Commercial importers charged £17.50 25 years ago. I paid online and have just collected my kit to save me sitting in all day tomorrow. The kit box is just pulp, but the contents are all in plastic bags and are fine. The decal sheet has an airhole in the bag, and they have been slightly affected, but perfectly usable. Instructions like wise in a sealed bag. At the end of the day I've paid £60 for a kit that Hannants knock out for twice that. I call that a bargain.
  10. FOUR better - or worse!

    who were absolutely livid
  11. FOUR better - or worse!

    on the Welsh coast
  12. FOUR better - or worse!

    light the blue touchpaper
  13. Low flying in Russia

    Note the tank top left at the start.
  14. Ignore

    Something for Darby to ignore
  15. FOUR better - or worse!

    served with tortilla wafers