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  1. Fairchild C-119 Boxcar for my trash hauler collection.
  2. In town this week an Enfield Bullet diesel. Made in India I believe.
  3. ahead in the charts
  4. and magic marker eyebrows
  5. Vacformed, resin or injection moulded?
  6. In Bury St Edmunds yesterday, a very smart white Mini pickup, on a 'J' suffix plate, and an equally tidy pre 1963 Mini Countryman in pale blue.
  7. sport the latest fashions
  8. before tomorrow. Keep up
  9. The 'Spirit of Ecstasy' must be getting quite excited of her impending debut. Maybe even on this page.
  10. bam boom! Beware, Minefield
  11. the old Fakir's trick
  12. of adrenaline by sleeping
  13. ^Well said. Support your home grown retailer or lose them. OK, much of what we purchase comes from abroad anyway, so it makes sense to let the big boys handle the formalities. That way the advertised price is all you will pay. I will also admit to buying from abroad, I have a package en route from Japan now, and I expect it will incur VAT and RM costs. In this instance, the product is not available from a UK outlet. In fact modelling wise I am pretty much set up, and only look for obscure items which sometimes turn up in Uncle Pedro's attic in Guadalajara, so I have no choice. Logistics is a multi faceted Professional industry in itself, and I spent 25 years at the sharp end. It isn't massively well paid, and the EU has done it's best to interfere and destroy it, which is why I got out before the rot set in. Get your wrong when dealing with HMRC and you can be fined or imprisoned, and the whole shipment impounded and destroyed. This tends to upset the owner/importer as well. Spare a thought for the Agent standing on a wet, windswept quayside on a winter's night trying to explain* to a foreign driver why his vehicle has been selected for a full outturn and search, the next time you get stiffed for an £8 'handling fee' . *Julien still has to do this as part of his day - or night - job, and I have put in many an unsocial hour doing just that.
  14. This amendment came into force after I left Forwarding. We supplied a service, and at the time, it was subject to VAT. I also took HMC&E as it was then, to task over their illegal profiteering when calculating VAT. I ended up head to head with Mr Joshi, at Kings Beam House in London. To everyone's surprise, they backed down, admitted I was right, and instructed their officers accordingly. Liverpool Port refused, and lost business as a result. As a follow up, the regulations regarding the collection of VAT were later amended, so the Treasury we able to continue with their illegal profiteering, as the sums were declared a 'deposit' and refundable after 3 months. They still made money out of the interest on the funds 'on deposit' but the interest was not repaid to the 'depositor'. For the next 3 weeks my office phone never stopped ringing, as Agents from around the country kept asking me what I did, and how could they do it?
  15. That cloud would have a silver lining. It would create new jobs in the Logistics industry. When we went fully into the EU, 200 freight forwarding companies went to the wall, with about 3000 jobs in Felixstowe alone. All the office accommodation was left vacant, and remains so. That was just ONE port. If I have to pay VAT on a model from the EU, I will be happy in knowing this will not become a ghost town when the cargo handling becomes fully automated.